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Information bulletin
(January 1952)

Buttenwieser, Benjamin J.
Progress in Germany,   pp. 19-22 PDF (2.4 MB)

Page 22

European defense force is that it transforms the age old
national armies, each self-integrated and capable of wag-
ing independent warfare, fraught with all the inherent
dangers of such a situation, into an international force
with national contingents, truly integrated and not
separable into independent, national forces.
Because of Germany's record of aggression, it is not
unreasonable that, as a token of her peaceful intentions
and as a gesture of reconciliation, she should agree to
submit her production of obviously lethal and offensive
weapons to the control of an organization of nations,
including her former enemies and victims. It may be
expected that Germany will soon, if not immediately,
attain full membership in this community so that she will
share in the determination of these very controls.
Nor is it too much to expect that in the foreseeable
future, this concept of controls, in the negative sense,
will give way to a rationalized assignment of production
by the community. Even during this near term, pro-
bationary period, the existence of these production con-
trols would not affect Germany's equality and status in
the contemplated defense force where it has already
been determined that her contingents will be armed and
directed on the same basis as all other contingents. In
the ultimate analysis, it is arms, not their production,
which constitute the true test of equality.
The strength which such a European defense force
could muster, in the political as well as in the military
realms, when added to the enormous productive and
military might, both actual and potential, entailed in its
companion organization, the North Atlantic Community,
should be capable of playing the role for which both are
designed--the defense of the peace and freedom of the
Western world. This structure provides for a common
defense by all against an attack on any one; but it also
contains safeguardsagainstindependent,aggressive action
by any one of its members. In this "house there are many
mansions" -ample for all nations with like ideals.
T HE GERMANY OF TODAY, which I fervently hope
and believe is well on her way to becoming a re-
formed Germany, is opting to cast her lot with her former
enemies in this new spirit of trying, on the one hand, to
expiate and, on the other, to forgive the past and look
to the future. Only in that spirit can there be created a
world fervently dedicated to and actually practicing
peace and freedom and democracy. These new, dynamic
apparatuses, like the European Defense Community, the
Schuman Plan, the Council of Europe or the still some-
what nebulous, though no less significant, European
Union are all ventures in international, supranational
understanding, cooperation and idealism. They are born
of faith and can but be nurtured through trust. Their
development involves the solving of many, complex prob-
lems. This takes time. It requires patience and a con-
siderable degree of submerging shortsighted, near term,
national benefits, which, in their narrower scope, benefit
the few, as against elevating the longer range, inter-
national advantages which, with far broader horizons,
will improve the many.
There will, I fear, be occasional setbacks in this gradu-
ally progressing complex of international agencies. It is.
almost too much to expect otherwise. But I think the trend
is definitely forward; and, in the light of the past, it is
gratifyingly encouraging. As to Germany, the true test of
what we and our two allies have sought to effect through
our occupation will come when these tempests of a set-
back blow against the tender roots of the new Republic.
These storms may develop from without or within.
All we strove to do, all we could have hoped to ac-
complish, is to help the right-minded and well-intended
Germans in planting the seeds of democracy and freedom,
and peace firmly and in tilling and enriching the soil in
which they sowed. When in the near future the oc'u-
pation yields its place to the new contractual relationship
and then ultimately to complete German sovereignty,
under a peace treaty, the German people will have to
nurture their crops alone. Their ultimate harvest will be:
truly predicated on the hallowed doctrine: "As ye sow,
so shall ye reap."
Our efforts will not cease on the signing of either the
contractual conventions or the peace treaty. All nations
of good will and honorable intentions are sincerely and
earnestly dedicated to the task of helping, Germany
emancipate herself from her past and join the family of
decent, democratic, peaceful, freedom loving nations. As,
it was said of an individual so is it equally applicable to
the larger groups of individuals who constitute nations:
"We rise by raising others, and he, who stoops above the
fallen, stands erect." Thus can the nations rise and en-
hance their stature in their own consciences and in the
eyes of history by helping the Germany of today to rise
above her past and embark on an enlightened future.
Utting Families Thank US
The community council and mayor of the little village
of Utting on the Ammersee and 12 families there have
personally thanked the US Gove!rnment for Marshall Plan
Early last year the community was promised DM 30,000
($7,140) out of ECA funds for construction of three houses,
each with living quarters for four families. A Bavarian
state credit of DM 4,000 ($952) for each unit was added
along with contributions or credits from the county and
the labor office. Construction started in May and the apart-
ments were completed in November.
The 12 families wrote to Resident Officer David K.
Peet at Landsberg: "We are feeling very happy in these
new apartments, which are very fine. Now we can live
as human beings again, as we had extremely bad and
narrow quarters after the escape from our home countries
(Sudetenland and Silesia)."
The community council and the mayor wrote: "The
community of Utting, after building these fine houses
for expellees with your help, now consider it their duty
hereby to send you their best thanks."

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