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Leroy, Claude E.; Albuquerque, Severino João Medeiros; Schil, Mary H. / Português para principiantes

Lição 27,   pp. [305]-[312]

Page 308

Note that the time reference of the above sentences can be contrasted with the following
examples in which the action of the verb was completed in a past time and therefore must use
a preterite tense in Portuguese.
Voc  jA viu esse filme?
A C61ia jd esteve no Brasil virias
Have you already seen that film?
C61ia has been to Brazil several times.
B.     The present perfect subjunctive is used in dependent subjunctive clauses when the verb in the
main clause is present but refers to a past action. When the verb in the main clause is present
and refers to a present or future action, the simple present subjunctive is used.
The present perfect subjunctive is formed by using the present subjunctive of the auxiliary
verb plus the past participle of the main verb:
Espero que voc  goste de festas.
Espero que voc  tenha gostado da festa
ontem A noite.
A menos que voca pagu suas contas
em dia, voc6 vai ter dificuldade para
conseguir cr&Jito.
A menos que voca jdl tenha pago a
prestagdo, a loja vai fechar sua conta.
N6s duvidamos que ele sea capaz de
dizer algo assim.
N6s duvidamos que ele tenha dito algo
I hope you like parties.
I hope you liked the party last night.
Unless you pay your bills on time, your credit
rating will suffer.
Unless you've already sent your monthly
payment, the store is going to cancel your
We doubt that he is capable of saying
something like that.
We doubt that he said something like that.
C.     Cada vez mais and cada vez menos are intensifiers which can be used at the end of a
sentence, or before a noun, adjective or adverb.
Voc6 ndo acha que o Paulo estAi se
isolando cada vez mais?
Ultimamente ele tem nos dado cada
vez menos problemas.
Deixei o curso porque as liOes
estavam ficando cada vez mais
As listas telefOnicas ficam cada vez
Don't you think that Paulo is isolating himself
more and more?
Lately he has given us fewer and fewer
I dropped the course because the lessons were
getting harder and harder.
The telephone books get bigger and bigger.

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