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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

Key list of MG personnel,   pp. 25-[32] PDF (4.8 MB)

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Intelligence Analyst (Economical): Mr. An-
thony Geber, 45327.
Intelligence Analyst (Sociological): Mr. Ed-
ward J. Arndt, 43905.
Intelligence Analyst (Security): Mr. Orr,
Office of the Director of Political
Director: Mr. James W. Riddleberger, 42129.
Acting Executive Officer: Mr. William Bruce
Locking, 42701.
Personnel Officer: Miss Lucy A. Shults, 43034.
Special Disbursing Agent: Mr. Charles M.
Rice, Jr., 42854.
Military Liaison Officer: 1st Lt. Leon J. Barat,
Chief: Political Branch: Mr. Warren M. Chase,
Chief, Section I: Mr. Brewster H. Morris, 42104.
Chief, Section II: Mr. Perry Laukhuff, 44092.
Chief, Economic Branch: Mr. James W. Gan-
tenbein, 43182.
Assistant Chief: Mr. Roy I. Kimmel, 43183.
Assistant Chief: Mr. J. Kittredge Vinson,
Civil Air Attache: Mr. Milton M. Turner,
Chief, Press & Public Relations: Mr. Thomas
B. Wenner, 43844.
Political Officer  (Baden-Baden)  Mr. Ernest
de W. Mayer, Cigogne 164.
Political Officer (Frankfurt): Mr. Carmel Offie,
Frankfurt 6135.
Economic Liaison Officers (Frankfurt): Mr.
Hector C. Prud'homme and Mr. Wesley
C. Haraldson, Frankfurt 8803.
Chief, Consular Branch: Mr. Marshall M.
Vance, consul general, 43463.
Chief, Visa Section: Mr. Andrew E. Hanney,
Chief, Notarials & Welfare Station: Mr. Fran-
cis A. Lane, 43437.
Chief, Citizenship Section: Mr. Daniel W.
Montenegro, 44770.
Chief, General Consular and Property Protec-
tion Sections: Mr. James S. Sutterlin, 42239.
Consular Offices
Berlin: Mr. Marshall M. Vance, consul ceeneral,
Berlin 43463.
Bremen: Mr. Maurice W. Altaffer, consul
general, Bremen 20779.
Bremerhaven: Mr. Robert B. Houston, Jr.,
vice consul, Bremerhaven 21578.
Frankfurt: Mr. Sydney B. Redecker, consul
general, Frankfurt 33271.
Hamburg: Mr. Edward M. Groth, consul
general, Hamburg 34-4661.
Munich: Mr. Sam E. Woods, consul general,
Munich 2417.
Stuttgart: Mr. A. Dana Hodgdon, consul
general, Stuttgart 93-664.
Public Information Office
Director: Mr. William Haggard, 43342.
Deputy Director: Mrs. Marion S. Coleman,
Administrative Assistant: Miss Mabel Klouda,
Chief, News Branch: Mr. Robert B. Gray,
Assistant Chief: Mr. William J. Caldwell,
Special Missions Officer: Mr. William Ulman,
Radio & Liaison Officer: Mr. William Hunter,
Office of Cultural Affairs Adviser
Adviser: Dr. Herman B. Wells.
Officer of Governmental Administra-
tion Adviser
Adviser: Mr. George B. McKibben.
Special Consultant on Property
Consultant: Mr. T. H. Ball, 43068.
Office of the Economics Adviser
Adviser: Mr. L. Wilkinson, 42683.
Deputy Adviser: Dr. D. D. Humphrey, 42809.
Special Assistant on Economics Procedures and
Controls: Dr. F. Kempner, 44544.
Special Assistant for Policy Coordination: Mr.
F. S. Hannaman, 42783.
Executive Officer: 1st Lt. F. B. Shoomaker,
Chief, Administration Section: Capt. E. W.
Jones, 43202.
Chief, Central Secretariat: Mr. R. A. Steele,
Chief, Food and Agriculture Group: Mr. R. A.
Ionnes, 43554.
Chief, Industry Group: Mr. H. L. Berno, 42309.
Chief, Communications Group: Mr. E. H. Mer-
rill, 42469.
Chief, Research Control Group: Mr. C. H.
Nordstrom, 43243.
Chief, Transport Group: Col. H. W. Holmer,
Chief, Reports and Statistics Group: Mr. Saul
Nelson, 43626.
Office of the Finance Adviser
Director: Mr. Jack Bennett, 45461.
Deputy Director: Mr. Jo Fisher Freeman, 42127.
Executive Officer: Mr. Charles G. Caldwell,
Chief, Foreign Exchange Policy Group: Mr.
Judson C. Jones, 43731.
Chief, Internal Finance Policy Group: Mr.
Walter Heller, 43169.
Deputy Chief: Mr. David Schwartz, 43444.
Chief, Central Bank Group: Mr. Henry C.
Conrad, Frankfurt 22805.
Chief, Foreign Exchange Depository Group:
Col. William G. Brey, Frankfurt 21191.
Deputy Chief: Mr. Frank J. Roberts, 33779.
Chief, Financial Intelligence Group: Mr. Saul
Kagan, 42192.
Office of Naval Adviser
Commander of US Naval Forces in Germany
and Naval Adviser: Rear Admiral R. E.
Schuirmann, 42416.
Deputy Naval Adviser and Technical Intel-
ligence Officer: Capt. J. S. Crenshaw, 42363.
Intelligence Officer: Capt. A. H. Graubart,
Asistant Technical Intelligence Officer: Comdr.
H. B. Blackwood, 42314.
Assistant Deputy Naval Adviser: Lt. Comdr.
P. Gano, 45078.
Assistant Technical Intelligenoe Officer: Lt.
Comdr. N. M. Cooke, 42315.
Assistant Intelligence  Officer:  Lt. Comdr.
E. G. Riedel, 42387.
Transportation and Personnel Officer: Lt. (JG)
W. L. Crawford, 42221.
Aide and Flag Lieutenant: Ensign J. M. Land-
troop, 42416.
Berlin Command
Commanding Officer: Col. R. A. Williard,
Deputy Commander: Col. W. F. Rehm, 43756.
Chief of Staff: Col. E. H. Metzger, 43680.
Armed Forces Division
Director: Maj. On. William E. Hall, 43934.
Deputy Director: Col. T. B. Whitted, 42660.
Chief, Air Forces Branch: Lt. Col. D. E. Kun-
kel, 42062.
Chief, Army Branch: Col. T. B. Whitted, 42860.
Chief, Disarmament Section: Lt. Col. G. Camp-
bell, 42013.
Chief, Demobilization Section: Lt. Col. A. D.
Poinier, 42012.
Chief, Civil Aviation Branch: Col. G. M. Jones,
Deputy Chief: Mr. T. D. Johnson, 42111.
Chief, Airway Engineering Section: Mr. L.
M. Hammond, 42446.
Chief,  Airways   Operations  Section:  Mr.
Emerson Mehrling, 45367.
Chief, Economics Regulations Section:   Mr.
J. S. Parker, 44444.
Chief, Meteorology Section: Mr. Clayton van
Thullenar, 42112.
Chief, Safety Regulations Section: (Vacancy)
Chief, Navy Branch (attached): Capt. J. S.
Crenshaw, 45078.
Chief, Executive Brands: Mr. G. B. Robbins,
Deputy Chief: Mr. James C. McKinnon,
Chief Administrative Officer: Mr. James C.
McKinnon, 42260.
Chief, Reports & Statistics Section: Miss Gene-
vieve Plagman, 54168.
Civil Administration Division
Director: Dr. E. H. Litchfield, 42576.
Adviser: Mr. John Elliott, 45054.
Deputy Director for Bizonal Affairs: Mr. Ken-
neth Dayton.
Deputy Director for Operations: Mr. H. P.
Chief, Secretariat Branch: Mr. Alexander
Associate Chief: Mr. William T. Lovett.
Chief, Personnel & Administration Branch: Mr.
William K. Ingram.
Chief, Civil Service & Administrative Courts
Brandh: Mr. Ellsworth Wolfsperger, 43557.
Chief, Political Activities Branch: Mr. R. M.
Scammon, 42551.
Deputy Chief: Mr. Roland M. Myers, 43378.
Chief, Governmental Structures Branch: Dr.
Hans Simons, 42610.
Chief, Legislation Branch: Dr. Erwin W. Bard.
Chief, Population and Analysis Branch: Mr.
Karl A. Shafer.
Chief, Civil Liberties  and  Democratization
Branch: Dr. Harold W. Landin.
Chief, Public Safety Branch: Mr. T. E. Hall,
Chief, Public Health Branch: Col. M. T. Ku-
bin, 42581.
Deputy Chief: Col. H. T. Marshall, 42506.
Chief, Public Welfare Branch: Mrs. Mildred
B. Smith, 43383.
Chief, Displaced Persons Branch: Mr. L. G.
Education and Cultural Relations
Acting Director: Dr. Herman B. Wells.
Deputy Director: Col. Emil Lenzner.
Executive Officer: Mr. James L. Sexton.
Administrative Officer: Mr. Jules Chaussabel.
Personnel Officer: Miss Elisabeth A. Moseley.
Chief, Education Branch: Dr. Richard T. Alex-
Deputy Chief: Dr. Mildred E. English.
Chief, Religious Affairs Branch: Dr. C. Arild
Acting Chief, Cultural Exchange Branch: Mr.
Frank G. Banta.
Chief, Group Activities Branch: Mr. Lawrence
E. Norrie.
Information Control Division
Director: Col. Gordon E. Textor, 42258.
Deputy Director: Mr. Thomas P. Headen,
Deputy Director for Policy and Quadripertite
Affairs: Mr. Alfred V. Boerner, 44179.
Executive Officer: Lt. Col. Arthur P. Nesbitt,
Administrative Officer: Major Sam G. Adler,
Personnel Officer: Mr. Norman A. Barnes,
Deputy Chief, Plans & Directives Branch (for
Laender Affairs): Mr. M. H. Fodor, 42268.
Deputy Quadripartite Affairs: Mr. Herbert C.
Mayer, 42268.
Chief, Quadripartite Secretariat: Mr. Alex V.
Chukayeff, 43103.
Reports, Public Relations & Historical Offi-er:
Mr. Elmer Cox, 43429.
MARCH 23, 1948

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