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Harrison, Grace Clergue / Allied cookery : British, French, Italian, Belgian, Russian / arranged by Grace Clergue Harrison and Gertrude Clergue, to aid the war sufferers in the devastated districts of France; introduction by Hon. Raoul Dandurand ; prefaced by Stephen Leacock and Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The purpose,   pp. 3-4 PDF (313.5 KB)

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of this little book is to procure funds in aid of the 
farmers in that part of France which was devas- 
tated by the invasion of the German armies and 
subsequently regained by the French. 
This region, in part, one of the most fertile in 
France, and which sustained hundreds of thousands 
of inhabitants engaged in agricultural pursuits, 
has been left desolate, with all buildings destroyed 
and all farming implements, cattle, and farm pro- 
ducts taken off by the invaders for military uses. 
Its old men, women, and children, who survived 
the slaughter of invasion, are now undertaking the 
labour of restoring their farms. To help in the 
supply of seeds, farm implements, and other simple 
but essential means of enabling these suffering 
people to regain by their own efforts the necessaries 
of life, the compilers offer to the public this book 
on Cookery. 
Its proceeds will be distributed by Le Secours 
National, of France, whose effective organization 
assures its best and most helpful disposition. 

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