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Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin--Madison 2006


Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin--Madison 2006
ISBN 1-893311-66-X
(Parallel Press chapbooks)
Madison, Wisconsin: Parallel Press, 2006
66 p. ; 27 cm.

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[Cover] Forward: best young poets University of Wisconsin-Madison 2006

[Title page] Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin-Madison 2006, pp. 1-[2]

[Contents] Table of contents, pp. [3] ff.

Preface, Johnson, Amaud Jamaul, 1972- p. [5]

MFA poets: Ceremony, Nelson, Sarah p. 6

Yellow cling peaches in heavy syrup, Gamage, Jacob p. 7

Relational V: Leonardo's folio 53 recto, Rosenthal, Heather Swan p. 8

First blood, Batykefer, Erinn p. 9

I thought you didn't play the piano, Erhardt, Marianne Jay p. 10

Wawanaisa Lake: Ross, Crews, James p. 11

George B. Hill Awards: La Carolina, Yunis, Caitlin p. 12

Mushrooms, Yunis, Caitlin pp. 13-14

Marigold, Yunis, Caitlin p. 15

A delta of bone, Smith, Austin pp. 16-17

Earth moon renga, Smith, Austin pp. 18-19

Poem for Les, homeless, Smith, Austin pp. 20-21

"Scientists to hunt 'bigfoot' in rainforest", Goltz, Elizabeth p. 22

"Sinkhole opens in Orlando backyard", Goltz, Elizabeth p. 23

To Romulus Augustus, the last emperor of Rome, Goltz, Elizabeth pp. 24-25

Honorable mentions: Sorry is dead, Cwik, Carlin Catra p. 26

Flour, Cwik, Carlin Catra p. 27

Clouds, Cwik, Carlin Catra p. 28

Moonbathing, Helleloid, Siri p. 29

Radius of poety, Helleloid, Siri p. 30

I never seem to sleep, Helleloid, Siri pp. 31-32

Reduction, Peters, Mandy p. 33

The first wife, Peters, Mandy p. 34

Ritual, Peters, Mandy p. 35

The moon is not yet lit, Salisbury, Amelia p. 36

Boulder Dam, Salisbury, Amelia pp. 37-38

"Petite musique pour Edith", Salisbury, Amelia p. 39

Growing season, Sandvick, Melissa p. 40

Flight, Sandvick, Melissa p. 41

Quatrain, Sandvick, Melissa p. 42

Finalists: Dissipate, Hess, Karen p. 43

Alone, Hess, Karen p. 44

Orange, Hess, Karen p. 45

Slipstitch, Lake, Allison p. 46

Madeline, Lake, Allison p. 47

Rock pile, Lake, Allison p. 48

Locksmithing, Olker, Nadia p. 49

Taxidermy, Olker, Nadia p. 50

Droplets, Olker, Nadia p. 51

How to cut up a chicken in Italy, Creighton, Catherine p. 52

Ruckus, Creighton, Catherine p. 53

Deadbeat, Creighton, Catherine p. 54

Palo Alto, 2003, Wohl, Dan p. 55

Báte, báte, el chocoláte, Wohl, Dan pp. 56-57

Between sheets, Schwab, Zoe p. 58

Man sitting outside of Espresso Royale at 10:30 on a Thursday night, Schwab, Zoe p. 59

Hair loss, Schwab, Zoe p. 60

Wurlitzer, Soyka, Jordan p. 61

"Anon it became suddenly": haikus for Frank O'Hara, Soyka, Jordan p. 62

Heavy psalms, Soyka, Jordan p. 63

Study break, Welch, Allison p. 64

Once I cashiered, Welch, Allison p. 65

A walk on State St., Welch, Allison p. 66

MFA biographies, pp. [67] ff.


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