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Millinery: theoretical and practical


Hill, Clare, fl. 1900
Millinery: theoretical and practical
London, England: Methuen, 1909
xvi, 168 p. : ill. ; 1909

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[ii]

[Title page], pp. [iii]-[iv]

Preface, pp. [v]-viii

Contents, pp. [ix]-xi

[Contents] List of illustrations, pp. [xii]-xvi

Part I: Bow-making, pp. [1]-10

Wiring lace, pp. 10-11

Bandeaux, pp. 11-12

Velvet trimmings, pp. 12-14

Hemming velvet, p. 14

Straw shapes, pp. 15-18

Pattern-taking, pp. 18-20

Head-linings, pp. 20-22

Part II: Colour and form in regard to clothing, pp. 23-27

Form, pp. 27-30

Drafting shapes, pp. 30-40

Drafting on geometrical principles, pp. 40-49

Toque shapes, pp. 50-57

Making shapes, pp. 57-67

Draping crowns and toques, pp. 68-70

Wire shapes, pp. 70-77

Part III: 'Liberty,' or drawn silk hats, pp. 78-84

Straw-working, pp. 85-90

Caps, pp. 90-95

Renovations, pp. 96-97

To clean straws, pp. 98-104

Dyeing hats, pp. 104-105

Notes on trimmings, pp. 106-110

Stitches used in millinery and their application, pp. 111-115

Width and price of some standard millinery materials, pp. 116-117

Glossary of terms employed in millinery, p. 118

Identification of materials, pp. 119-120

Supplement. Hints to teachers, pp. 121-123

The fold as a simple ornamentation, p. 124

Fancy edges, p. 125

Fancy brims, pp. 125-127

Fancy bands, p. 128

Chenille, chiffon, fine straw, and tulle, pp. 128-130

Quillings and ruches, pp. 130-131

"Plateaux" and "flams", p. 131

Ready-to-wear hats, pp. 132-[142]

Examination papers, pp. 143-156

Index, pp. 157-[176]

Messrs. Methuen's complete educational catalogue, pp. [1]-48 ff.


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