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Underwood, Walter S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. IV, No. 3 (December 1906)

A flowery adventure,   pp. 88-92

Page 88

   "Dear Bobby:" (the note ran) "Of course you're goingto
 bring me an Xmas present, and I know just what it's going
 to be. It's going to be a bracelet, isn't it? But, Bobby dear
 dear, do stop and reflect. You've been bringing me brace-
 lets for the past three years. Can't you think of something
 different? I just know you can't, so I'm going to make it
 easy for you.
   "Do you know that I'm just starving for flowers! I haven't
 seen a blooming thing' down here in Edgewater since Au--
 gust. Mother's century plant is positively the only green
 thing on the landscape. Can't you bring me some fine
 American Beauties and forget that annual appointment with
 the jeweler?                  Your loving sister,
  I flipped the note down upon the table rather impatiently.
Hot-house flowers had always been my particular abomina-
tion. In spite of my dislikes, moreover, I did not think for
a moment of disobeying the commands of the letter. Dis-
regarding all that's said about the other fellow's sister, it's a
fellow's own sister that holds the secure place in his affections
after a five month's absence, and he will do much rather than
disappoint her.
  Possibly it was the fact that the note was dated the thir-
teenth of the month, or possibly it was my own concealed
dissatisfaction with my errand, I never knew, but, from the
moment of the note's arrival until my exciting entree at
Edgewater, my flower mission was a chapter of annoyances
and accidents. Misfortune began as I stepped into the hall
to call up the greenhouse. An inadvertent misstep on the
hall rug precipitated me headlong down the front stairway,

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