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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

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AGX. Sec. IV-Military Police Depart-
ment, US Constabulary School, AG
352 PMG. This iletter lists detailed
information  for  the   prospective
student to the MP School previously
located at Nelfingen, APO 154,
(coordinates L49/S15) near Stuttgart,
which has been moved to the US
Constabulary School, APO 61, (coor-
dinates: C-9283) Sonthofen, Germany,
and is redesignated as shown above.
Sec. V-Joint Export Import Agency,
AG 004 SGS. JEIA is no longer a
part of the Bipartite Control Office,
and papers involving its functions
with the various staff divisions of
EUCOM   should be sent to the JEIA
office in Hoechet. The office of the
Director  General   of JEIA   (Mr.
William  J. Logan) is situated  in
Hoechst, telephone: Reid Line 83 or
Hoechst 542/642. Sec. VI-New Loca-
tion of Allied Contact Section, AG
311.18 ALC. Effective 9 February 1948
the Allied Contact Section (less Mail
Room) will move to 229 Firsten-
berger Strasse, Frankfurt Compound.
The Mail Room remains at Room 161,
Head~quarters Building, until further
notice. Sec. VII-Stolen POL Coupon
Books, AG   250.1 PMG. Gives ;sub-
stitution for serial numbers listed in
Section X, Weekly Directive No. 5,
6 February 1948, as 226368-69-70-71
and 72, inclusive. Sec. VIII-Savings
and Insurance Program, AG 019 FIN.
Sec. IX-Service Charges for Transient
Billets, AG 620 GPA. Gives subsiti-
tutions for Paragraph lb, Section VII,
Weekly Directive No. 2, EUCOM,
16 January 1948. Sec. X-Malfunc-
tioning of Monopol on 57MM Re-
coilless Rifle M18 (T15E13), AG 474
ORD. Sec. XI-Replacement of Gas
Cylinder Lock Screw in US Riflej
Cal., 30 Ml, AG 474 ORD. Sec. XII-
Quota for Troop Information and
Education Staff School, AG 352 TIE.
Sec. XIII-Procedure for Sale by EES
of 1,000 Y-Ton Jeeps Rebuilt by Ord-
nance, AG 451 GPA. Sec. XIV-Allow-
ance of Ammunition for Industrial
Police, AG 471 GPA. Sec. XV-Mail
Address Headquarters EUCOM and
EUCOM Rear. AG 211.1 AGM. APO
403 serves the Heidelberg area and
will become the APO address of
Headquarters  EUCOM.    APO    757
remains the address of Headquarters
EUCOM until the movement to Hei-
delberg of the Office of the Deputy
Commander-in-Chief, EUCOM. Head-
quarters EUCOM Rear, APO 403, will
be established as a mail address
effective 20 February 1948. APO 403
will be established as the mail
address for each staff division upon
completion of its move to Heidelberg.
Sec. XVI-Designation of Major Com-
mands, AG 322 GPA. Sec. XVII-
Registration of Materials Handling
Equipment, AG 400 GSP. Sec. XVIII-
Observance of Holidays, AG 006-
GPA. Sec. XIX-Loss of Passports, AG
014.331 GPA. Sec. XX- Voting, AG
014.35 AGO. Sec. XXI-Rescissions, AG
461 AGO.
Civilian Personnel Management and
Administration, AG 230.437 HCCIV,
Hq EUCOM, 13 February 1948. In-
structs the chiefs of divisions and
sections in assigniing individuals to a
full or part-time duty.
SOP No. 107, Attitude Research
Studies, Hq EUCOM, 16 February 1948.
List of Extension Subcourses Avail-
able to Department of the Army and
Department of the Air Force Person-
nel, as of 30 November 1947, AG 352
GOT-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 18 February
Extended Active Duty, AG 210.3
GPA-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 18 February
1948. Lists the commanders having
authority to approve applications for
extended active duty.
Amendment No. 2 to Regulation
No. 1 under MG Law No. 56, AG 010.6
(ED), OMGUS, 20 February 1948. This
supersedes Regulation No. 1 as origi-
nally published as well as Amend-
ment No. 1, thereto, dated 30 April 1947.
Weekly Directive No. 7, Hq EUCOM,
20 February 1948. Contains following
sections. Sec. I-Mailing of Duty Free
Gifts to the US by Members of US
Armed Forces, AG 311.16 GPA.
Sec. II-Investigations-Officer's Per-
sonnel History Statement, AG 333.5
AGP-B. Quotes memorandum 605-230-1,
Department of the Army, 20 October
1947. Sec. III-Movement of Depen-
dents-Clarification  of  Quartering
Policy, AG 292 GPA.
Sec. IV-Issuance of 1st and 2nd Class
Rail Transportation for Individuals
Traveling on Official Duty Orders in
Europe, AG 300.4 RYT. Gives sub-
6titution for paragraph 3, section V,
Weekly Directive No. 4, EUCOM,
30 January 1948. Sec. V-Weekly
Check of Particular Entries in Certain
Personnel Records, AG 333 AGX.
Sec. VI-Individual Vehicle Utilization
Record, AG 451 RYT. Sec. VII-
Acceptance and Return of Vehicles by
Ordnance Field Maintenance Shops,
AG 451 ORD. Sec. VIII-Determination
of Line of Duty, AG 210.3 MCH. Cites
regulations governing such investiga-
tions. Sec. IX-Travel to Free Territory
of Trieste, AG 200.4 AGP-S. Cites in-
formation for personnel eligible for
such duty travel. Sec. X-Ordnance
Field Maintenance Activities-Produc-
tion Chart, AG 322 ORD. Sec. XI-
Requisition for Publications and Blank
Forms, AG 461.01 AGX. Cites EUCOM
SOP 106 procedure for requisitioning
from EUCOM Publications Depot.
Sec. XII-Designation of Major Com-
mands, AG 322 GPA. Amends para-
graph 1, section XVI, Weekly Direc-
tive No. 6, EUCOM, 13 February 1948
to read 'Special Troops, Hq EUCOM
(Rear)." Sec. XIII-Processing of Cor-
respondence and Requests for Waivers
for Air Force Enlistees, AG 340 AGP-
B. Sec. XIV-EUCOM Athletic Policy,
AG 353.8 GPA. Gives substitution for
section XII Directive No. 3, EUCOM,
29 August 1947. Sec. XV-Competitive
Tour for Appointment in Regular
Army, AG 210.1 AGP-B. Sec. XVI-
Signal Messenger Service, AG 311.2
SIG. Gives traffic service operating
between Frankfurt and Heidelberg for
Hq EUCOM (Rear) and Heidelberg
Military Post. Sec. XVII - Vehicle
Security Regulations, AG 451 HDC.
Lists authorized guarded parking lots
within the limits of the Frankfurt
Military Posit. Sec. XVIII-Venereal
Disease Surveys, AG 726.1 MCH.
Sec. XIX-Registration of Materials
Handling Equipment, AG 400 GSP.
Sec. XX-Supply of Towels and Table
Linen at Transient Hotels, AG 620
GPA. Sec. XXI-Return of Military
and Civilian Personnel and Their
Dependents to the United States, AG
370.5 GPA. Amends Reports Control
Symbol ECGPA-53 to include civilian
personnel paid from appropriated
funds. Sec. XXII- Annual Physical
Examination of Army Officers for
1948, AG 201.5 AGP-B. Sec. XXIII-
Rescissions, AG 461 AGO.
MARCH 23, 1948

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