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What grandmother says


Whitney, J. D. (John Denison), 1940-
What grandmother says
ISBN 1-893311-13-9
(Parallel Press chapbooks)
Madison, Wisconsin: Parallel Press, 2000
31 p. ; 22 cm.

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[Cover] What grandmother says

[Half-title] What grandmother says, pp. [1] ff.

[Title page] What grandmother says, pp. [3]-[4]

[Contents] Grandmother, p. [5]

[Dedication], p. [6]

A note for these poems, p. [7]

Grandmother sits on her sitting-down spot, p. 8

Grandmother likes changing into changing woman, p. 9

Grandmother pulls herself up onto, p. 10

Grandmother grows huge in the dreams, p. 11

Grandmother watches wolves watching, p. 12

Grandmother tries not to giggle, p. 13

Grandmother sits under tree full, p. 14

Grandmother has coyote decide, p. 15

Grandmother hears grumpy old snapping turtle, p. 16

Grandmother lets some birds wear, p. 17

Grandmother hears raven coming, p. 18

Grandmother lets nothing stay lost, p. 19

Grandmother lies down beside old man, p. 20

Grandmother waits for polar bear, p. 21

Grandmother is moose calf crumpling, p. 22

Grandmother hears arched-back, p. 23

Grandmother says sometimes nothing, p. 24

Grandmother tells waddling rustle-walker, p. 25

Grandmother has birdfeet point, p. 26

Grandmother sends her breath, p. 27

Grandmother gives mockingbird, p. 28

Grandmother sings singing it, p. 29

Grandmother yells turn back!, p. 30

Grandmother carries the stories, pp. 31-[32] ff.


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