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Athenaeus of Naucratis / Volume III: Books XII-XV

Book XIV,   pp. 978-1062

Page 978

These, 0 Cynulcus, are the words of Lysias. But I, in the 
words of Aristarchus the tragic poet, 
Saying no more, but this in self-defence, 
will now  cease my attack upon you and the rest of the 
B 00 K     XIV. 
1. MOST people, my friend Timocrates, call Bacchus frantic, 
because those who drink too much unmixed wine become 
To copious wine this insolence we owe, 
And much thy betters wine can overthrow 
The great Eurytion, when this frenzy stung, 
Pirithous' roofs with frantic riot rung: 
Boundless the Centaur raged, till one and all 
The heroes rose and dragg'd him from the hall; 
His nose they shorten'd, and his ears they slit, 
And sent him sober'd home with better wit.1 
For when the wine has penetrated down into the body, as 
Herodotus says, bad and furious language is apt to rise to 
the surface.  And Clearchus the comic poet says in his 
If all the men who to get drunk are apt, 
Had everyday a headache ere they drank 
The wine, there is not one would drink a drop: 
But as we'now get all the pleasure first, 
And then the drink, we lose the whole delight 
In the sharp pain which follows. 
And Xenophon represents Agesilaus as insisting that a man 
ought to shun drunkenness equally with madness, and immo- 
derate gluttony as much as idleness. But we, as we are not 
.of the class who drink to excess, nor of the number of those 
Hwho are in the habit of being intoxicated by midday, have 
.come rather to this literary entertainment; for Ulpian, who 
is always finding fault, reproved some one just now who said, 
I am  not drunk ('eotvos3), saying,-Where do you find that 
word '$ocvo$? But he rejoined,-Why, in Alexis, who, in his 
play called the New Settler, says- 
He did all this when drunk (Etoivos). 
1 Odyss. xxi. 293. 
[B. XIV. 

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