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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

Streamlining OMGUS,   pp. 5-7 PDF (1.8 MB)

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Phillips Hawkins
Director of Property Division
cally, these latter functions are con-
tained within its six groups food and
agriculture, industry, research, and
reports and statistics, communications
(formerly a branch of the IA&C Divi-
sion) and transport (formerly the
Transport Division).
Mr. Lawrence Wilkinson, former
director of the Economics Division,
heads the office as Economics Adviser
to the Military Governor and Deputy
Military Governor. His principal aides
are Dr. D. D. Humphrey, deputy ad-
viser; Dr. F. Kempner, special assistant
on economics procedures and con-
trols; Mr. F. S. Hannaman; special
assistant for policy coordination; Mr.
R. A. Ioannes, chief of the Food and
Agriculture Group; Mr. H. L. Berno,
chief of the Industry Group; Mr. E. H.
Merrill, chief of the Communications
Group; Mr. C. H. Nordstrom, chief of
the Research and Control Group; Col.
H. W. Holmer, chief of the Transport
Group, and Mr. Saul Nelson, chief of
the Reports and Statistics Group.
The operational functions of the
former Economics Division directly
concerned with the bizonal fusion be-
came part of BICO. Other operational
functions not immediately involved in
the bizonal organization became part
of the newly organized Property
T HE OFFICE of Finance Adviser,
T  OMGUS, likewise took over the
duties of the Office of Finance Ad-
viser, CINCEUR, and the policy-mak-
ing functions of the former Finance
Division. Under it are the Foreign Ex-
Mr. Theodore H. Ball
Consultant for Property Division
change Group, International Finance
Policy Group, Central Bank Group,
Foreign Exchange Depository Group,
and Finance Intelligence Group.
Mr. Jack Bennett, who had been
CINCEUR finance adviser, heads the
new office. His chief assistant is Mr.
Jo Fisher Freeman, who also became
US member of the Joint Foreign Ex-
change Agency in Frankfurt. The
group chiefs are Mr. Judson C. Jones
of Foreign Exchange Policy, Mr. Wal-
ter Heller of Internal Finance Policy,
Mr. Henry C. Conrad of Central Bank,
Col. William G. Brey of Foreign Ex-
change Depository, and Mr. Saul
Kagan of Financial Intelligence.
As in the case of the OEA, the
operational functions of the OFA be-
came part of BICO.
The Education and Cultural Relations
Division took over the Education and
Religious Affairs Branches from the
former IA&C Division. The Cultural
Exchange and Group Activities Branch-
es were created, thus giving greater
importance to some of the other
activities of the E&RA Branch of the
IA&C Division.
Dr. Herman B. Wells, in addition to
his duties as adviser on cultural
affairs, was named acting director of
the E&CR Division. His deputy is Col.
Emil Lenzner. Dr. Richard T. Alex-
ander is chief oftheEducationBranch;
Dr. C. Arild Olsen, chief of the Re-
ligious Affairs Branch; Mr. Frank G.
Banta, chief of the Cultural Exchange
Branch, and Mr. Lawrence E. Norrie,
chief of the Group Activities Branch.
Mr. G. B. McKibbin
Governmental Administration Adviser
The Property Division is a new unit
which will include certain operational
functions of the former Economics
Division remaining outside the orbit
of BICO. These include external assets,
restitutions, monuments, fine arts,
archives, reparations, decartelization,
and property control.
MVS been deputy director of the Eco-
nomics Division, is director of the
division. Mr. T. H. Ball, who had been
director of the Finance Division, was
named special consultant to the Mili-
tary Governor and Deputy Military
Governor on matters pertaining to the
Property  Division.  Chiefs  of its
branches are Mr. S. M. Rose, of Ex-
ternal Assets; Col. John H. Allen,
of Restitutions, Monuments, Fine Arts
and Archives; Mr. Richardson Bron-
son, of Decartelization, and Mr. E. F.
Hartzch, of Property Control.
The Civil Administration Division
assumed some of the operations from
IA&C Division, namely Public Safety
Branch, with Mr. T. E. Hall as chief;
Public Health Branch, with Col. M. T.
Kubin as chief, and Public Welfare
Branch, with Mrs. Mildred B. Smith
as chief. Also, the former PW&DP
Division has become the Displaced
Persons Branch, with Mr. L. G. Kelly
as chief.
Mr. George B. McKibbin, who was
director of the IA&C Division, became
adviser to the Military Governor and
Deputy Military Governor on govern-
mental administration.
MARCH 23, 1948

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