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The workshop of Daedalus


Scholes, Robert; Kain, Richard M., Editor
The workshop of Daedalus
Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University Press, 1965
xiv, 287 p. ; 25 cm.

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[Half-title], pp. i-ii

[Title Page], pp. iii-viii

List of short titles, pp. ix-x

Introduction, pp. xi-xiv

Table of contents, pp. xv-xvi

Part I: manuscript materials, pp. 1-2

Section 1: The epiphanies, pp. 3-51

Section 2: The Paris notebook, pp. 52-55

Section 3: The first version of "A Portrait", pp. 56-74

Section 4: Sparks from a whetstone, pp. 75-79

Section 5: The Pola notebook, pp. 80-91

Section 6: The Trieste notebook, pp. 92-105

Section 7: Fragments from a late "portrait" manuscript, pp. 106-108

Part II: The artist as a young man, pp. 109-110

Introductory note, p. 111

Section 1: Chronology, 1882-1904, pp. 112-117

Section 2: Family, pp. 118-129

Section 3: Clongowes Wood College, 1888-1891, pp. 130-132

Section 4: The fall of Parnell, 1889-1891, pp. 133-137

Section 5: Belvedere College, 1893-1898, pp. 138-142

Section 6: University College, Dublin, 1898-1902, pp. 143-162

Section 7: Sketches of Joyce as a young man, pp. 163-238

Part III: The esthetic milieu, pp. 239-240

Introductory note, pp. 241-242

Section 1: On art and poetry, pp. 243-254

Section 2: The poem, pp. 255-263

Section 3: The poet, pp. 264-282

Index, pp. 283-287

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