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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

MG Key personnel,   pp. 27-[32] PDF (3.9 MB)

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Acting Chief, Restitution Branch: Mr. Otto P.
Yanish, 4-290r.Pu
Chief, Trade & Commerce Branch: Mr. Paul
S. Nevin. 4-295
Finance Division
Director: Mr. Russell R. Loro, 4-313
Chief, Finance Branch: Mr. Kurt Fredericks,
Chief, Ine3tigation & Enforcement Branch:
Mr. John R. McCarthy, 4-324.
Chief, Property Control Branch: Mr. J. H.
Lennon, 4-326
Information Control Division
Director: Mr. James A. Clark, 4-400
Chief, Film, Theater & Music Branch: Lt. Col.
William C. Rogers, 3210
Chief, Press Control Branch: Mr. Ernest Lang.
endorf, 4-413.
Chief, Publications Control Branch: Mr. Henry
Siemer, 4-410
Chief: Publ shing Operations Brandh: Mr. Jack
M. Fleisher, 2320
Chief, Radio Control Branch: Mr. Edward
Schechter, 2510
Chief, Research & Analyses Branch: Mr. Rob.
ert Martindale, 4-407.
Internal Affairs Division
Acting Director: Mr. A. D. Sims, 4-450
Acting Chief: Educations & Religions Affairs
Branch: Dr. Martin Mayes, 4-461
Chief, Public Health Branch: Dr. E. Ross Jen-
ney, 4-470
Chief, Public Safety Branch: Capt. W. R.
Rohan, 4-476
Chief, Public Welfare Branch: Mr. Louis M.
Miniclier, 4-492
Chief, Special Branch: Mr. W. E. Griffith, 4-500
Legal Division
Director: Mr. J. A. A. Siedillo, 4-530
Chief, German Courts Branch: Mr. A. A.
Backer, 4-546
Chief, Legislative Branch: B. C. Oberry,
Chief, MG Courts Branch: Mr. Ambrose Fuller,
Chief, Prisons Branch: Mr. John J. Raymond,
Chief, Legal Advice Branch: Mr. L. G. Ganse,
Manpower Division
Acting Director, Mr. F. G. Lorlaux, 4-554
Executive & Chief, Field Operations Branch:
Mr. Herbert W. Baker, 4-553
Chief, Labor Relations & Standards Branch:
Mr. Frantz G. Lorlaux, 4-556
Acting Chief, Manpower Allocations Branch:
Mr. Abe Kramer, 4-557
Chief, Social Insurance & Housing Branch: Dr.
August US B. Hill, 4-558
0MG for Hesse
Director: Dr. James R. Newman
Deputy Director: Mr. Francis E. Sheehan
Executive Officer: Mr. Ernest K. Neumann
Adjutant: 1st. Lt. Robert D. Thayer
Chief, Accommodations Division: Mr. Fred.
C. Winkler
Historicals and Field Report Division
Chief: Dr. Donald N. Marvin
Deputy: Mr. Robert A. Irving
Public Information Division
Chief: Mr. Hillard A. Rhoades
Deputy: Mr. William D. Stewart
Director: Mr. Robert A. Goetcheus
Deputy Director: Mr. James R. Haarstad
Intelligence Division
Chief: Mr. Jame E. O'Steen
Deputy Chief Mr. Robert H. Cunningham
13 JANUARY 1948
Liaison and Security Control Division
Chief: Lt. Col. Howard C. Cress
Legal Division
Chief: Mr. Franklin J. Potter
Deputy Chief: Mr. Marc J. Robinson
Acting Chief, Legislation, Legal Ald, and
German Administration of Justice Branch:
Mr. Ernst Anspach
Chief Prison Branch: Mr. Wallace Lawrence
Chief, MG Courts Branch: Major De Witt
Property Control Division
Chief: Mr. William R. Rule
Deputy Chief: Mr. John R. Cain
Finance Division
Director: Mr. bonald S. Spigler.
Public Safety Division
Director: Major John E. Stuerwald
Deputy Director: Capt. James W. Callahan
Transportation Division
Chief: Mr. Theodore E. Dodds
Chief, Highway Loestruction nranch: Mr. Logan
W. Serles.
Chief, Road Transport and Supply Branch: Mr.
Hugh E. Ernst.
Education and Religious Affairs
Director: Dr. Harry A. Wann.
Deputy Director: Mr. Vaugan R. DeLong.
Chief, Higher Education Branch: Dr. Harold P.
Chief, Adult Branch: Mr. Erwin Dingman.
Acting Chief, Youth, Culture and Sports
Branch: Mr. Harold C. Patrick.
Chief, Religious Affairs Branch: Mr. Dumont
F. Kenny.
Civil Administration Division
Acting Chief: Mr. Otto A. Atzert.
Chief, Government Operation and Control
Branch: Mr. Charles E. Lloyd.
Denazification Division
Director: Mr. Hubert I. Teitelbaum.
Deputy Director: Mr. Arsen L. Yakoubian.
Operation Officer: Mr. Ernst G. Stolper.
Chief, Field Adviser Section: Mr. Roger E.
Chief, Wiesbaden Special Branch: Mr. Benno
Chief, EnfoTcement Section: Mr. John E. Stark.
Economics Division
Director: Mr. Stanley H. Sisson.
Deputy Director: Mr. Joseph I. Taylor.
Chief, Food, Agriculture and Forestry Brancn:
Mr. Saul M. Katz.
Chief, Trade and Commerce Branch: Mr. Julian
Chief, Industry Branch: Lt. Col. Samuel S.
Manpower Division
Director: Mr. Glenn E. Garrett.
Information Control Division
Chief: Mr. Frederick N. Leonard.
Chief, Plans and operations usauch: Mr. Emil
P. Jallouk.
Chief, Radio Branch: Mr. Herbprt C. Gross.
Chief: Publications Branch: Mr. Fredrick A.
Chief, Research Branch: Mr. Morton F. Fosberg.
Chief, Film, Theater, and Music Branch: Mr.
William P. Dubensky.
Chief, Press Branch: Mr. Raymond J. H.
Public Welfare & DP Division
Director: Mr. Sharon L. Hatch.
Acting Deputy Director: Mr. Peter Stanne.
Public Health Division
Chief: Lt. Col. Charles E. Moseley.
Deputy Chief: Mr. William D. Radcliffe.
0MG for
(Stuttgart, APO 154)
Director: Mr. Charlies La Follette, 550
Deputy Director: Lt. Col. Morris 0. Edwards,
Executive Officer: Mr. Harvey M. Coverly, 542.
Assistant Executive Officer and Adjutant:
Lt. Col. L. C. Cooke, 438.
Governmental Affairs Officer: Mr. ChesteM
B. Lewis, 395
Reports and Statistics Officer: Mr. James B.
Larwood, 534
Allied Liaison Officer: Mr. A. G. Robertson,
Public  Information  Officer:  Mr. W. S.
Harrison, 386
Interior Division
Director: Mr. J. Ward Starr, 510
Assistant Director: Major   James   C. An-
drews, 510
Chief, Public Safety Brandc: Lt. Col. Robert
L. Perry, 545/548
Deputy Chief: Mr. James E. Hurley, 545
Chief, Fire Section: Capt. George W. M.
Brown, 436
Chief  Urban Police Section: Mr. Roy      C.
McAuley, 223
Chief, Rural Police Section: Mr. Frankoer
Miller, 240
Chief, Identification Section: Mr. Louis A.
McCracken, 257
Chief, Public Welfare Branch: Mr. James H.
Campbell, 548
Deputy Chief: Mr. William S. FitFer, 553
Chief, Child  Welfare Section: Mr. Hedwig
Wachenheim, 578
Chief, R & DP Section: Mr. Ward A. Miles, 585
CARE Representative: Mr. Cline Fletcher,
93240 Ext. 219
CRALOG Representative: Mr. Dwight B. Har-
ner, 324
Chief, Public Health Brands: Li. Col. Philip
R. Beckjord, 515/373
Deputy Chief: Mr. R. Q. Petitfils, 525
Chief, VD Control: Capt. Albert Dresner, 392
Chief, Housing & Real Estate Brands: Major
William T. Neal, 465
Chief, Real Estate Section: Mr. Harold More,
Chief, Construction & Investment Section: Mr.
Herman Brunke, 465
Economics Division
Director: Mr. George L. Erlon, 549
Assistant Director: Major Glenn C. Hess, 524
Chief, Scientific Research Control: Lt. Col. L.
J. Brunton, 217
Chief, Industry Brands: Lt. Col. L. J. Brun-
ton, 420
Deputy Chief: Major John A. Holbrook, 458
Chief, Metal, Machinery & Optics Section: Mr.
George E. Copp, 425
Chief, Textile & Consumer Goods'Section: Mr.
Felix G. Stetson, 451
Chief, Chemicals Section:. Mr. George D.
Martin, 224
Chief, Building Materials Section: Mr. James.
W. Butler, 263
Chief, Reparation Section: Lt. Col. E. W.
Sears, 562
Chief, Trade & Commerce Brands: Mr. Frank
S. Wilson, 466
Deputy Chief: Mr. George L. Simonsen, 678
Chief, Restitution  Branch: Mr. Eduard C:
Smith, 348
MFA & A Section: (vacancy), 627
Chief, Decartelization Branch: Mr. Otto E.
Hurliman, 339
Chief, Food & Agriculture Branch: Mr. Paul
F. Taggart, 214
Deputy Chief: Mr. S. L. Budclemaier, 244
Chief, Statistic Section: Mr. William F.
Beering, 225
Chief, Research Program Planning: Mr. William.
H. Wood, 248
Chief, Forestry Branch: Mr. William H.
Messeck, 236

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