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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

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and peoples of the West may walk side by side in
mutual respect and with mutual benefit. The his-
tory of our sovereignty there has now the full con-
fidence of the East.
And so, my fellow-countrymen, today I report to
you that your sons and daughters have served you
well and faithfully with the calm, deliberate, deter-
mined fighting spirit of the American soldier and
sailor based upon a tradition 6f historical trait, as
against the fanaticism of any enemy supported only
by mythological fiction, their spiritual strength and
power has brought us through to victory. They are
homeward bound-take care of them.
"We command all Our people forthwith
to cease hostilities, to lay down their arms
and faithfully to carry out all the pro-
visions of the Instrument of Surrender..."
Imperial Rescript by HIROHITO, Emperor of Japan, prior to
the signing of the surrender instrument.
Toyko. September 2, 1915.17
Accepting the terms set forth in Declaration issued
by the heads of the Governments of the United
States, Great Britain, and China on July 26th, 1945,
at Potsdam and subsequently adhered to by the
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, We have com-
manded the Japanese Imperial Government and the
Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to sign on
17 The End of the War in the Pacific/Surrender Documents in Facsimile. National Archives
Publication No. 46-6. Washington.  Government Printing Office, 1945,

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