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Information bulletin
(June 1951)

Calendar of coming events,   pp. 63-64 PDF (1.4 MB)

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June 30-July 2- GeInhausen (Hes): County
athletic festival.
June 30-July 2 - Darmstadt (Hes): Outdoor
folk festival.
June 30-July 3 - Solingen (NRW): Outdoor
folk festival.
June 30-July 4 - Frankfurt (Hes): Federal
trade show; water, ship and port con-
June 30-July 7 - Essen-Steele (NRW): Mil-
lennial of Steele.
June 30-July 8- Bad Soden/Taunus (Hes):
250th anniversary of medicinal fountain.
June 30-July 8- Tailfingen (WB): "Manu-
facturing Swabia," special crafts show
"From Thread to Final Product.'
June 30-July 9 - Bergneustadt (NRW):
650th anniversary; industrial and trade
June 30-July 9 - Kaiserslautern (RP): 675th
June 30-July 10 - Borkum (North Sea Is-
land): Federal ping-pong tournament.
June 30-July 15- Augsburg (Bav): Aquar-
iumn and terrarium exhibition.
June 30-Aug. 15- Wunsiedel (Bav): Luisen-
burg, festival plays.
End of June-Reutlingen (WB):Association
of Wuerttemberg-Baden Barrel-Makers,
July 1- Stuttgart (WB): Concert, RIAS
Symphony Orchestra; FerencFricsay, con-
July 1 - Bruehl, near Bonn (NRW): Cham-
ber concert in Augustenburg Palace.
July 1 - Andernach/Rhine (RP): Baker's
boys' festival.
July 1 - Berlin-Ruhleben: German Harness
July 1   Berlin: International automobile
racing on Avus (Grand Prize of Berlin).
July 1-2 - Bonn (NRW): First university
summer course.
July 1-8 - Neustadt/Weinstrasse (RP): Folk
July 1-8 - Hildesheim (LS): Rose festival
July 1-15-Munich (Bav): Festival operetta
performances in Gaertner Theater.
July 1-31 - Munich (Bav): Festival opera
performances, Baviarian State Theater.
July 1-Sept. 16 - Coblenz (RP): '1,001
Nights," openair operetta performances
on Rhine.
July 2-4-Darmstadt (Hes): International
Twelve Tone Congress, during interna-
tional holiday course of modern music.
July 2-8-Biberach/Riss (WB): Biberach
outdoor folk, youth and native festivals.
July 3-Aug. 12 - Hanover (LS): "Con-
structa," international building exhibition.
July 4-5 -Heidelberg (WB): Openair play
in palace court.
July 5-Aug. 26 - Munich (Bav): Society for
Original Etchings, jubilee exhibition.
July 6-7 - Hanover (LS): German Academy
for City Construction and State Planning,
July 6-8 - Bad Godesberg (NRW): Riding,
jumping and driving tournament.
July 7-8 - Heidelberg (WB): Openair plays
in palace court.
July 7-8 - St. Goarshausen (RP): Lorelei
July 7-8 -Berlin and Essen (NRW): Row-
ing regattas.
July 7-9 - Mainz (RP): Association of Shoe-
makers; meeting and trade exposition.
July 7-9 -Frankfurt (Hes): Millennial of
Fishers' Guild, outdoor folk festival on
the Main.
July 7-9 - Geisenheim (RP): Linden Festival.
July 7-10 -Darmstadt (Hes): Music of the
young generation.
July 7-15 -Frankfurt (Hes): Southwest
German hunting exposition.
July 7-16 - Landstuhl/Palatinate, (RP): Mil-
July 7-21 - Hamburg: International Mis-
sions' meeting (first ecumenical meeting).
July 7-22 -Wuerzburg (Bav): Outdoor folk
July 7-22 -Aachen (NRW): Grand holy pil-
July 8 - Constance/Lake Constance (SB):
International rowing regatta.
July 8 - Oberwesel (RP): Millennial of
July 9-10-Hanover (LS): German Asso-
ciation for Housing, meeting.
July 10 -Heidelberg (WB): Openair play
in palace court.
July 10-14 - Lindau/Lake Constance (SB):
European meeting of Nobel Prize winners.
July 11-12-Hanover (LS): Union of Ger-
man Architects, convention.
July 11-15 -Berlin: German Evangelical
Church 1951 meeting.
July 12 -Hanover ILS): Concrete makers'
July 12- Heidelberg (WB): Openair play
in palace court.
July 12-25 - Hanover (LS): Holiday course
for foreign veterinary surgeons and
students of Veterinary College.
July 13-17-Krefeld (NRW): German Home-
stead Agency, convention.
July 13-17 - Herbede/Ruhr (NRW): 1,100th
July 13-18 - Dinkelsbiihl (Bav): Festival
play and pageant.
July 13-Oct. 7 - Munich (Bav): 1951 art ex-
hibition at Haus der Kunst.
July 14-15 - Heidelberg (WB): Openair
play in palace court.
July 14-15 - Rothenburg ob der Tauber
(Bav): Hans Sachs plays; also annual
"Master Draught" wine festival.
July 14-15 - Munich (Bav): International
motorcycle-racing on sand track.
July 14-15 - Hamburg: Rowing regatta.
July 14-15 - Krefeld (NRW): West German
light athletic championships.
July 14-15 - Berlin: Light Athletic champi-
July 14-16 -St. Goar (RP): Folk festival at
Rheinfels castle.
July 14-18 - M.Gladbach (NRW): Riding,
jumping and driving tournament.
July 14-22-Oberndorf/Neckar (WB): 700th
July 14-Aug. 12- Essen (NWR): Sporting
July 15 - Schotten (Hes): Motorcycle rac-
July 15-17 - Ravensburg (WB): Folk festi-
val and pageant.
July 15-22 - Duesseldorf (NRW): Outdoor
folk festival.
July 15-22 - Schleswig (SH): Sailing week.
July 16- Kiel (SH): Dog show; greyhound
July 17- Bruehl, near Bonn (NRW): Cham-
ber concert in Augustenburg Palace.
July 17 - Heidelberg (WB): Openair play
in palace court.
July 18-27 - Bad Boll (WB): First Euro-
pean Ecumenical laymen's meeting.
July 19 - Heidelbergr (WB): Openair play
in palace court.
July 19-21 - Baden-Baden (SB): Associa-
tion of Flower Importers and Wholesalers,
July 19-23 - Hanover (LS): Water sports
on Masch Lake.
July 20-21 - Munich (Bav): Bavarian sur-
geons' meeting.
July 20-Aug. 11- Kiel (SH): International
holiday courses at university.
July 21 -Cologne (NRW): West German
Pathologists, convention.
July 21-22 -Heidelberg (WB): Openair
plays in palace court.
July 21-22 -Oberwesel (RP): German light-
athletic youth championships.
July 21-22 - Mainz (RP): International
rowing regatta.
July 21-23 - Schwaebisch-Gmuend (WB):
600th anniversary, Parler Cathedral.
July 21-29 - Wiesbaden (Hes): Association
of German Amateur Photographers, expo-
July 21-Aug. 8 - Hanover (LS): Inteirna-
tional bicycle race for professionals,
start and winning post at Hanover.
July 22 -Heidelberg (WB): Openair per-
formance in palace court.
July22-Urach (WB): Histolrical shepherds'
run; costume show.
July 22 -Recklinghausen (NRW): German
motorcycle-and-sidecar championships.
July 22 Stuttgart (WB): International
athletic festival.
July 22-25-Heidelbergi (WB): Openair
plays in palace court.
July 22-29-Erbach (Hes): Eulbach Mart,
outdoor folk festival.
July 22-Aug. 26- Mittenwald (Bav): Expo-
sition of ancient and modern string in-
July 24-Augi. 3 - Hanover (LS): Lutheran
World Federation, convention.
July 25-Aug. 7- Aachen (NRW): Inter-
national holiday course at Technical Col-
July 26 - Aachen (NRW): International
missions' congress.
July 26-29-Munich (Bav): Germman lock-
smiths, meeting.
July 28-29 - Berlin: German bicycle cham-
pionships, on track.
July 28-29  Duesseldorf (NRW): German
light athletic championships.
July 28-31 - Heidelberg (WB): Openair
plays in place court.
July 28-31 - Wesel (NRW): Traditional
citizens' outdoor festival.
July 28-Aug. 3 - Mittenwald (Bav): Asso-
ciation of International and German Vi!o-
lin Makers, meeting.
July 28-Aug. 4-Constance/Lake Constance
(SB): International Esperanto week.
July 28-Aug. 5 - Coburg (Bav): Traditional
shooting and outdoor folk festival
July 28-Aug. 18- Erlangen (Bav): Erlangen
University's international students' tour
of North Bavaria.
July 29 - Adeniau/Eifel (RP): Auto racing;
grand prize for world championship.
July 29 - Frankfurt (Hes): German bicycle
July 29-Aug. 4 - Constance (SB): Inter-
national Lake Constance sailing-week.
July 29-Aug. 4- Dueren (NRW): 450th
anniversary of assignment of St. Ann's
relics from Mainz to Dueren.
July 29-Aug. 6 - Altoetting (Bav): 1,200th
anniversary of pilgrimage.
July 29-Aug. 11 - Goisl~ar (LS): Inteirnation-
al meeting of Luther Academy.
July 29-Aug. 12 - Bonn (NRW): Inter-
national holiday courses at university.
July 30-31-Hamburg: German 1951 sen-
io6rs' boxing championships.
July 30-Aug. 1 - Aachen (NRW): Technical
College, European rail vehicle meeting.
July 30-Aug. 3 - Hanover (LS): Union of
German Engineers (VDI), convention.
July 30-Aug. 3 - Marburg (Hes): German
Society for Psychology, congress.
July 30-Aug. 19 -Munich (Bav): Interna-
tional holiday courses at Munich College.
July 31 - Heidelberg (WB): Openair play
in palace court.              +END
JUNE 1951

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