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National Training School for Cookery (Great Britain) / Thrift for troubled times

Substitutes for kitchen utensils,   pp. 14-15 PDF (395.8 KB)

Page 15

Pastry Cutters.-The lids of round tins, pierced with one 
or two small holes to allow air to escape and thus prevent suction. 
Kitchen Fork.-A skewer given away with a joint of 
Frying Pan.-The bottom of an old meat baking-tin. 
Stock Pot.-A seven-pound jam jar. 
FunneL.-Egg shell with a hole pierced in it. 
Stewing Jars for Stews, etc.-A two-pound jam jar. 
Basin for Boiling or Steaming Puddings. - A 
jam jar. 
A Steamer.-Use a large tongue tin with holes pierced 
in the bottom. Care should be taken that the tin fits on the 
top of the saucepan; the saucepan lid forms the cover for the 
Meat Safe.-Buy a yard of butter muslin, join the selvedge 
sides, hem the top and bottom, and insert tapes for drawing up. 
Sew a ring of split cane on to the muslin about half-way down. 
At the top put an S shaped hook, and draw tape tightly round 
its waist. When meat is hung in the muslin on the hook, put 
in a plate and draw up the bottom tape. 
Dutch Oven.-A very good substitute for a Dutch oven 
can be made from a seven-pound biscuit tin, by having the bottom 
removed, and a hole pierced at either side about 1  inches from 
the top, through which a stout piece of wire is passed and secured 
at either end. Hang one or two S shaped hooks on the wire. 
When in use place the lid lightly in position, so that it can be 
easily removed for basting purposes. 
Roasting Jack.-Strands of worsted and two 8 shaped 
hooks, one to hold the meat and one to fix to the mantelpiece. 
Strainer for Gravy.-A piece of muslin. 
Bread Box.-A margarine box, and for a lid a piece of 
wood with holes pierced in it can be used. 
Double Saucepan.-A jam jar, with a coyer of greased 
paper, standing in a saucepan. 
Sink Basket.-A     long-shaped corned beef tin, with holes 
pierced in the bottom. 
Cake Tin.-Biscuit tin. 
Jam Tart Tin.-Lid of biscuit tin. A 

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