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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 107

"It is our responsibility-ours, the liv-
ing-to see to it that this victory         shall
be a monument worthy of the dead who
died to win it."
Radio address by PRESIDENT TRUMAN on the signing of the
Surrender Instrument by Japan.
Washington. September 1, 1915.1'
My fellow Americans, the thoughts and hopes of
all America-indeed of all the civilized world-are
centered tonight on the battleship Missouri. There
on that small piece of American soil anchored in
Tokyo Harbor the Japanese have just officially laid
down their arms. They have signed terms of uncon-
ditional surrender.
Four years ago the thoughts and fears of the whole
civilized world were centered on another piece of
American soil-Pearl Harbor. The mighty threat to
civilization which began there is now laid at rest. It
was a long road to Tokyo-and a bloody one.
We shall not forget Pearl Harbor.
The Japanese militarists will not forget the U. S. S.
The evil done by the Japanese war lords can never
be repaired or forgotten. But their power to destroy
and kill has been taken from them. Their armies
and what is left of their navy is now impotent.
To all of us there comes first a sense of gratitude
to Almighty God who sustained us and our Allies
in the dark days of grave danger, who made us to
19 Congressional Record, September 6, 1945. President Truman's address was
delivered September 1, New York time (E. W. T.), September 2, Japanese time.

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