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Ben Yƻsuf, Anna / The art of millinery: a complete series of practical lessons for the artiste and the amateur

Lesson XVII: Making and use of bandeaux,   pp. 241-247 PDF (851.9 KB)

Page 247

             THE ART OF MILLINERY 
before or after the head lining of a hat; we will say 
to this that as the bandeau is in most cases an ac- 
cessory to make the hat fit in a certain pose, it should 
he put in last, because no two women wear their hair 
alike, and the bandeau will need adjusting to the one 
who buys the hat; it will therefore be far less trouble 
if it has been put in last. 
  But where the bandeau forms a part of the hat, as 
in the case of a crown bandeau, in a soft felt, etc., or 
as head piece for a plateau, naturally it is put against 
the hat and the lining put in after; if the coiffure or 
other peculiarities of the wearer necessitate a change, 
an extra bandeau must be set on. 
  A simple bandeau, very light, is often made of one 
or more rows of willow braid wired; these must be 
covered with velvet. 
  In making cape net bandeaux the wire can be but- 
tonhole sewn on the edge, but it will be firmer and 
stronger if a quarter-inch margin is allowed and 
turned over the wire, with a run and backstitch be- 
low the wire. 
  During the dull season the apprentices should make 
all kinds of bandeaux. These, put in boxes according 
to kind and shape, will be of the greatest help, and 
a saving of much valuable time during the busy sea- 
  The patterns accompanying this article are given in 
full (medium) size, which can be easily traced off 
with transparent paper and pencil, and changed to re- 
quirements, enlarging or reducing according to indi- 
vidual needs. 

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