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Information bulletin
(June 1951)

In and around Germany,   pp. 68-[69] PDF (1.3 MB)

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has been made by Howard P. Jones, acting director of
iIICOG Berlin Element and ECA representative in Berlin.
[lie warning followed increasing reports of smuggling
l)y West Berlin industry of basic raw materials and com-
modities which support the Communist war potential.
Mr. Jones pointed out that delivery from the West of
items that assist Communist areas to build war potential
or make available similar materials to Soviet satellites has
always been inconsistent with Western policy.
lThe ECA representative quoted from Section 117 (d)
oi the ECA Act under which aid is granted to Berlin:
'The ECA administrator is directed to refuse delivery
to participating countries of commodities which go into
the production of any commodity for delivery to any
ian-participating European country, which commodity
xould be refused licenses to those countries by the
)Ucited States in the interests of national security."
I I pointed out that a recent amendment to the ECA
Act provides for withholding aid to any country which
ti ,ides with Russia or any of its satellite countries, in-
iLuding Communist China and North Korea, when it is
deemed to be contrary to US security interests.
Mr. Jones added: "I have every confidence that both
the Berlin city administration and all reputable individu-
als and firms will cooperate in effecting the spirit of
these principles in carrying out trade with other areas
aiid in meticulously observing the laws and regulations
relating to control of foreign exchange and the movement
of property."
Building Exhibition to Open July 3
'The largest international building exhibition in Ger-
many since the war, to be held in Hanover July 3-Aug. 12,
will present a comprehensive picture of modern building
and planning, basic principles and methods of reconstruc-
tion, and building trade methods and products.
The exhibit, known as "Constructa," has been organized
hv a committee representing the building trades, building
research and architectural associations, women's organi-
zations and the German Fair and Exhibition Co.
Tite new ECA-supported pamphlet, "How to Eat Correctly,
Cheaply and Well" (held by instructor Ingrid Irmer) is
textbook for this cooking class of Berlin housewives at
lxieuzberg Neighborhood Center. Approximately 600,000
copies have been published and are being distributed by
the city's food and nutrition centers and social welfare
offices. It establishes a two week menu based on six
essential food groups, at cost per person per day of slightly
itto(re than DM 1 (25 cents).      (PRRB BE-HICOG-photol
Two members of the American women's panel which has
been touring Western Germany and Berlin, Mrs. Walter
Rose (left) of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and
Mrs. Marie C. Mengersen, Congress of Industrial Organi-
zations (CIO), talk over German factory and labor con-
ditions with a refugee laborer at a spinning mill in Reut-
lingen, near Stuttgart. The two are part of an 11 member
panel, representing the leading women's organizations in
America, which came to Germany at invitation of the
Department of State. A detailed account of the panel's
six-week survey will appear in the July issue of the
Information Bulletin.        PbhoLo by Jacoby, PRD HICOG)
Special displays will feature model farmhouses with
stables, barns and auxiliary buildings and farm worker's
cottages; 20 small houses suitable for additions; pre-
fabricated houses' and a model "neighborhood" settlement
on the outskirts of a town.
Women will be especially interested in a section show-
ing new types of houses, business women's apartments,
kitchens, laundries and general household equipment.
One of nine halls and part of the open air space will
be devoted to foreign countries and displaying achieve-
ments in solving problems connected with town and
country planning, housing and building techniques. The
American exhibit, sponsored by 'Economic Cooperation
Administration and the Department of State, will include
a 70-seat movie theater to present films provided by the
New York Museum of Modern Art and the Housing and
Home Finance Agency; a book mobile with typical US
Information Center libraries, and a unit kitchen.
In connection with the exhibit, several congresses will
be held, including those of the German organizations for
city, national and regional planning, July 6-7; for housing
affairs, July 9-10; architects, July 11-12; concrete in-
dustry, July 12; stone and earth industry, middle of July;
contractors, July 10-12, and engineers, July 30-Aug. 3.
More "People's Police" Flee to West
Another 127 East German "People's Police" ended their
military service under the Communists during April by
escaping to sanctuary in Werst Berlin. This is the highest
monthly total of such escapes on record and makes an
aggregate of 944 such desertions since June 1, 1950. + END
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