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Wells, Chester Caesar (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Volume X, Number 3 (December 1912)

Anderson, Charles Thomas
Our three championships,   pp. [unnumbered]-12

        Wisconsin's first touchdown against Minnesota, 1912
           By Charles Thomas Anderson, '14
IN THE twenty-four years that the grid-
iron sport has held the stage at Wiscon-
sin, its career has been a succession of ups
and downs.    Seated on the pinnacle of
fame, the Badger team on two occassions
has rested for a short hour, possessor
of the elusive crown, but no sooner have
the eyes of her contenders been raised to
the peak, than the other side of the apex
sinks away, and she is on the long slide
into the pit ready for the fight up the next
incline. And, as could be expected, the
years spent in the upward fight are many
times the number of those spent on the
hither side, for the contenders are many,
but the taste of reward is for one. How-
ever, in spite of the long periods that Wis-
consin has been one of the contestants, that
spirit that has more than once lifted the
school out of the ordinary, and that spirit
which wrote the song, "On Wisconsin,"
has been present and has been the force
which twice has proclaimed the Cardinal
team victors of the West and now for a
third time gives them a sup from the covet-
ed cup.
  Back in the latter part of the eighties,
when football entered the West, became the
ruling sport at a number of schools, was
talked up at Wisconsin by a few innovators,
and finally launched with the appearance
of a team in 1889, the effort necessary to
gain a championship was not the mountain
work that it is now, for the sport was in
its infancy. But nevertheless, the climb
was long, and although many good years
were gone through in the next decade, the
deceptive goal always faded away and re-
mained for the next generation, when the
curtain was drawn at the end of the season.

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