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Leroy, Claude E.; Albuquerque, Severino João Medeiros; Schil, Mary H. / Português para principiantes

Portuguese-English,   pp. 343-373

Page 343

All words from the vocabulary following the grammar sections will be found in this
New words from the vocabulary following the leituras, componentes culturais and contos are
not included here unless they are used subsequently.
Idioms are listed under the most important word in the phrase and in most cases cross listings
are given.
a (prep.) - to, at
a, as (fem. def. art.) - the
o  abacate - avocado
o abacaxi - pineapple
abaixo - below, under
abandonar - to abandon
a  ab6bora - pumpkin, squash
aborrecer - to bore, tire
aborrecer-se - to become annoyed
abotoar - to button
abragar - to hug
o  abrago - embrace, hug
abril - April
abrir - to open
absolutamente - absolutely
acabar - to finish, end, terminate
acabar de - to have just
a  agdo - action
o  acaso - chance
por acaso - by chance
aceitar - to accept
o  acelerador - accelerator
acelerar - to accelerate
acender - to light, turn on
acerca de - about, concerning a
achar - to find, think, believe
acho bom - I think it's a good idea
acho que n~o - I don't think so
acho que sim - I think so
o  acidente - accident
acima - above
acompanhar - to accompany
aconselhar a - to advise, warn
acontecer - to happen, occur
acordar - to wake up
o  acordo - agreement
acostumar-se - to get used to
estar acostumado, -a - to be used to
os Agores - The Azores
acreditar - to believe
o   aqicar - sugar
adeus - goodbye
adiar - to postpone
adivinhar - to guess
a   administraqdo (de empresas) - business
a   admiraqdo - admiration
adoecer - to become ill
adorar - to like very much
adormecer - to fall asleep
a   advocacia - law, legal profession
o/a advogado, -a - lawyer
o   aeroporto - airport
afinal - after all, at last, finally
afinal de contas - after all
afim de que - so that, in order that
afirmar - to affirm
aflito, -a - upset, agitated
afogar-se - to drown
a   Africa - Africa
a   agencia - agency
a   agancia de viagens - travel agency
o/a agente de viagens - travel agent
agora - now
agora mesmo - right now
de agora em diante - from now on
agosto - August
agradar - to please
agradivel - pleasant, agreeable
a   agricultura - agriculture
o/a agr6nomo, -a - agronomist
a dgua - water
aguardar - to wait for

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