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Things girls like to do


Gilman, Elizabeth Hale
Things girls like to do
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania| San Francisco, California: Uplift Publishing Company, 1917
2 pt. in 1 v. col. front., illus., plates. 22 cm.

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[Title page]

Part I: Housekeeping



I: The business side, pp. 1-10 ff.

II: Care of fittings and furniture, pp. 11-39

VII: Upstairs work, pp. 40-53

VIII: Dining-room and pantry work, pp. 54-81

IX: The kitchen, pp. 82-101

X: The cellar, fires, plumbing, etc., pp. 102-137

XI: Menus and marketing, pp. 138-167

XII: Cooking, pp. 168-205

XIII: Washing and ironing, pp. 206-230

XIV: House cleaning, pp. 231-246

Part II: Needlecraft


Illustrations, pp. [unnumbered]-[1]

I: What you should have in your work box, sewing on buttons, basting, darning, pp. 3-11

II: Back-stitching, over-casting, creasing a hem and hemming, rolling a hem, French hemming, sewing on tapes and hooks and eyes, pp. 12-25

III: Gathering, sewing on bands, a practical sewing apron, hemmed patches, gussets and tucks, pp. 26-40

IV: A doll's skirt and sewing case, bindings, doll's bed linen and a pin case, pp. 41-57

V: Making buttonholes, cutting from a pattern, a doll dress, pp. 58-73

VI: The simplest stitches in embroidery--chain stitching, outlining, herring-boning, cross-stitching, soutache, coronation braiding, pp. 74-87

VII: Smocking, feather-stitching and lazy-daisy stitch, pp. 88-96

VIII: Couching, shadow work and Turkish stitch how to stamp designs, pp. 97-105

IX: Buttonholing and wallachian embroidery, pp. 106-113

X: Roman cut-work, fancy buttonholing for borders, work bags, bermuda fagotting, pp. 114-122

XI: Satin-stitch and marking, pp. 123-135

XII: Eyelets and French knots, bullion stitch, and other fancy stitches, pp. 136-151

XIII: Long and short, Kennsington embroidery, and ribbon work for simple plans, pp. 152-165

XIV: Hardanger embroidery for squares pin cushions, and spreads, pp. 166-173

[XV: Appliqué on linen and other materials and Hedebo embroidery], pp. 174-182

[XVI: Hemstitching for handkerchiefs and collar and cuffs sets, also simple drawn-work stitches], pp. 183-202

XVII: Easy lace stitches, fagotting, single mesh, double mesh, spiders, fan, maltese cross, twisted and buttonholed bars, picots and simple edges, pp. 203-217

XVIII: Simple, crocheting, stitchery for edges and shawls, pp. 218-231

XIX: Pattern directions for making doll caps and capes, jackets and child's bedroom slippers, pp. 232-244

XX: Irish crochet lace, pp. 245-262

XXI: Knitting, plain and purling, wash rags, and fancy stitches for shawls, pp. 263-271

XXII: Doll's cape, hood, leggings and jackets, pp. 272-283

XXIII: Embroidery suggestions for boarding school girl, pp. 284-293 ff.


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