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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

Key list of MG personnel,   pp. 25-[32] PDF (4.8 MB)

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political Directorate
Mr. Warren Chase.
Secretariat: Mr. R. M. Berry.
Information Committee: Col. G. E. Textor.
Directorate of Prisoners of War and
Displaced Persons
Li. Col. H. S. Messec.
Secretariat: Mr. E. L. Glazier.
Central Tracing Policy Board: Lt. Col. J. P.
Combined Repatriation Executive: Major J. F.
Transport Directorate
Col. H. W. Holmer.
Secretariat: Major R. M. Milan.
Railways Committee: Mr. E. V. Breitenbach.
Tariff Subcommittee: Mr. B. F. Dickson.
Mechanics Subcommittee: Mr. B. F. Dickson.
Highways Committee,: Mr. C. E. Calvert.
Coastal Shipping and Ports Committee: Mr.
J. C. Meadows (Mr. E. E. Krauss).
Inland Waterways Committee: Mr. J. C. Mea-
dows (Mr. E. E. Krauss).
Movements Working Party Committee: Mr. J.
C. Cook, Jr.
Reparations, Deliveries and Restitu-
tion Directorate
Col. J. H. Allen (Restitution): Mr. 0. R. Mc
Junkins (Reparations).
Secretariat: Mrs. D. DeKeyserlingk.
Restitution Procedures Committee: Mr. F. G.
Reparations, Procedure and Valuations Com-
mittee: Mr D. D. Lee.
Reciprocal Deliveries Committee: Mr. D. D. Lee,
Permanent reparations secretariat: Miss C.
Finance Directorate
Mr. T. H. Ball.
Secretariat: Miss G. A. L. Beck.
Banking Committee: Mr. R. P. Aikin.
Committee for Balancing of Foreign accounts:
Mr. H. C. Conrad.
Taxation Committee: Mr. M. A. Monk.
Price Police Committee: Mr. M. Gottlieb.
Insurance Committee: Mr. W. B. Newbold.
Committee for Financing reparations costs:
Mr. H. C. Conrad.
Committee on Financing Occupations Costs:
Mr. M. Gottlieb.
Public Finance Committee: Mr. R. P. March.
Property Control Committee: Mr. E. N. Reinsel.
Currency Printing Committee: Mr. K. V. Hagen.
Financial Regulations Committee: M. E. Tenen-
Economic Directorate
Mr. L. Wilkinson; Mr. D. Humphrey, Mr.
J. French.
Secretariat: Mr. A. Steele.
Decartelization Working party: Mr. C. R.
Permanent Reparations Secretariat: Mr. W. J.
Industry Committee: Mr. H. L. Berno.
Chemical Subcommittee: Mr. T. A. Rude.
Building Industries Subcommittee: Mr. R. L.
Machinery and Optics Subcommittee: Mr. R. E.
Metals Subcommittee: Mr. J. M. Kelley.
Textiles and Consumer Goods Subcommittee:
Major Chapinlin.
Fuel Committee: Mr. M. H. Forester.
Gas and Electric Subcommittee: Mr. W. Kelly.
Oil Subcommittee: (Vacant).
Coal Subcommittee: (Vacant).
Technical staff, CFUL: Dr. R. G. Wayland.
Food and Agriculture Committee: Dr. C. H.
MARCH 23, 1948
Forestry Subcommittee: Mr. J. Kircher.
Veterinary Subcommittee: Lt. Col. F. A. Todd.
Research and Education Subcommittee: Dr. C.
A. Hammar.
Committee for Liquidation of German War
Potential: Mr. 0. R. McJunkins; Mr. F. G.
Trade and Commerce Committee: Mr. F. Phenix.
Export-Import Subcommittee: Mr. D. F. Martin.
Interzonal Trade Subcommittee: Mr. D. F.
Rationing Subcommittee: Mr. D. F. Maxrtin.
Price Control Committee: Mr. F. T. Ostrander.
I. G. Farben Control Committee (Frankfurt):
Mr. R. Bronson.
Central German Administrative Departments
(economic) Committee: (Vacant).
Internal Affairs and Communications
Mr. George B. McKibbin; Col. Emil Lenzner;
Dr. E. H. Litchfield.
Secretariat: Mr. J. Sexton.
Civil Administration Committee: Mr. E. C.
Civil Service Working Party: Mr. E. C.
Census Registration Working Party: Mr. K. A.
Intelligence Committee: Col. Peter B. Rodes.
Counter-intelligence Working Party: Mr. L. A.
Censorship Subcommittee: Mr. L. A. Campbell.
Public Safety Committee: Mr. T. E. Hall.
Nazi Arrest and Denazification Subcommittee:
Mr. T. E. Hall.
Allied  E ucation  Committee:   Dr. R. T.
Working Party on Principles for Teacher
Training for Higher Institutions: Dr. F.
Working Party on Establishment of Uniform
Curricula and Programs for Elementary
and Secondary Schools in Germany: Dr.
M. English.
Allied Welfare Committee: Mrs. M. B. Smith.
Allied Health Committee: Col. H. T. Marshall.
Narcotics Working Party: Mr. C. Dyar.
Allied Communications and Posts Committee:
Mr. E. H. Merrill.
Communications Subcommittee: Lt. Col. A.
S. Hoke.
Lines Working Party: Mr. M. L. Knapke.
Radio Working Party: Mr. E. T. Martin.
Postal Subcommittee: Mr. G. C. Scheppler.
Stamps Working Party: Mr. G. C. Scheppler.
Organization and Finance Subcommittee: Mr.
T. E. Nelson.
Accounting Working Party: Mr. P. R.
Allied Religious Affairs Committee: Mr. C.
A. Olsen.
German External Property Commission
Mr. E. J. Cassoday.
Secretariat: Miss L. Ragghianti.
Combined Services Directorate
Maj. Gen. W. E. Hall.
Secretariat: Mr. G. B. Robbins.
Naval committee: Capt. J. S. Crenshaw.
German hydrographic institute: Capt. J. S.
Air committee: Col Glynne M. Jones.
Military committee: Col. T. B. Whitted.
Meteorological committee: Mr. C. F. van
Berlin Kommandatura
Col. F. L. Howley; Mr. W. T. Babcock.
Chief of Staff: Col. P. C. Bulierd.
Building and Housing: Mr. A. B. Fuller.
Cultural Affairs: Mr. M. Josselson.
Economics: Mr. D. H. Hair.
Education and Religious Affairs: Mr. J. R.
Electricity subcommittee: Mr. E. - C.
Finance: Mr. J. F. Kilduff.
Food: Mr. L. J. Steck.
Fuel Supply: Mr. E. W. Kunkel.
Labor: Mr. G. N. McClusky.
Legal: Mr. W. F. Pate.
Legal subcommittee: Mr. F. A. Tappan, Jr.
Local Government: Mr. W. F. Hetimlich.
Monuments and Fdne Arts: Mr. C. Legge.
Personnel and Denazification: Mr. U. R. Gress.
Property Control: Mr. J. H. Nobles, Jr.
Public Health: Lt. Col. A. J. Rapalski.
Public Safety: Mr. R. Ashworth.
P.T.T.: Mr. G. R. Ballard.
Public Utilities: Mr. E. C. Rohrbaugh.
Transportation: Mr. C. A. Dix.
Welfare and Refugees: Mr. W. Frolistad.
Allied Powers
The grade, official position and address
of ranking personnel of the other Occu-
pying Powers in Germany were given on
Staff Memorandum No. 7, OMGUS, of
Jan. 30. Liaison assistance with these
should be made through the Chief, Liaison
and   Protocol Section, Room   140, ACA
Building, Tel: 3316, or the Quadripartite
Liaison Officer, OMGUS, Liaison and Pro-
tocol Section, Room 2094, Directors Build-
ing, Tel.: 42 102 (all In Berlin). The rank-
ing personnel were listed as follows:
General of Army Pierre Koenig, Commander-
in-Chief for Germany, Baden-Baden (French
Ambassador E. Tarbe de St. Hardouin, politi-
cal adviser to the French commander-in-
chief for Germany, Berlin-Heiligensee.
General of Division Roger Noiret, chief of the
French Group, Control Council, Berlin-Heili-
Brig. Gen. Charles Bapst, deputy chief of the
French Group, Control Council, Berlin-Heili-
Brig. Gen. Jean Ganeval, commanding general,
French Military Government of Berlin, Ber-
United Kingdom
General Sir Brian   H. Robertson, military
governor and commander-4n-chief, Control
Commission for Germany (BE), Berlin, BAOR.
Mr. C. E. Steel, political adviser to the com-
mander-in-chief and president of the Govern-
mental Subcommission, CCG (BE), Berlin,
Maj. Gen. N. C. D. Brownjohn, chief of staff
and  deputy military governo r, CCG(BE),
Berlin, BAOR.
Maj. Gen. V. J. E. Westropp, deputy chief of
staff, CCG(BE), Berlin, BAOR.
Maj. Gen. E. 0. Herbert, general officer com-
manding British troops, Berlin, Berlin, BAOR.
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Marshall of the Soviet Union V. D. Soko-
lovsky, command-in-chief of the Soviet Mil-
itary Administration in Germany, Berlin-
Envoy Extraordinary 2nd Class V. S. Seme-
nov, political adviser to the commander-in-
chief of the SMA in Germany, Berlin-Karls-
Lt. Gen. M. I. Dratvin, deputy commandiner-
in-chief of the SMA in Germany, Berlin-
Lt. Gen. G. S. Lukyanchenko, chief of staff,
SMA in Germany, Berlin-Karlshorst.
Maj. Gen. A. G. Kotikov, commander of the
garrison and commandant of Berlin, Soviet
Sector, Allied Kommandatura, Berlin-Dahlem.

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