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Abel, L. Ward American bruise : poetry (2012)

Agner, Mary Alexandra The scientific method: poetry (2011)

Annucci, Marilyn Luck (2000)

Belair, Mark Walk with me : poetry (2012)

Bergmann, F.J. Aqua Regia (2007)

Best, B. J. Yes (2014)

Broderick, Richard, 1949- Rain dance: poetry (2011)

Brodsky, Lisa Marie We nod our dark heads: poetry (2008)

Brown, Harriet, 1958- The promised land: poems (2004)

Cantrell, Charles Cicatrix: poems (2001)

Chapman, Robin The only Everglades in the world: poems (2001)

Cherry, Kelly Vectors : poetry (2012)

Chronister, Jan Target practice: poetry (2009)

Cofell, Cathryn Kamikaze commotion: poetry (2008)

Collins, Caroline Presences (2014)

Cone, Temple Considerations of earth and sky: poems (2005)

Conley, Francine Heather How dumb the stars (2001)

Bryant, Heather Corbally Lottery ticket (2013)

Crews, James One hundred small yellow envelopes (2009)

Crow, Dallas Small imperfect paradise : poetry (2013)

D'Alessio, Alice Conversations with Thoreau : poetry (2012)

Dawes, Kwame Senu Neville, 1962- Bruised Totems (2004)

Dickey, Paul What Wisconsin took (2006)

Dillhunt, CX Things I've never told anyone (2007)

Dubrow, Heather, 1945- Border crossings: poems (2001)

Ebert, Gwen The twig songs (2000)

Edelman, Barbara A girl in water (2001)

Elbe, Susan Light made from nothing: poems (2003)

Elder, Karl The minimalist's how-to handbook (2005)

Ellis, R. Virgil Bone flute and other poems (2007)

Erickson, Thomas J., 1960- The lawyer who died in the courthouse bathroom (2013)

Fabu Journey to Wisconsin: African American life in haiku: poetry (2011)

Fein, Richard, 1944- The required accompanying cover letter: poetry (2011)

Feraca, Jean Rendered into paradise: poems (2002)

Ferris, Jim Facts of life (2005)

Flaherty, Doug Stilt man (2006)

Funk, Allison From the sketchbooks of Vanessa Bell: poems (2002)

Garland, Max, 1950- Apparition (1999)

Genoways, Ted Anna, washing (2001)

Graber, John Only on this planet (2007)

Greenberg, Barbara L. Late life happiness (2010)

Hayman, David To sit beside a bird is infinite enough: poems (2008)

Hedderman, Richard The discovery of heaven (2006)

Hilles, Rick A visionary's company (2000)

Huston, Karla Virgins on the rocks: poems (2004)

Jagoe, Catherine Casting off (2007)

Kerr, Diane One (2006)

Kisling, Lee R. The lemon bars of Parnassus (2013)

Lehman, John Acting lessons (2008)

Lindner, Carl, 1940- Eat and remember: poems (2001)

Lindner, Carl, 1940- The choreographer of raindrops: poems (2008)

Martin, Andrew Poems of Dennis Brutus : a checklist, 1945-2004 (2005)

McDermott, Sharon F. Alley Scatting (2005)

Mercier, Mary Ellen Small acts: poems (2002)

Merrill, Augustus Alibi for two (2014)

Mesler, Corey Short story and other short stories (2006)

Murabito, Stephen A little dinner music (2004)

Neu, John The tiger's child (2006)

Niles, John D. Chapman's pack: poems (2003)

Oness, Elizabeth, 1960- Sure knowledge (1999)

Pfingston, Roger Singing to the garden (2003)

Pidgeon, John The formal impulse: poetry (2009)

Potos, Andrea The perfect day (1998)

Robillard, Eve When Gertrude married Alice: poems (2004)

Rogers, James Silas Sundogs (2006)

Salcman, Michael Stones in our pockets: art and the art of medicine (2007)

Sanders, Kay That red dirt road (2010)

Sarracino, Carmine, 1944- The heart of war (2004)

Shoemaker, Lynn A catch in the throat of Allah (2010)

Saiser, Marjorie Fearing water : poetry (2013)

Shy, Shoshauna White horses on sale for a song: poems (2005)

Silberstein, Allegra Jostad Through sun-glinting particles (2012)

Silverman, Maxine Transport of the aim : a garland of poems on the lives of Emily Dickinson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, and Celia Thaxter (2013)

Skloot, Robert If the whole body dies: Raphael Lemkin and the treaty against genocide (2006)

Smith, Austin, 1982- In the silence of the migrated birds: poems (2008)

Smith, Thomas R. 1948 Kinnickinnic (2008)

Sornberger, Judith Bones of light poems (2003)

Stolis, Alex Li Po comes to America (2010)

Stone, Alison From the fool to the world : poetry (2012)

Strasser, Judith, 1944- Sand Island succession: poems of the Apostles (2002)

Swan, Heather The edge of damage (2009)

Talbot, Katrin St. Cecilia's daze (2010)

Taylor, Marilyn L. (Marilyn Lighter) Going wrong: poetry (2009)

Terranova, Paul This small breathing coincidence: poetry (2011)

Thompson, Don Where we live: poetry (2009)

Tomasko, Jeanie Tricks of light: poetry (2011)

Toomey, Robert G., 1928-2005 Family reunion: reflections carved in sand and stone (2006)

Townsend, Alison What the body knows: poems (2002)

Trudell, Dennis Marquees of buffalo: movies in poems and prose poems (2003)

Turk, Tisha Getting out alive: poems (2003)

University of Wisconsin International Students Wind chill factor (2008)

Wallace, Ron Now you see it: poems (2005)

Wallace, Ronald You can't be serious (2015)

Walsh, Timothy, 1958- The book of Arabella (2014)

Walsh, Timothy, 1958- Wild apples: poems (2004)

Welter, Matt Our sainted Lady Esther (2000)

West, Jacqueline Cherma (2010)

Whitcomb, Katharine Hosannas (1999)

Whitney, J. D. (John Denison), 1940- What grandmother says (2000)

Williams, Mason, 1938- Them poems (2000)

Young, George, 1938- Bird of paradise: poetry (2011)

Young, Timothy, 1949- The Mississippi book of the dead (2013)

Youngblom, Tracy Driving to heaven (2010)

Zurlo-Cuva, Rosemary The beauty of this world (2014)

Encore: more of parallel press poets (2006)

Fashioned pleasures: twenty-four poets play bouts-rim├ęs with a Shakespearean sonnet (2005)

Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin--Madison 2005 (2005)

Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin--Madison 2006 (2006)

Forward!: best young poets University of Wisconsin--Madison 2007 (2007)

Love and lust: an anthology: celebrating 17 years of love & lust poetry at A Room of One's Own bookstore (2011)

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