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Volume II


Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham, 1810-1897. Harland, Marion, 1830-1923, Editor
Volume II
New York, New York: E. Hess
4 v. col. fronts., plates. 30 cm.

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

List of illustrations: volume II, pp. [iii]-vi

La Cigale, Metzmacher, E.

Falkland - Fanny, pp. 1-2

Falstaff and Mrs. Ford, Knesing

Fanny - Fastolfe, pp. 3-4

Faria enters Dantes's cell, Lange, Janet; Fagnion, J.

Fastolfe - Father of his country, pp. 5-6

The Fates, Thumann, Paul pp. [unnumbered]-xxv

Father of his country - Favor, pp. 7-8

Fatima and Anna, Doré, Gustave

Favor - Felix, pp. 9-10

Fatinitza, Marie, Adrien; Gillot

Felix - Ferda, pp. 11-12

Fatmé, Sichel, N.; Köhnlein, C.

Ferda - Fer'ramond, pp. 13-14

Little Lord Fauntleroy, Spiegle, F. M.

Ferrand de Vaudemont - Fidessa, pp. 15-16

Faust and Margaret in the garden, Max, Gabriel; Hecht, W.

Fidessa - Fish and the ring, pp. 17-22

Fitzjames and Roderick Dhu, Macdonald, J. B.; Stocks, Lnmb

Fish and the ring - Flecknoe, pp. 23-24

John Gilpin, Stothard, Thomas; Worthingon

Flecknoe - Flint Jack, pp. 25-26

Flavio and Hilaria, Closs, A.

Flippan'ta - Florimel's girdle, pp. 27-30

Florestan saved by Leonora, Klimsch, Eugen; Weber, M.

Florimel's girdle - Frankenstein, pp. 31-46

Franz, Adelaide and the Bishop of Bamberg, Becker, Carl; Zimmermann, Th.

Frankford - Friend of Man, pp. 47-50

Frithiof and Ingeborg, Bendemann, R.

Friend of Man - Fudge Family, pp. 51-52

Frithiof at the Court of King Ring, Leeke, Ferd.; Weber, A.

Fudge Family - Fy'rapel, pp. 53-54

Frou-Frou, Clarin, Georges

Gabble Rechet - Gaiour, pp. 55-56

Gabriel and Evangeline, Dicksee, Frank pp. [unnumbered]-xxxi

Gaiour - Ga'ma, pp. 57-60

Sairey Gamp, Barnard, Frederick

Ga'ma - Gan'esa, pp. 61-62

Caroline Gann, the little sister, Barnard, Frederick

Ganlesse - Gareth, pp. 63-64

Ganymede, Kirchbach, F. pp. [unnumbered]-v

Gareth - Garth, pp. 65-66

David Garrick as Abel Drugger, Zoffany, Johann; Lacour, O.

Garth - Gay, pp. 67-68

Marguérite Gauthier

Gay - Gelert, pp. 69-70

Gavroche, Bayard, Emile; Bellinger

Gelert - Gessler, pp. 71-78

How they brought the good news from Ghent to Aix

Gessler - Gilbert, pp. 79-86

Gilda and Rigoletto, Kaulbach, Hermann

Gilbert - Glaucus, pp. 87-94

Glaucus and Nydia, Lockhart, W. E.

Glaucus - God'inez, pp. 95-98

Launcelot Gobbe, Hollis

God'inez - Gog'magog Hill, pp. 99-100

Godiva, Von Lerius. J.; Atkinson, T. L.

Gog'magog Hill - Graal, pp. 101-108

The mother of the Gracchi, Schopin; Ballin

Graal - Graunde Amoure, pp. 109-112

The grasshopper and the ant, Vibert, J. G.

Graunde Amoure - Gresham and the Pearl, pp. 113-118

The execution of Lady Jane Grey, Delaroche, Paul; Mercurij, Paolo

Gresham and the pearl - Günther, pp. 119-130

Gulliver chained, Vibert, G. J.

Günther - Guy Mannering, pp. 131-132

King Gunther, Guth, B.; Dochy

Guyon Guerndale - Gyptian, pp. 133-134

Ekkehard bringing Frau Hadwig into the convent, Blaas, Carl v.; Treibmann, G.

H. B. - Hair, pp. 135-136


Hair - Hamet, pp. 137-138

John Halifax saving the bank, Nash, J.

Hamet - Handel's Monument, pp. 139-140

Hamlet and the gravedigger, Dagnan-Bouveret, P. A. J. pp. viii ff.

Han - Happuck, pp. 141-142

Hamlet and his father's ghost, von Hofften, E. pp. xxviii ff.

Har'apha - Har'lowe, pp. 143-144

Clarissa Harlowe, Landseer, C.; Periam, A.

Har'lowe - Harriet [Mowbray], pp. 145-146

Edith finding the body of Harold

Harriet [Mowbray] - Hassan, pp. 147-148

King Harold and the Elfins, Tschautsch, Albert

Hassan - Hatto, pp. 149-150

Dirk Hatteraick and Meg Merrilees, Macdonald, J. B.; Bell, Rob. C.

Hatto - Hec'ate, pp. 151-154

Hebe, Canova; Weber, M.

Hec'ate - Helen, pp. 155-156

Hector and Andromache, Maignan, A.; Alais, A. C.

Helen - Hel'inore, pp. 157-158

Uriah Heep, Barnard, Frederick

Helisane de Crenne - Henriette, pp. 159-160

The abduction of Helen, von Deutsch, R.

Henriette - Her'culês, pp. 161-162

Heloise, Gleyre; Francois

Her'culês - Hermaph'rodite, pp. 163-164

Henry the Eighth and Anne Boleyn, Piloty, C. V.; Vogel, J. F.

Hermaph'rodite - Herm'ion, pp. 165-166

Hermann and Dorothea, von Kaulbach, W.

Herm'ion - Heros'tratos, pp. 167-168

Hermione, Jounard

Heros'tratos - Hiawa'tha, pp. 169-170

Hero and Leander, Keller, Ferd; Weber, M.

Hiawa'tha - Hilarius, pp. 171-172

Herodias, Constant, Benjamin

Hildebrand - Histrio-mastix, pp. 173-174

Dinah and Hetty

Histrio-mastix - Hoel, pp. 175-176

The death of Hippolytus, Rubens; Smith, Anker

Hoel - Homer, pp. 177-178

Andreas Hofer at Innsbruck, von Defregger, Frans; Knesing

Homer - Hope, pp. 179-182

Hop-o'-My-Thumb, Doré, G.; Pisan H.

Hope - Horatius [Cocles], pp. 183-184

The oath of the Horatii, David, L.

Horatius [Cocles] - Hydropsy, pp. 185-198

Hypatia, Seifert, A.

Hydropsy - Ibe'ria's pilot, pp. 199-200


Iberia - Il'aid, pp. 201-202

Ilse in the farm-stable, Meyerheim, Paul

Il'iad - Immo and Hildegard, pp. 203-204

Immo and Hildegard, Kaulbach, H.

Immo and Hildegard - Impertinent, pp. 205-206

Imogen in the cave, Graham, T.; Desvachez, D. I.

Impostors - Innogen, pp. 207-212

Parthenia and Ingomar, Swinstead, G. H.; Appleton, T. G.

Insane root - Iras, pp. 213-214

Iphigenia, Kanoldt, Edmund; Closs, A.

Iras - Irol'do, pp. 215-216

Irene and Klea, Teschendorff, E.; Michael M.

Irol'do - Isaac [Mendoza], pp. 217-218

Isabella and the pot of basil, Hunt, Holman; Blanchard, Aug.

Isaac [Mendoza] - Isabelle, pp. 219-220

Interview between Isabelle of Croye and Charles of Burgundy, Elmore, A.; Stancliffe, J.

Isabelle - Jew, pp. 221-240

Alfred Jingle, Barnard, Frederick

Jew - Joan of Arc, pp. 241-242

Joan of Arc, Frémiet, Emmanuel

Joan of Arc - Jonas, pp. 243-248

John of Leyden, Keller, Ferd; Weber, M.

Jonas - Jos'ian, pp. 249-250

Monsieur Jourdain and Nicole, Leslie, C. R.; Sharpe, C.

Jos'ian - Juba, pp. 251-252

Don Juan in the barque, Delacroix, Eugene; Le Conteux, L.

Juba - Jupe, pp. 253-256

Kägebein and Bodinus, Beckmann, Conrad

Just - Lambro, pp. 257-292

Lalla Rookh, de Valentine, A.; Edwards, W.

Lambro - Lamourette's kiss, pp. 293-294

Lancelot and Elaine

Lamourette's kiss - Lantern-land, pp. 295-296

Lantenac at the stone pillar, Brion, G.; Méaulle

Lantern-land - Léandre, pp. 297-310

King Lear and the fool, Schauer, Gustav; Knesing

Léandre - Leek, pp. 311-312

Adrienne Lecouvreur as Cornelia, Coypel, Antoine; Leguay, E.

Leek - Lemuel Barker, pp. 313-314

Sir Amyas Leigh, Staniland, C. J.

Lemuel Barker - Leon'tes, pp. 315-318

Leonora and Ferdinando, Duffaud, J. B.

Leon'tes - Lodovi'co, pp. 319-336

Elsa and Lohengrin

Lodovi'co - Lorma, pp. 337-340

The Lorelei, Kray, W. pp. [unnumbered]-xxvii

Lorma - Lotus-eaters, pp. 341-342

Louis XI, Baffin, M.; Leveillé, A.

Lotus-eaters - Loupgarou, pp. 343-344

Louise the Glee Maiden, Herdman, Rob.; Stocks, Lumb

Loupgarou - Mark, pp. 345-408 ff.


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