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Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin--Madison 2005


Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin--Madison 2005
ISBN 1-893311-60-0
(Parallel Press chapbooks)
Madison, Wisconsin: Parallel Press, 2005
67 p. ; 27 cm.

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[Cover] Forward: best young poets University of Wisconsin-Madison 2005

[Title page] Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin-Madison 2005, pp. [1]-[2]

[Contents] Table of contents, pp. [3] ff.

Preface, Barry, Amy Quan p. [5]

MFA poets: Romantic circus song, Brodsky, Lisa Marie pp. 6-8

Ars poetica, Camphouse, David p. 9

Cultural stud, Gonzalez, Kevin pp. 10-11

At the Canadian medical center in Prague, Green, Emily M. p. 12

Moab, Lantz, Nick pp. 13-14

Lot's firstborn speaks, Reese, Rita Mae p. 15

George B. Hill Awards: Firefly: the time we got baptized, Dunbar, Donald p. 16

Firefly: a blow-up doll, Dunbar, Donald pp. 17-18

Poem about playing footsie, Dunbar, Donald p. 19

Eve's sonnet, Lesi, Adebanke p. 20

Envy flushed into our house the day, Lesi, Adebanke p. 21

Fire, woman, Lesi, Adebanke p. 22

Thawed pond on canvas, Cwik, Carlin Catra p. 23

The Sunday, Cwik, Carlin Catra p. 24

The fantastic outside, Cwik, Carlin Catra p. 25

Honorable mentions: Naming things, Garfield, Jennifer p. 26

Punctuation, Garfield, Jennifer p. 27

Waiting for the macaws, Garfield, Jennifer p. 28

Pantoum: the lamp beside the golden door, Mucek, Sarah A. p. 29

Sestina: "the man who married two twins!", Mucek, Sarah A. p. 30

Jackson, 1933, Mucek, Sarah A. p. 31

The day the pleasure factory broke down, Pruitt, Christopher p. 32

January 28, 1986 72 seconds after launch, Pruitt, Christopher pp. 33-34

Colonel Mustard's confession, Pruitt, Christopher p. 35

Autumn poem, Salisbury, Amelia Rose p. 36

North country love poem, Salisbury, Amelia Rose pp. 37-38

With tiny hands, Salisbury, Amelia Rose p. 39

Miss India, Wright, Jessica p. 40

October 11, 2004: bad things, threes, Wright, Jessica pp. 41-42

"The knowledge of observation, doth not introduce an understanding into the essential thingliness of a thing, but erecteth only a thinkative knowledge.", Wright, Jessica pp. 43-44

Finalists: Departure, Barnes, Valerie p. 45

Searching, Barnes, Valerie p. 46

Evening lullaby, Barnes, Valerie p. 47

Guests, Bird, Travis p. 48

Strength, Breach, Alissa pp. 49-50

The city of poetry is somewhere in Russia, Breach, Alissa p. 51

Sleep, Breach, Alissa p. 52

How red, Creighton, Catherine p. 53

The average man's dream, Creighton, Catherine p. 54

Impression, Creighton, Catherine p. 55

Sinkhole opens in Orlando backyard, Goltz, Elizabeth p. 56

To Romulus Augustus, the last emperor of Rome, Goltz, Elizabeth pp. 57-58

Getaway, Goltz, Elizabeth p. 59

Small, Green, Jodi p. 60

Falling into honey, Green, Jodi p. 61

Under the covers, Green, Jodi p. 62

Metamorphosis of the daughter, Taylor, Christie pp. 63-64

The paradox, Taylor, Christie p. 65

"Mother who drowned 5 children in tub avoids a death sentence", Taylor, Christie p. 66

MFA bios, pp. 67 ff.


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