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Fist, Gladys (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
[Vol. XXVII, Number 4] (April 1928)

Tesar, Franklin
Sesostris,   pp. 15-16

Page 15

Franklin Tesar
"If your own front door be shut, you'll swear the whole world's
BECAUSE he had huge store of shining gold, because his
Bjewels were larger than men's fists and flawless, because he
had much cloth of purple and rich broidered tapestries, because
his herds were countless and his lands were broad, Sesostris
"Lo, I have travelled far, even over the sea; I have seen the
sun sink behind the hills of Greece and rise again above the
towers of Persepolis; I have bought silks in India and sold
them to the Scythians; I have gone by caravan far into Ethi-
opia; yet not in any place have I found poverty. There is no
poverty, but only varying degrees of wealth. Why then, if a
man be possessed of little, should he be envious of those with
more? Has not Amenephet the son of Re twelve drachmas
less than I, yet are not we the best of friends ?"
Because he led the bright-mailed hosts of Pharaoh, because
his banners were of flaming scarlet and of purple silk, because
his sword was ivory handled and his shield was gold-inlaid, be-
cause he watched the battle from his chariot, surrounded by his
guardsmen, Sesostris wrote:
"War is the work of men. The heavy beating of hoofs the
rolling thunder of the chariots, the strong smiting and the

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