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Olbrich, M. B. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. 1, No. 1 (December 1903)

Winslow, Horatio
The story of a hit,   pp. [unnumbered]-18

   "Finlay's fired," announced Smith complacently.
   The Sunday Editor looked up and grunted.
   "Tough luck," said Hartly.
   There was the usual percentage of chaos in the Globe's Sun-
 day room. Desks, typewriters, exchanges, soiled copy and what
 not littered and cluttered the little place from end to end. Hartly,
 the artist, perched high on the back of a chair, had rescued a
 piece of gray pasteboard and with a couple of crayon ends was
 busily constructing a chorus girl-a radiant creature in pink and
 white. Chorus girls were Hartly's principal diversion. They
 laughed at you from the tops of his letters and danced at you
 over odd scraps of paper and held out their arms invitingly to
 you from fly leaves and blotters and drawing boards. The pres-
 ent lady of the ballet was of the most ravishing type of beauty
 and she smiled entrancingly over a pretty white shoulder.
 "Finlay's fired," repeated Smith, as he flopped down in a desk
 Hartly held his sketch at arms length and stared at it in-
 "What for?"
 "Same old reason. Fell down again on an assignment. The
 old man got sore and Finlay goes for good. He's about played
 out anyhow. He went the pace too long."
 "I guess we don't lose much," the Sunday Editor urmured.
 Hartly laid the pink and white sketch across his knees and
 thrust his hands deep into his pockets.
 "Oh, I don't know, Mac; I'm only a drawist, but I thought
 Finlay was good-mighty good."
 "Funny nobody else thought so," remarked the Sunday Edi-
 tor, as he reached for the shears. "He never made a hit."
 "It was just his hard luck. That's all. I know him. I've
gone out on assignments with him and he's written some whoop-
ing stories, too. I know."

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