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Information bulletin
No. 145 (October 5, 1948)

Woodhouse, Chaseng
Today's women of Germany,   pp. [2]-5 PDF (3.1 MB)

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In industry, as well as on the farm and in the home, women play a big economic
role in Germany.
(US Army Signal Corps)
r F
i Woodhouse
' Affairs, OMGUS
WIds, in the rubble, in the factories,
is the women who are and who will
Mar the major part in the reconstruct-
a of Germany. The widow re-
tonsible for the support of her
tWdren is a very typical individual.
t is not oniy a question of numbers.
Ycologically,  women  are  better
Meffited  to  reconstruction  on  a
0ocratic basis than are the men.
key have no "face to save." Since
03 they have had no status. In fact,
air post World War I spurt to a
Bter Position flickered out by 1928.
try were not part of policymaking
ld Germany. They have everything
tfai, nothing to lose in a democratic
1 1lization  which  sweeps away
rstifling traditions.
Erc example, it was my -impression
t village women were more friendly
.and consolidation than were their
ds. This was corroborated by
of Military Government who
i In that field. The practical con-
%tation of walking so far and in so
5, 1948
many different directions to till the
fields quite overcame the attachment
for "my father's land" held by the
FORTUNATELY, German women have
F   organizations which make it pos-
sible to reach them. There are no
parallel organizations among the men.
These organizations are of three main
types: confessional; political; and non-
confessional, non-political independent.
There are also women's groups con-
nected with the trade unions and with
the cooperatives, a few non-con-
fessional welfare organizations and a
few professional organizations.
Before 1933, German women's organi-
zations were growing in influence. A
number had international connections
and a few were closely connected
An edlerlv women costs her vote in the municipal elections at Munich.

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