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Encore: more of parallel press poets


Owens, Elisabeth, R., Editor
Encore: more of parallel press poets
ISBN 1--893311-63-5
Madison, Wisconsin: Parallel Press, 2006
80 p. ; 22 cm

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[1]

[Title page], pp. 3-4

Contents, pp. 5-6

Foreword, Frazier, Ken pp. 7-9

The origin of the clock, Annucci, Marilyn p. 10

How the mind works, Brown, Harriet, 1958- p. 11

Green fuse, Cantrell, Charles pp. 12-13

Praying to the god of sixty-one orders of magnitude, Chapman, Robin S. pp. 14-15

Now that my daughter lives in the sunlight, Cone, Temple p. 16

Michelle, Conley, Francine pp. 17-18

Moving day, Dubrow, Heather, 1945- p. 19

Green shoe, Ebert, Gwen pp. 20-21

Adirondacks, May, Edelman, Barbara p. 22

In my father's silver boat, Elbe, Susan pp. 23-24

Negative capability, Elder, Karl pp. 25-27

Crossing the great divide, Feraca, Jean pp. 28-29

Long division/multiple choice, Ferris, Jim pp. 30-31

On pruning, Funk, Allison pp. 32-33

Homer, Garland, Max, 1954- pp. 34-35

Instructions for winter, Genoways, Ted p. 36

All Souls' Eve, Hilles, Rick p. 37

Catch and release, Huston, Karla p. 38

The firefly in the bedroom, Lindner, Carl, 1940- p. 39

What for the women poets, McDermott, Sharon F. pp. 40-42

Stability, Mercier, Mary p. 43

Eating pepperoni on Good Friday, Murabito, Stephen p. 44

The piper's triumph, Niles, John D. p. 45

At the genetics counselor, Oness, Elizabeth, 1960- p. 46

The best looking man at the funeral, Pfingston, Roger p. 47

To Emily Bronte, Potos, Andrea, 1959- pp. 48-49

The last banana, Robillard, Eve p. 50

Letter from Shiloh, Sarracino, Carmine, 1944- pp. 51-52

Back route to Baraboo, Shy, Shoshauna pp. 53-54

Prayer flags, Sornberger, Judith pp. 55-56

At the writers' retreat in Scotland, Strasser, Judith, 1944- pp. 57-58

And still the music, Townsend, Alison pp. 59-60

The people, Trudell, Dennis p. 61

Fall, Turk, Tisha p. 62

In the realm of possibility, Wallace, Ronald pp. 63-64

Blue lace colander, Walsh, Timothy, 1958- pp. 65-67

Bathing, Welter, Matt pp. 68-69

Tobacco heart, Whitcomb, Katharine, 1960- p. 70

Grandmother, Whitney, J.D. pp. 71-72

Artistic encounter, Williams, Mason, 1938- p. 73

Contributors, pp. 74-78

Parallel Press poetry chapbook series, 1999-2005, pp. 79-80


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