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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 105

fortresses and other fortified areas together with
plans and drawings of all such fortifications, installa-
tions and establishments.
(d) All factories, plants, shops, research institu-
tions, laboratories, testing stations, technical data,
patents, plans, drawings and inventions designed or
intended to produce or to facilitate the production or
use of all implements of war and other material and
property used or intended for use by any military or
part-military organization in connection with its
(7) The Japanese Imperial General Headquarters
shall furnish to the Supreme Commander for the
Allied Powers within (time limit) of receipt of this
order complete lists of all the items specified in para-
graphs A, B, and D of section 6 above, indicating the
numbers, types, and locations of each.
(8) The manufacture and distribution of all arms,
ammunition, and implements of war will cease forth-
(9) With respect to United Nations prisoners-of-
war and civilian internees in the hands of Japanese or
Japanese-controlled authorities:
(a) The safety and well-being of all United Nations
prisoners-of-war and civilian internees will be scrupu-
lously preserved to include the administrative and
supply service essential to provide adequate food,
shelter, clothing, and medical care until such respon-
sibility is undertaken by the Supreme Commander
for the Allied Powers.
(b) Each camp or other place of detention of
United Nations prisoners of war and civilian internees
together with its equipment, stores, records, arms,
and ammunition will be delivered immediately to the

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