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Information bulletin
(September 1950)

"Ein Glas Milch, bitte!",   pp. 30-32 PDF (2.1 MB)

Page 32

the farmer-producers, the dairy-processors, the retail con-
sumers and the trade unions, was elected to administer
the milk campaign on a statewide basis. This group has
direct liaison with state health, education and sanitation
agencies. Each county in Hesse has an exact replica of the
state council, with the same liaison on a county level.
The state committee co-ordinates the activities of the
41 county councils, passing along ideas, information and
suggestions, while the county groups send similar in-
formation to the state council. Individual county problems
are studied and compared, with a view to making solu-
tions applicable to other areas with like problems.
This state council, modeled on the National Dairy
Council of the United States, was in fact, aided in organi-
zation by its US counterpart, which sent literature and
suggestions to the Hessian Dairy Council. Both organiza-
tions exchange information, new ideas and comments
regularly, and many of the members of the Hessian
Council have termed the National Dairy Council,
"America's Finest Ambassador."
With the completion of the organization of the Hessian
Dairy Council and its local affiliates, Hesse witnessed
its first full-scale publicity and public relations campaign,
so good in tone and quality that it might have been
prepared by an American public relations expert, rather
than a group of sincerely interested Germans, unversed
in such procedures.
PRIMARY TARGET for interest-getting were the school
children, and primary target of gibes was the old,
open, often filthy, milk can. The school kids were told
about growth and nutritive values of milk. Their parents
were told that raising of Hessian agriculture meant
saving of scarce foreign-trade dollars. Missionaries went
out among the people preaching the doctrine of milk.
Posters and placards started reminding the citizens ot
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Mitch, bitte, Herr
Food and Agriculture officials of the
Office of the State Commissioner for
Hesse are credited with having inspired
the drink-more-milk campaign which
not only is building healthier, happier
children in that area of the Federal
Republic but has spurred German offi-
cials in other states to improve milk
production and handling methods - in
short, to adopt the doctrine of milk.
Economic benefits include more need-
ed new jobs, decreased food imports.

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