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Information bulletin
No. 145 (October 5, 1948)

Occupational activities,   pp. 22-24 PDF (1.9 MB)

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Art Collecting Point in Munich was
transferred by Military Government
to the Bavarian government. The point
contains more than 14,000 paintings
and also the famous collection of
antique Greek statuary of the Munich
Help for Berlin-Flying facilities
were provided by British Military
Government to help sick Berliners and
undernourished children to travel to
western Germany for hospitalization
and recuperation . . . . A doctor's
certificate of absence of infection is
required by the British Travel Bureau
of all Berliners applying for special
air passage to western Germany....
Nearly 1,400 pounds of foodstuffs
were donated by the Latvian Kon-
stantine DP camp at Fulda, Hesse,
from one day's rations to help Berlin's
Help for England-539 volunteer
students from the western areas of
Germany were taken to the United
Kingdom to spend two months in
agricultural camps in England. helping
with the harvest. All will receive a
standard wage.... Up to 200 German
woman in the British Sector of Berlin
may volunteer for domestic employ-
ment in hospitals, hotels,- farm house-
holds and the textile industry in
Great Britain.
Exhibitions and Fairs-Examples of
the newspapers of all four zones
were included in the Press Exhibition
organized by the Northwest German
Newspaper Publishers Association and
presented last month in Hanover ...
An import show has been opened in
the Haus der Kunst (House of Art) in
Munich to compliment the Bavarian
export show.... An exhibition of min-
ing equipment will be presented from
Oct. 19. to Nov. 2 in Essen... Export
contracts  totaling  approximately
$3,470,000 were signed by bizonal
exhibitors at the St. Erik's Fair in
Stockholm.... An Information booth
was maintained at the recent Trade
Fair in Utrecht, Holland, by the
German Economic Administration
and JEIA for representatives of six
major cities in the Bizonal Area.
US Army Activities-Officers of the
infantry, field artillery, coast artillery
and cavalry of the US Regular Army
are to be selected to take graduate
courses in physical and social sciences
in universities in the United States ...
Five members of the Woman's Army
Corps in the European Command were
selected to attend the first class of
the new WAC Officer Candidate
School at Camp Lee, Va .... American
army- officers who possess special
qualifications fitting them for assign-
ment to US military mission posts
are advised to make application to
the AG Military Personnel Branch, Hq
EUCOM, before Nov. 15 .... Members
of the US Army who are returning
for discharge In distant US territories
or possessions are permitted to report
to Bremerhaven 60 days ahead of
their separation date.
Licensed Press--A second news-
paper, the Augsburger Tagespost, was
licensed in Augsburg, Bavaria ....
Publication in Stuttgart of the English-
language American Daily Times is
being planned by its publisher, Hilton
Greene, with an initial circulation of
50,000 copies .... The newly licensed
Communist paper Neue Volkszeltung
In North Rhine-Westphalia replaced
the British MG-suspended Westdeut-
sches Volksecho. Its first edition of
150,000 copies was published in Dort-
mund .... The Sept. 4 issue of the
Hamburger Volkszeltung was banned
from publication because it contained
a quotation which the British author-
ities said the paper must have known
to be untrue. This was the first issue
of the Volkszeltung to be banned
since pre-publication censorship was
ordered Aug. 21.
Management-Labor-Equal partici-
pation by employer and trade union
representatives was voted by the
Bizonal Economic Council in approving
the final reading of the proposed
ordinance concerning the establish-
ment of functional economic agencies.
The adoption of this SPD motion
ended a heated debate on the proposal
to provide that such agencies should
be functional in nature, with tempor-
arily-delegated powers in certain
fields, such as the allocation of scarce
Entertainment-A concert tour by
the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is
being arranged this month in England.
The orchestra reopened its season in
September under the direction of
Sergiu Celibidache ... The Saddler's
Wells Ballet, England formost ballet
company, is to give performances in
Duesseldorf and Hamburg during Oc.
Economic Items-Food imports dur.
ing August for feeding the German
population in the Bizonal Area and in
the British and US Sectors of Berlin
set a new record of 913,457 metric
tons, approximately 200,000 tons more
than the previous record set in June
... The first export transaction finan-
ced by ERP funds provided for
$635,000 worth of fish net yarn from
the Bavarian Hemp Works of Fuessen
for the Fishing Management of Norway
... The first fully fashioned stocking
machines made in the Bizonal Area
are being produced at the Boeringer
firm in Goeppingen, Wuerttemberg-
Baden. Formerly these machines were
manufactured only in Saxony, Soviet
Zone ... The number of ration points
required for purchasing numerous items
of clothing and textiles and certain
articles of US Army surplus stocks
has been reduced 20 to 75 percent.
The largest reduction was for rem-
nants and faulty pieces.
Actions against Publisher-The li-
cense of Dr. Rudolf Agricola, last Com-
munist newspaper publisher in the
US Zone, was rescinded by Military
Government because of prolonged
neglect of his duties as co-publisher
of the Rhein Neckar Zeitung in Heidel-
berg. He has been serving as a pro-
fessor at Halle University in the So-
viet Zone since last fall and has been
in Heidelberg only four known times
in that period .. $, Two Communist
editors, Kurt Weber of the Baden
Communist information paper Badi-
sches Volksecho, and Hans van Dydc
of the Wuerttemberg Communist bulle-
tin Die Volksstln'me, were ordered
arrested by OMG Wuerttemberg-Baden
and held for trial before an MG inter-
mediate court at Ludwigsburg on charg-
es of having unjustifiably attacked
American occupation authorities, Al-
lied forces and the United Nations
They were released after a hearing
on DM 350 bail each.
Abandoned Munitions Rounded Up-
Almost 6,000 pieces of explosives were
found and removed by Hessian bomb
disposal squads during August.

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