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Mulany, John V. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. V, No. 8 (May 1908)

D. F.
A plea,   p. 344

Page 344

   "Why yes," he answered, with a keen glance at me. "I sup-
posed you had realized it. Mr. Crofton has been a patient of
mine for fifteen ears. He was quite mad, you know, on the
one subject His case will go on record as a remarkable in-
stance of the possibility of prolonged monomania, with no per-
ceptible effect on the daily conduct of the patient. It came on
first as a result of overwork in Calcutta. His studies in Shakes-
peare were his recreation, and after the break-down he was com-
pletely obsessed by them. Only during the last four or fivt
years have his family allowed him to live even ostensibly alone.
Mrs. Pettee, however, has watched him constantly, and he has
dined with me once each week for four winters. So you see
that he has been really, if not apparently, cared 'for."
  As I walked back to 29 Stuyvesant Square, in the dingy No-
vember dawn, many things were cleared up in my mind, but not
everything. It seemed a great pity that Shakespeare couldn't
have let the dear old fellow die in the fond belief that he had
hit on the right solution!
  After the funeral, I got my hands on the monograph and
burned it, an easy task, as no one else apparently, knew of ih
existence. But I have not even yet forgiven Shakespeare.
                        A PLEA
                        D. F., '10
  Let us sing a song of boy loves, of joy loves, of coy loves,
    Of school infatuations, of student's sweet young dreams,
  Of innocent and gay days, of May days, of play days,
    Of merry situations, of lauighter's happy gleams.
  For there'll be enough of grad days, of bad days, of sad days,
    Of ugly situations, of grief and toil and care,
  Of serious and plain times, of strain times, of pain times,
    Of bitter tribulations, of anguish and despair.

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