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Information bulletin
No. 145 (October 5, 1948)

Occupational activities,   pp. 22-24 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 22

Pre-Cooked Food-Preparation for
supplying Berlin with pre-cooked
food, to save vital fuel in the blockaded
city, is being made in accordance
with an extensive study of the possi-
bilities by Mr. Mathew H. Highlands
of the University of Maine Experi-
mental Station. The survey of existing
dehydration facilities in the northern
states of the Bizonal Area has been
completed. Plant capacity to produce
dried strip potatoes is considered
sufficient to meet the 180-ton daily
requirements of this food for Berlin.
Details involving prices, prior con-
tracts, size and types of packages are
being worked out.
Prussian  Crown   Returned-The
Prussian crown and 14 snuff boxes,
recovered from a hiding place in a
North Rhine-Westphalia church, were
turned over by CCG(BE) property
control officials to Count von Harden-
berg, representing Prince Oskar in
behalf of the House of Hohenzollern.
The valuable items were unearthed
Jan. 5, 1946, under a staircase below
the vestry of the Kleinen Bremen
church near Minden. The snuff boxes
had, belonged in Frederick the Great.
Prince Oskar claimed the crown was
that of the kings of Prussia and had
been retained by the Hohenzollern
Hessian Glass Industry-The world-
famous Sudeten German glass Indus-
try, uprooted through the expulsion
from Czechoslovakia of its artisan
workmen after the war, is being rebuilt
anew In Hesse. Sudeten experts com-
prise 95 percent of the state's glass-
worker population, creating one of
Hesse's most important businesses. A
professional training school will be
opened at Bad Homburg in mid-Octo-
ber under the direction of Prof. Max
Tischer, noted glass authority and
vocational teacher, himself a Sudeten
GI Study In Germany-The GI Bill
of Rights for veterans of the US armed
forces has been extended to provide
attendance at approved German uni-
versities in the US Zone. These uni-
versities are at Marburg, Frankfurt,
Wuerzburg, Erlangen and Heidelberg;
the technical universities at Darmstadt,
Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, and the Stutt-
gart Academy of Music.
International Sports-Two all-star
European football teams will play
German teams in Karlsruhe and Stutt-
gart on Oct. 10 in the first major
international sports events to be held
in Germany since the war. Upon invi-
tation by the OMGWB Youth and
Sports Activities Section, an all-star
team from Zurich will meet Stuttgart's
best players, while a similar team
from Basel will meet Karlsruhe's best.
Return matches in Switzerland are
slated for sometime before January.
Proceeds from the two matches will
be donated to the Ruit Youth and
Sports Leadership School and will form
the foundation of a long-range endow-
ment fund.
French-Youth  Train-A   French-
sponsored "Youth Train," containing
exhibits designed to promote better
understanding among the youth of
European nations, is touring the US
Zone this month. The train of about
15 cars is to visit Stuttgart, Augsburg,
Munich,   Regensburg,  Nuremberg,
Wuerzburg, Heidelberg and Fn
stopping two or three days
place. Exhibits illustrate the
tunities offered to French
covering the fields of agri
electric power, industry, transpi
and reconstruction. One car c
a small movie theater, in which
of France are shown. French
are in charge of the exhibits.
Political Information-Foui
phlets were issued early in Sel
in editions ranging from 30
100,000 copies under an MG I
for providing political informi
the German people. "Der Fall
kina" (The Kosenkina Case) I
the text of a radio dramatize
RIAS, US-controlled radio ste
Berlin, and news pictures
desperate  escape of the
school teacher from the Sovi
sulate in New York. "Anima'
contained a satire by George
on life under an authoritarian
"Sowjet-Mythos und Wirk]
(Soviet Myth and Reality) ci
of excerpts from "The Yogi
Commissar" by Arthur Koestl
wahTe Weltbuehne" (The Rea
Stage) exposed the Commun
paganda organ "Die Weltt
which exploited the name of
Carl von Ossietzky, German
leader and 1936 winner of thi
Peace Prize. "The Real World
through excerpts from Ossietzk
Communist writings in the
original "Die Weltbuehne" w
edited,  revealed  the  di
attempted upon the German
by the present-day purvey
totalitarian ideology.
JEIA   Transactions-More
2,800,000,000 cubic feet of fue
year will be sold by two Rud
to the- Netherlands under a le
contract... Three Hamburg fi
to produce $388,000 worth of
The section on Occupational
Activities is compiled from the
Semimonthly Report- of Military
Government 98, official announce-
ments by MG and affiliated
organizations, and public infor-
mation offices throughout the
US Zone, to give a summary of
developments throughout the
occupied area of Germany.

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