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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 109

workers and businessmen, to our farmers and
miners-to all those who have built up this country's
fighting strength and who have shipped to our allies
the means to resist and overcome the enemy.
Our thoughts go out to our civil servants and to the
thousands of Americans who, at personal sacrifice,
have come to serve in our Government during these
trying years; to the members of the selective-service
boards and ration boards; to the civilian defense and
Red Cross workers; to the men and women in the
USO and in the entertainment world-to all those
who have helped in this cooperative struggle to
preserve liberty and decency in the world.
We think of our departed gallant leader, Franklin
D. Roosevelt, defender of democracy, architect of
world peace and cooperation.
And our thoughts go out to our gallant allies in this
war; to those who resisted the invaders; to those who
were not strong enough to hold out, but who never-
theless kept the fires of resistance alive within the
souls of their people; to those who stood up against
great odds and held the line until the United Nations
together were able to supply the arms and the men
with which to overcome the forces of evil.
This is a victory of more than arms alone. This is
a victory of liberty over tyranny.
From our war plants rolled the tanks and planes
which blasted their way to the heart of our enemy,
from our shipyards sprang the ships which bridged
all the oceans of the world for our weapons and
supplies; from our farms came the food and fiber for
our armies and navies and for all our allies in all the
corners of the earth; from our mines and factories
came the raw materials and the finished products

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