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Acting lessons


Lehman, John
Acting lessons
ISBN 978-1-934795-04-0
(Parallel Press chapbooks)
Madison, Wisconsin: Parallel Press, 2008
38 p. ; 22 cm.

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[Cover] Acting lessons

[Half-title] A Parallel Press chapbook, pp. [1] ff.

[Title page] Acting lessons, pp. [3]-[4]

[Dedication] , pp. [5] ff.

Contents, pp. [7] ff.

Zelda speaks, p. 9

I hear voices, p. 9

Tale of an unrealiable narrator, p. 10

Death of a small animal, p. 11

Les Fauves, p. 11

A shocking truth, beware, p. 12

Checking vital signs, p. 13

Sprecher's tavern, pp. 14-15

Standing in fall leaves, p. 15

After fall comes despair, p. 16

Acting lessons, p. 17

The blue Dahlia, p. 17

Thirty-two feet per second per second, p. 18

Dreaming in black and white, pp. 19-20

California dreaming, p. 20

Invisible men with x-ray eyes, p. 21

And the circle grows small, p. 22

End of a season, p. 22

A brief history of my tattoo, p. 23

The nut bread murders, p. 24

Fiscal disobedience, p. 24

Written below constellations named after private body parts, p. 25

Revenge of the vegetables, p. 25

Proof of my existence, p. 26

In other words employed, p. 27

As if I had never even lived, p. 28

Closed until spring, p. 28

What we want, p. 29

Two years later, p. 29

Things more distant than they appear, p. 30

Victory and defeat, p. 31

Waking from anesthesia, p. 31

In search of Eva Braun, p. 32

"All right, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up", p. 33

Vertigo, p. 33

The game of without within, p. 34

In the middle of nothing, greatness, p. 35

Women who walk, p. 35

Wisconsin Noir, p. 36

Listen, I'm tired of me too, p. 36

Have you forgotten me?, p. 37

Rejection, p. 37

[Author biography], pp. 38 ff.


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