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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

Key list of MG personnel,   pp. 25-[32] PDF (4.8 MB)

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US' Deputy Secretary: Major G. L. C. Scott,
Assistant US Secretary: 'Mr. Thorley C. Mills,
Bipartite Control Office
(US Element)
(Frankfurt, APO 757)
US Chairman: Mr. Clarence L. Adcock, 22706.
Deputy Chairman: Mr. Robert K. Phelps, 21385.
Economic Adviser: Mr. Frank C. Wright, 21720.
Legal Adviser: Mr. Richard D. Kearney.
Legal Adviser: Mr. Joachim von Elbe.
Governmental Affairs Adviser: Mr. Kenneth
Dayton, 21652.
Executive Officer: Mr. William M. Kane, 21063.
Chief, US Secretariat: Mr. Ernest Linde, 22796.
Deputy Chief: Mr. Robert Wallach, 21077.
Public Information Officer:  Mr. Stephen L.
Freeland, 22329.
Control & Fiscal Officer: Mr. Edward L. Mac-
Donald. 21122.
Adjutant General:   Lt. Col. George M. Weir,
Assistant Adjutant General: Major Frank B.
Golembieski, 21874.
Commerce and Industry Group
Chief (US): Mr. Leland E. Spencer, 21510.
Finance Group
Deputy Chief (US): Lt. Col. 'Emery D. Stoker,
Food and Agriculture Group
Chief (US): Mr. Stanley Andrews, 22379.
Transport Group
Deputy Chief (US): Col. A. H. Schroeder, 21581.
Communications Group
Deputy Chief (US): Mr. C. P. Rapp, 21703.
Civil Service Group
Chief (US): Mr. Richard C. Simonson, 21374.
Joint Export-Import Agency
(Hoechst, APO 757)
Director General (US): Mr. William John Logan.
Acting Chief Accountant (US): Mr. Moore C.
Joint Foreign Exchange Agency
(Frankfurt, APO 757)
US Member: Mr. Jo P. Freeman.
US-UK Coal Control Group
(US Element)
(Essen, British Zone)
US Chairman: Mr. Robert R. Estill, Villa Hilgel,
Essen, ex. 76.
Production Chief: Mr. A. F. Marshall, ex. 103.
Mining Supply Chief: Mr. J. P. Tipper, ex. 85.
Deputy Distribution Member: Mr. Don E. Wil-
son, ex. 18.
Planning Engineer, Mr. W. E. Pourqurean, ex.
Regional Government
Coordinating Office
Stuttgart, APO 154)
Director: Col. Charles D. Winning, 93551.
Executive Officer: Mr. Waldmar Diet, 93002.
Senior Adviser: Mr. Anton Pabsch, 93071.
Adviser: Economic Brandh: Mr. Carl R. Mabder,
Adviser, Labor and Welfare Branch: Mr. Heinz
Guradze, 93001.
Adviser, Legislative Review:' De'wilda Nara-
more, 93008.
Chief, Reports and Information Branch: Miss
Mary Louise Acton, 93016.
Deputy: Miss Myrtle Todd Moseley, 93810.
Chief:  Administrative Branch:  Mr. George
Nebgen, 93003.
Chief, Public Information Branch: Mr. James
G. Lyons, 93805.
OMG for Bavaria
(Munich, APO 407)
Land Director: Mr. Murray D. Van Wagoner,
Special Assistant: Mr. Edward F. Kennedy, 208.
Headquarters Commandant: Lt. Col. John A.
McEvoy, 340.
Deputy Director: Mr. Clarence M. Bolds, 207.-
Executive Officer: Lt. Col. Robert M. Connolly,
Commanding Officer, 3rd MG Regt.: Col. Ernest
F. Boruski, 376.
Chief, Inspections Section: Col. Thomas H.
Young, 212.
Personnel & Administration Division
Director: Col. Fred A. Meyer, 567.
Chief, Administration Branch: Lt. Col. V. J.
Blondell, 568.
Chief, Civilian Personnel Branch: Mr. Schi-
bert E. Smith, 604.
Chief, Military Personnel Branch: Capt. John
J. Kinsella, 583.
Chief, Plan & Operations Branch: Major Thomas
W. Rolfe, 601.
Civil Administration Division
D.rector: Mr. Albert C. Schweizer, 223.
Chief, Executive Branch: Major James H.
McCord, 234.
Chief, Governmental Structures Branch: Mr.
'Jack P. Bradford, 224.
Chief, Political Activities Branch: Lt. Col. Paul
Burns, 219.
Chief, Administrative Agencies Branch: Mr.
Charles P. Carroll, 227.
Acting Chief, Legislation Branch: Mr. Jack P.
Bradford, 224
Chief, Field Operations and Policy Enforce-
ment Branch: Lt. Col. James H. Cavins. 229.
Economics Division
Director: Mr. Harold A. Taylor, 235.
Chief, Food & Agriculture Branch: Mr. George
R. Quarles, 250.
Chief, Industry Branch: Lt. Col. Janres F. Mac
Caslin, 260.
Chief, Restitution Branch: Mr. Otto P. Yanish,
Chief, Trade & Commerce Branch: Mr. Paul S.
Nevin, 295.
Finance Division
Director: Mr. Russell R. Lord, 312.
Chief, Finance Branch: Mr. Kurt Fredericks,
Chief, Investigation and Enforcement Branch:
Mr. John R. McCarthy, 323.
Chief, Property Control Branch:  Mr. J. H.
Lennon, 313.
Information Control Division
Director: Mr. James A. Clark, 400.
Chief, Film, Theater and Music Branch: Lt. Col.
William C. Rogers, 3210.
Chief, Press Control Branch: Mr. Ernest Langen-
dorf, 4413.
Chief, Publications Control Branch: Mr. Harry
Siemer, 4412.
Chief: Publishing Operations Branch: Mr. Jack
M. Fleisher, 2320.
Chief,  Radio Control Branch:    Mr. Edward
Schechter, 2510.
Intelligence Division
D rector: Mr. Robert C. Martindale, 407.
Acting Chief, Analysis Branch: Mr. Charles B.
Blackman, 423.
Chief, Reports Control Branch: Mr. Donald T.
Shea, 417.
Acting Chief, Research Branch: Mr. Donald 'T.
Shea, 417.
Internal Affairs Division
Director: Mr. A. D. Sims, 450.
Acting Chief: Educations and Religious Affairs
Branch: Mr. Martin Mayes, 461.
Chief, Public Health Branch: Dr. E. Ross Jen-
ney, 470.
Acting Chief, Public Safety Branch: Capt. W.
R. Rohan, 476.
Chief, Public Welfare Branch: Mr. Louis M.
Miniclier, 492.
Chief, Denazification Branch: Mr. W. E. Griffith,
Legal Division
D:rector: Mr. J. A. A. Sedillo, 530.
Acting Chief, German Courts Branch: Mr. Leg
M. Goodman, 546.
Chief, Legislative Branch: Mr. Bertrand C.
Oberry, 536.
Acting Chief, MG Courts Branch: Mr. Worth
B. McCauley, 535.
Chief, Prisons Branch: Mr. John J. Raymond,
Chief, Legal Advice Branch: Mr. Leonard J.
ganse, 534.
Manpower Division
Director, Mr. Frant4 G. Lornaux, 554.
Chief, Field Operations Branch: Mr. Herbert
W. Baker, 553.
Acting Chief, Labor Relations and Standards
Branch: MT. Abe Kramer, 556.
Chiei, Manpower Allocations Branch: Mr. Ab
Kramer, 557.
Chief, Social Insurance and Housing Bran(
Dr. Augustus B. Hill, 558.
Public Information Branch
Acting Chief: Mr. H. R. Mahoney, 615.
Transportation Branch
Chief: Col. John R. Knittel, 640.
OMG for Hesse
(Wiesbaden, APO 633)
Telephone numbers 8341-49
Director: Dr. James R. Newman, Ex. 382-8424.
Deputy Director:   Mr. Francis E. Sheehan,
Ex. 283-8436.
Executive Officer: Mr. Ernest K. Neumann,
Ex. 216.
Asst. Executive, R. W. Bruce, Ex. 216/8463.
Adjutant: 1st Lt. Robert D. Thayer, Ex, 470.
Director, A dministrative Services: Frederick
C. Winkler, Ex. 460.
Acting  Director: Mr. James    R. Haarsta4.
Ex. 480.
Historical and Field Report Division
Acting Director: Mr. Cliff Burke, Ex. 409.
Deputy: Mr. Robert A. Irving, Ex. 247.
Public Information Division
Director: Mr. Hillard A. Rhoades, Ex. 380.
Deputy: Mr. William D. Stewart, Ex. 381.
MARCH 23, 1948

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