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Ben Yƻsuf, Anna / The art of millinery: a complete series of practical lessons for the artiste and the amateur

Glossary of millinery and dry goods terms,   pp. 248-256 ff. PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 248

Glossary of Millinery and Dry Goods Terms. 
Agrafe.-A clasp or ornament of metal 
   for millinery purposes. 
 Aigrette.-A stiff plume. Sometimes 
   erroneously applied  to  "egret," 
   which see. 
Ajour.-Open work effect. Also ap- 
   plied to a cotton braid used in the 
   making of women's hats. 
Alencon (Point d').-Fine needle-point 
   lace with ground of double-twist 
   thread in a semi-net effect. Usually 
   worked with horse-hair to give firm- 
   nes to the cordonnet. 
Allover.-Embroideries or lace mate- 
   rials in which the design or pattern 
   extends over the entire surface of 
   the fabric in contradistinction to 
   edges and insertions. 
Amazon (Plume).-A long soft Ostrich 
Angleterre (Point d').-Fine Brussels 
  pillow lace distinguished by a rib 
  of raised and plaited threads worked 
  in the lace. 
Antique. Imitation of silk stuffs of 
  former centuries. 
Antwerp. Bobbin lace      resembling 
  early Alenvon. Shows a "pot" or 
  basket effect in design. 
Appliqud.-Materials cut out and 
  sewed, embroidered or pasted on 
  other materials. 
Arabian (Point d').-Coarse bobbin 
  lace, made in Belgium, France. and 
  Arabia. Large pattern cable edged, 
  and almost invariably in deep ecru 
Argentine.-Similar to Alengon, mesh 
  being larger. 
Armure.-A chain weave in which the 
  threads are thrown in alternating 
  small pebbled design. Used-in silks 
  and dress goods. 
Arras.-Strong, white, bobbin lace re- 
  sembling Mechlin.    Distinguished 
  by light single thread ground. 
Areophane.-A thin crepe like mate- 
Armossin.--Same as Armure. 
Art Nouveau.-New Art (Ornaments). 
Aurillao.-Bobbin lace which resem- 
  bles Angleterre. 
Ave Maria. A narrow edging. 
Baby Lace.-Light and simple edging 
  made in England. 
Bandeau.-A band or part of a band 
  placed in the headsize of a hat to 
  raise part or the whole of it. 
Barr4.-Materials having stripes or 
  bars running across the cloth pro- 
  duced by various processes of weav- 
  ing or printing. 
Barrette,-Bar ornament for hair or 
Basket Weave.--Style of weave in 
   which the plaited work of a basket 
   is reproduced by the pattern. 
Batiste.-A fine cotton muslin having 
   a good deal of dressing, resembling 
   lawn, the difference being that 
   batiste is slightly heavier. 
Battenburg.-A modern lace of braid 
  and stitches. Same as Renaissance. 
Bayadbre.-Designs which run across 
  the   material, whether   ribbons, 
  laces, dress goods or silks. 
Bayadbre Moird.-Same as above, with 
  watered effect. 
Bayeux.-Bobbin lace in imitation 
  of Spanish point. Also black, rich 
  lace, made for shawls, etc. 
Bdbd.-Baby.-The narrowest ribbon. 
Beaver.-A thick woolen cloth weave 
  similar to doeskin. The wrong 
  side is finished with a soft, thick 
  nap. In hats on Plaques, a long 
  nap fur thrown on bodies of wool 
  and fur telt. 
Bedford Cord.-A weave used in dress 
  goods similar to cotton pique, con- 
  sisting of heavy ribs running lengt h- 
  wise in the fabric. A straw braid in 
  rough effect for making hats. 
Beige. Dress fabrics of smooth tex- 
  ture produced by using yarn in 
  which the colors are mixed. Alsoa 
  term applied to a color near shade 
  of wood. 
Bengaline. A plain, round, corded 
  weave of silk and wool in which the 
  wool is used as a filling covered by 
  the silk. Smooth in surface, small 
  in grain. 
Beret.-A flat cap.-(Basque Peas- 
  ants). Used as crown for wide 
  brim hats. 
Bijou. Jewel. 
Binche.-Fine pillow lace, without cor- 
  donnet. Ground resembles spider 
  web with small dots. 
Bissette.-Coarse, narrow French Peas- 
  ant lace, simple designs. Name 
  applied to cheap bordering laces. 
Bluet.-Corn flower. 
Blonde Lace.-Lace made of un- 
  bleached silk. Nets in cotton or 
  silk that are unbleached or cream 
Bobbin Bone Point Lace.-Applied to 
  laces having no regular ground or 
  mesh as Renaissance. 
Bobbinet or Brussels.-Machine-made 
  cotton or silk netting in which a 
  hexagonal figure is produced by 
  twisting the thread. 
Body Hats.-Hats of various straws 
  pleated in one piece, shape of un- 

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