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Volume I


Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham, 1810-1897. Harland, Marion, 1830-1922, Editor
Volume I
New York, New York: E. Hess
4 v. col. fronts., plates. 30 cm.

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[Title page]

List of illustrations: volume I, pp. [v]-viii

Ichabod Crane, Abbey, E. A.

Preface, Harland, Marion pp. [iii]-iv

Aa'ron - Ab'diel, pp. [unnumbered]-2

Abelard, Guilleminot, A.; Pleszezynski, A.

Ab'diel - Æneid, pp. 3-12

Æneas relating his story to Dido, Guérin, P.; Forster, F.

Æneid - Alas'tor, pp. 13-20

Albericht's pursuit of the Nibelungen Ring, Makart, Hans

Alas'tor - Aldiborontephoscophornio, pp. 21-24

Alethe, Priestess of Isis, Long, Edwin; Hester, E. G.

Aldiborontephoscophornio - Alexander the Great , pp. 25-26

Alexis and Dora, Kaulbach, W. von; Preisel, C.

Alexander the Great - Alicia, pp. 27-28

Alice, the miller's daughter, Knowles, Davidson; Taylor, R.

Alicia - Andrews , pp. 29-46

The Ancient Mariner, Doré, Gustav; Deschamps, E.

Andrews - Angeli'na, pp. 47-48


Angeli'na - An'nabel, pp. 49-50

Angélique and Monseigneur de Hauteœur, Jeanniot; Florian

An'nabel - Anselme, pp. 51-52

Angus and Donald, Davis, W. B.

Anselmo - Anti'ope, pp. 53-54

Antigone and Ismene, Teschendorff, Emil; Weber, M.

Anti'ope - Apeman'tus, pp. 55-56

Antony and the dead Cæsar

Apeman'tus - Archima'go, pp. 57-60

Archimedes, Barabino, Nic.; Weber, M.

Archimedes - Argan'te, pp. 61-62

Argan and Doctor Diafoirus, Solomon, A.; Bourne, H.

Argan'te - Asmode'us, pp. 63-76

Lucy Ashton and Ravenswood, Millais, Everett, Sir

Asmode'us - Athe'nian Bee, pp. 77-80

The burial of Atala, Courtois, Gustav; Feldweg, F.

Ath'liot - Augus'ta, pp. 81-82

Augusta in court, Forestier, A.; Taylor, R.

Augus'ta - Ave'nel, pp. 83-84

Automedon, Regnault, Henri; Mercier, G.

Ave'nel - Ba'laam, pp. 85-90

Balaustion, Lungren, F. H.

Ba'laam and Josaphat - Balin, pp. 91-92

Caleb Balderstone and Mysie, Hay, George; Anderson, Robert

Balin - Bardon, pp. 93-98

Little Barefoot, von Thelen-Rüden, F.; Weber, M.

Bardon - Barnadine, pp. 99-100

Barkis is willin'., Staniland, C. J.

Barnadine - Bassia'nus, pp. 101-104

The death of Baudin, Laurens, J. -P.; Méaulle, F.

Bassia'nus - Bayar'do, pp. 105-106

The chevalier Bayard, Lariviére; Lefévre, A.

Bayar'do - Beggar's Petition, pp. 107-112

The marriage of Bedredeen Hassan and Nouredeen, Cormon, F.

Beguines - Bella Wilfer, pp. 113-116

Lady Bellenden and Mause Headrigg, Douglas, Wm.; Le Conte, John

Bella Wilfer - Ben-Hur, pp. 117-120

Benedick and Beatrice, Merle, Hughes

Ben-Hur - Be'vis, pp. 121-130

Constance de Beverley, Rosenthal, Toby

Be'vis - Bire'no, pp. 131-134

Harvey Birch, the peddler-spy

Bire'no - Bland'mour, pp. 135-138

Queen Blanchelys and the Pilgrim, Paton, J. N.; Desvachez, D.

Bland'mour - Boadicea, pp. 139-144

Boabdil-el-Chico's farewell to Grenada, Corbould, E.; Lemon, H.

Boaner'ges - Bois-Guilbert, pp. 145-146

Boadicea, Stothard, Thomas; Sharp, Wm.

Bois-Guilbert - Bondu'ca or Boadice'a, pp. 147-148

Arthur Bonnicastle and Millie Bradford

Bondu'ca or Boadice'a - Bound'erby, pp. 149-154

Bottom and Titania, Landseer, Edwin, Sir; Cousins, S.

Bound'erby - Boz, pp. 155-156

Lady Bountiful, Macbeth, Rob. W.

Bozzy - Brahmin caste of New England, pp. 157-158

Geneviève de Brabant, Bosch, Ernst; Jericke, R.

Brahmin caste of New England - Bray, pp. 159-160

Bräsig, Lining and Mining, Beckmann, Conrad

Bray - Browdie, pp. 161-168

John Brooking's studio, Forestier, A.

Browdie - Cæsar, pp. 169-182

The death of Cæsar, Gérôme, J. L.; Armytage, J. C.

Cæsar - Cap, pp. 183-194

The Canterbury pilgrims, Stothard, Thomas, et al.

Cap - Carême, pp. 195-198

Francis Carew finding the body of Derrick, Lundlow, Hal

Carême - Caroline, pp. 199-200

Carmen, Koppay, J.

Caroline - Car'thon, pp. 201-202

Sydney Carton, Barnard, Frederick

Car'thon - Cath'arine, pp. 203-206


Cath'arine - Charley, pp. 207-216

Charles IX. On the Eve of St. Bartholomew, Grotjobann, P.; Gedan, H.

Charley - Cheat'ly, pp. 217-218

Charlotte Corday and Marat, Aviat, Jules

Che'bar - Chibia'bos, pp. 219-220

Chatterton's holiday-afternoon, Morris, W. B.; Ridgway, W.

Chibia'bos - children in the wood, pp. 221-222

The children in the wood, Sant, J.; Chant, J. J.

Children in the wood - Choppard, pp. 223-224

The prisoner of Chillon

Choppard - Chris'tine, pp. 225-226

Christian entering the Valley of Humiliation, Pickersgill, F. R.; Greatbach, G.

Chris'tine - Cinquecento, pp. 227-232

Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, Doré, Gustav; Pisan, A.

Cinquecento - Clara [d' Almanza], pp. 233-234

Circe and her swine, Rivière, Briton; Stacpoole, F.

Clara[d' Almanza] - Clau'dius, pp. 235-236

Donna Clara and Almanzor

Clau'dius - Cleish'botham, pp. 237-238

Clara, Jacques and Aristide, Marie, Adrien; Gillot

Cleish'botham - Clere'mont, pp. 239-240

Claudio and Isabella, Hunt, Holman; Simmons, W. H.

Clere'mont - Clo'dio, pp. 241-242

Bernhardt as Cleopatra

Clo'dio - Comal and Galbi'na, pp. 243-250

Columbus and his egg, Reiffenstein, Leo

Comal and Galbi'na - Constance, pp. 251-254

Abbé Constantin, Lemaire, Madeleine

Constance - Continence, pp. 255-256


Continence - Cotter's Saturday night, pp. 257-264

Cosette, Guay, G.

Cotter's Saturday night - Cowards [and bullies], pp. 265-266

Captain Costigan, Barnard, Frederick

Cowards [and bullies] - Crawley, pp. 267-268

Sir Roger de Coverley coming from church, Leslie, Chas. R.

Crawley - Cutho'na, pp. 269-280

Captain Cuttle, Barnard, Frederick

Cutho'na - Cymod'oce, pp. 281-282

Cymon and Iphigenia, Leighton, Frederick, Sir

Cymoent - Daph'ne, pp. 283-290

Daphnis and Chloe, Gérard; Richomme, J. T.

Daph'nis - Darwin's missing link, pp. 291-292

Darby and Joan in high life, Sadler, C. D.; Boucher, W. H.

Darwin's missing link - David Sovine, pp. 293-294


David Sovine - Dean of St. Patrick, pp. 295-298

Effie Deans and her sister in the prison, Herdman, R.; Faed, James

Dean of St. Patrick - Dennis, pp. 299-304

Madame Derblay stops the duel, Bayard, Emile

Dennis - Diderick, pp. 305-312

Dido on the funeral pyre, Keller, E.; Closs, A.

Didier - Dol'on, pp. 313-326

Paul and Florence Dombey

Dol'on and Ulysses - Eaton Theophilus, pp. 327-356

The trusty Eckart, Adam, Julius

Eaton Theophilus - Egmont, pp. 357-362

Egmont and Clärchen, Hueberlin, C.; Brend'amour R.

Egmont - Eleanor Crosses, pp. 363-364

Elaine, Rosenthal, Toby E.

Eleazar - Elinor Grey, pp. 365-366

Electra, Teschendorff, E.

El'ion - Eloi, pp. 367-368

Elizabeth and Mary Stuart, Kaulbach, W.

Eloi - Elvi'ra, pp. 369-370

Elizabeth, the landgravine, Pixis, Theodor; Claudius

Elvi'ra - Emped'ocles, pp. 371-372

Ellen, the Lady of the Lake, Adams-Acton, J.; Stodart, E.

Emped'ocles - Ennius, pp. 373-374

Little Ellie

Ennius - Ernest de Fridberg, pp. 375-380

Erminia and the shepherds, Domenichino; Presbury, G.

Ernest de Fridberg - Er'tanax, pp. 381-390

Esmeralda, Brion, G.

Er'tanax - Estifa'nia, pp. 391-392

Leonora d'Este and Tasso, von Kaulbach, W.; Raab, J. L.

Estifa'nia - Evan'the, pp. 393-400

Evangeline, Douglas, Edwin; Alais, A. C.

Evan'the - Excal'ibur, pp. 401-402

Eve's farewell - paradise, Westall, R.; Earlom, Rich.

Executioner - Falie'ro, pp. 403-408 ff.


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