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Information bulletin
No. 133 (April 20, 1948)

Editorial opinion in German press,   pp. 9-13 PDF (2.9 MB)

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ing of the word nor yet an irrespon-
sible desire for it . . . No future
attempt for making democrats out of
the Germans should base itself on the
doubtful hypothesis that they want
democracy at any price . . . More im-
portant is the problem how the love
of liberty of the Germans could be
strengthened . .. We need aside from
material assistance a little bit of con-
*And on account of this, General
Clay's words have a significence
which has been overlooked: it is an
expression of such confidence. And it
is up to the Germans to show our-
selves worthy of this confidence-in
spite of all doubts."
US and Palestine
Sueddeutsche Zeltung (Munich) said
that the United States reserved its
attitude towards Palestine due to the
disagreeable prospect of seeing Rus-
sian troops south of the Dardanelles
and of seeing the Arabian oil district
turned into a field of battle . . .-
"It is important for the United
States to retain the Arabs as friends
in the anti-Communist front-sad as
this is for the Jews . . . Most im-
portant is the fact that the United
States is today rejecting compromises
which . . . it not so long ago was
glad to wrest from the Soviet Union,
regarding them as political gains. It
is obvious that since Prague the time
for compromise is past."
Return of Trieste
Muenchener Merkur welcomed
Western initiative proposing the re-
turn of Trieste to Italy "as the first
and welcome step on the road towards
a revision of the peace treaty . . .
A revision of the faulty and econom-
ically unsupportable regulations has
been foreseen from the beginning.
With the return of Trieste to Italy,
a development has been started that
will not be limited to Italy alone ...
It is quite possible that also other
treaties will be reviewed . . .'
Press Objectivity
Ludwig Lewy, editor of the Giesse-
ner Freie Presse, commented on the
statement by a Hesse SPD functionary
Mrs. Frank Devereux (left) and Mrs. Johnston Avery, both of the Ameri-
can Women's Club of Berlin, fit clothing on German children. The clothes
were donated by a large US mail order house.       (Signal Corps)
who declared he had "lost confidence
in the objectivity of the press" be-
cause he found that press reports on
a local SPD meeting (from which the
press was excluded) had been in-
Lewy declared that this is by no
means a solitary instance, but "that the
parties have found our non-partisan
objectivity unwanted and also un-
desirable, because . . . (we won't hide)
disreputable situations that (a party
press) would silently tolerate for the
sake of political expediency."
Offenbach Post said in an article
on the numerous attacks on the
licensed press in Hesse:
"Recently We carried excerpts of
US press comment. In one of them
the Chicago Tribune said of President
Truman that he is the most ridiculous,
most incompetent President the United
States ever had. Mr. Truman would
never dream of suing the paper; but
if we-with the most friendly in-
tentions-tell about the mayor of a
little neigboring town who has so
much to do that he sometimes does
not find time to shave, we get a
detailed, circumstantial letter, two
pages long, and a threat of a com-
plaint to be lodged with 'higher
Yet, many a good burgher of the
said little town will have stroked his
prickly chin with satisfaction; he feels
he has something in common with his
mayor. Apparently we have lost our
sense of humor-or didn't we ever
have one?"
Bizonal Wares in Milan
One hundred firms of the British
and American Zones will exhibit their
products at the international fair at
Milan, Italy, from April 29 to May 16,
according to theHessian foreign trade
The firms have been selected from
a list submitted to the Joint Export-
Import Agency by the Bizonal
Economic Department, and comprise,
for the greater part, steel product,
chemical, and optical industry firms,
Export contracts may be concluded
directly, subject to JEIA approval.
Another announcement said firms of
the bizonal area will participate in
the international fair at Stockholm,
Sweden, in late August.
- ICD News of Germany
APRIL 20, 1948                                                         1i

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