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Information bulletin
(January 1952)

McCloy, John J.
New Year's message,   pp. 17-18 PDF (1.2 MB)

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and the eagerness with which they sought information and
light showed how deep the urge for freedom and human
dignity was rooted in them. The visit of hundreds of thou-
sands of these young people t6 West Berlin, and not the
staged demonstrations in East Berlin, became the signif-
icant news of the world last August.
In my opinion there is a direct connection between this
dramatic expression of democratic faith and the action
taken recently in Paris by a great majority of the United
Nations, approving a commission to investigate conditions
for holding free elections in all parts of Germany. The
action taken in Paris was the response of free nations to
the desire of the entire Geirman people for unity in freedom.
T HE PEOPLE OF THIS CITY, which has given so many
demonstrations of its will to be free, should be partic-
ularly encouraged by this evidence of support. For our
part we reaffirm our determination to protect this city
which has become a new symbol of freedom to the world.
We, do not know what new efforts the Soviets may make
in the coming year to break the spirit of Berlin or to
restrict the well-being of its people. We do know that the
forces - moral land physical - which now stand with this
city in the defense of its freedom are becoming more and
more powerful. The Western Allies are staying in Berlin
and the ties between the Federal Republic and this city will
not only be maintained but grow ever stronger. Sustained
economic aid to Beirlin from the Federal Republic during
the coming year now seems assured.
The year just passed has continued to accentuate the
world-wide pattern of Communist tactics. Today, the Ger-
mans are, not the only people to know the agonies of
abbreviated prisoner-of-war lists. Today, the United States
is also a victim of Communist brigandage and ransom.
Evelry day for the past 18 months American families have
received the news of a father, son or brother killed,
wounded or missing in action.
The American people are learning again the hard way.
For 30-odd years we refused to accept the hairld facts of
our own experience. We demobilized our forces imme-
,diiately after World War I, a conflict in which we finally
played a decisive role. We watched Hitler and the Jap-
anese warlords prepare their bid for world power and
we remained unarmed. Only at the last hour did we mar-
shal our enormous potential of manpower and material.
And again, after Hitler's defeat, we demobilized. Our
armies, in response to the demands of the people, disap-
peared like water on a hot stone.
The United States does not intend to let this happen
again. We are determined now to make a more timely
effort to stop aggression before it grows into war. For the
past year we have been engaged in a vast process of mili-
tary and industrial rearmament. Together with the nations
of the European and Atlantic Community, we are building
a solid, united defense so that neither the Soviet nor any
other would-be totalitarian aggressor will dare take a
chance of destroying the peace.
Our policy contains no elements of aggression and
under it none would be condoned. But let it be clear
that this time we refuse to be deterred by sham peace
propaganda. This sham propaganda has been spread
by the same men who, during the period of our de-
mobilization, not only maintained and expanded their
own armed forces, but also did not hesitate to use them
when they felt they could do so without serious challenge.
THE GRAND PROCESS of integration that is now going
on in the free world is the surest way to defend the
peace. The EuropeanArmy under the European Community,
the Schuman Plan, the North Atlantic Treaty Organi-
zation are by their community character non-aggresive
and at the same time are powerful guarantors of peace.
This great and strong Community of Free Nations, of
which the Federal Republic will be an equal partner, is
bound to forward the cause of German unification. The
European Army or the Atlantic Community will not bring
about unification by force. But events occur as much by
moral as by physical force. A Europe united in its own
defense against aggression, against any system that is
based on slave camps, secret police and thought control,
will extend its moral and political influence deep into
oppressed areas. This moral force will have a powerful
impact upon millions of people now living under Com-
munist oppression. It will set in motion an irresistible
demand for participation in a life of freedom which, partic-
ularly in the case of Germany, will not be stopped by an
artificial line drawn through the middle of the country.
No tyranny, however militarily powerful, can long with-
stand it. Unification of Germany in freedom, freedom for
the people of Western Europe are bound to be accelerated
as a result of this influence.
Already the progress in building the European-Atlantic
Community has had its effect on the problem of German
unification. A year ago, the Communists rejected out of
hand many Western proposals to bring about the reuni-
fication of Germany. Now they are making extensive
efforts to pose as champions of a united Germany - and
the only factor that has caused this retreat is the growing
determination and strength in the West.
We cannot guarantee freedom in 1952 to the East sector
of Berlin, to the Soviet Zone of Germany or to the people
of Eastern Europe. But of this we can be certain: if in the
coming year the people of the West continue to move in
the direction they are going, the cause of freedom for all
the peoples of Europe will be greatly advanced.
I wish you all a Happy New Year.
* * *
Mr. McCloy's Christmas Message
The following is the text of a Christmas message from
US High Commissioner John J. McCloy:
For the past six years, we Americans and our Allies in
Germany have been working together with the German
people to establish and safeguard here a way of life based
on the ideal of peace on earth, good will toward men.
A new relationship is now developing in which it is our
hope that this ideal will become a lasting reality. To those
Americans, civilian and military, who have taken part in
this effort, to our French and British colleagues and to the
German people, I want to extend my sincerest wishes for
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.    +END

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