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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

MG Key personnel,   pp. 27-[32] PDF (3.9 MB)

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Chief, Secretariat, Administrative & Personnel
Branch: Mr. Ezekiel L. Glazier, 42280.
Administrative and Personnel Officer: Capt.
Dorothy H. Wood, 42350.
Chief, Refugee & PW Branch: Mr. George
Weisz, 43673.
Deputy Chief & Reports Officer: Mr. Thorley
C. Mills, 45411.
Chief, DP & Stateless Persons Branch: Lt. Col.
James P. Abbot, 42052.
Deputy Chief & Tracing Officer: Mr. Edward
W. Lawrence, 42333.
Chief, Repatriation Branch (Combined Re-
patriation Executive, US Element, ACA):
Major John F. Asselta, 3562.
Chief, Statistical Section: Mr. Anthony Coucci,
Transport Division
Director: Col. Hans W. Holmer, 42655.
Executive: Mr. W. A. Fagan, 43500.
Secretariat: Major R. M. Milam, 42575.
Administrative Officer: Mr. D. W. Bernard,
Personnel Officer: Miss Elsie C. Haaker, 43603.
Chief, Movements Branch: Mr. J. C. Cook,
Assistant Chief: Mr. W. T. Cantrell, 43152.
Chief, Reports & Statistics Section: Mr. J. W.
Minemier, 42639.
Chief, Rail Branch: Mr. E. B. Breitenbach, 43227.
Deputy Chief: Mr. E. J. Harris, 43227.
Chief, Accounts Section: Mr. B. P. Dickson,
Chief, Material & Equipment Section: Mr. G.
B. Harris, 43010.
Chief, Transportation Section: Mr. M. J. Rey-
nolds, 42727.
Chief, Road Branch: Mr. C. E. Calvert, 42406.
Deputy Chief: Mr. E. B. Sutton, 42407.
Chief, Administrative & Traffic Section: Mr.
E. E. Hostler, 43210.
Chief, Operations Section: T. E. Zadra, 42494.
Chief, Vehicle Equipment & Supply Section:
C. R. Jackson, 43835.
Assistant Chief, Highway Maintenance Section:
V. N. Kovacic, 43843.
Chief, Water Transport Branch: Mr. D. R. Neff,
Deputy Chief: Mr. J. C. Meadows, 43352.
Chief, Administrative & Reports Section: Mr.
J. S. Fowler, 43153.
Chief, Policy & Liaison Section: Mr. E. B.
Krauss, 43257.
Chief, Staff Functions Section: Mr. E. C. Lende-
mann, 42402.
Office of Chief of Counsel
for War Crimes
(Nuremberg, APO 696-A)
Chief of Counsel: Brig. Glen. Telford C.
Taylor, 61117.
Deputy Chief of Counsel (I. G. Farben): Mr.
Josiah E. Dubois, Jr., 61253.
Deputy Chief of Counsel (Krupp Case): Mr.
Rawlings Ragland, 61288.
Deputy Chief of Counsel (Ministries Case):
Mr. Robert M. W. Kempner, 61127.
Deputy Chief of Counsel (High Command Case):
Mr. James M. McHaney, 61287.
Executive Officer: Lt. Col. A. J. Maroun, 61120.
Chief, Administrative Division: Dr. Howard A.
Russell, 61178.
Chief, Reproduction Division: Major Alexander
C. Granzin, 61025.
Chief, Signal Division: Major Kenneth K. Evans,
Chief, Language Division: Mr. Thomas K.
Hodges, 61103.
Chief, Public Relations Division, and Public
Information Officer: Mr. Ernest C. Deane,
Deputy Public Information Officer for Ameri-
can Press and Radio: Mr. Eugene Phillips,
Deputy Public Information Officer for German
Press: Mr. George Martin, 61262.
Secretary General of Tribunals: Coyl. John
E. Ray, 61281.
Marshal: Col. S. L. Metcalfe, 61147.
Chief, Ministries Division: Dr. Robert M. W.
Kempener, 61127.
Acting Chief, Special Projects Division: Mr.
Paul H. Gantt, 61492.
Chief, SS and Military Division: Mr. James
M. McHaney, 61232.
Chief, Evidence Division: Mr. Walter H. Rapp,
Chief, Trial Team I (I. G. Farben): Mr. Drexel
A. Spirecher, 61244.
Chief, Trial Team III (Krupp Case): Mr. H.
Russell Thayer, 61286.
Berlin Branch (Berlin, APO 742)
Chief: Lt. Col. W. J. Wuest, 43957.
Administrative Officer: Mr. Eugene Klein,
Chief, Economics Section: Mr. R. Steinitz,
Chief, Ministries Section: Mr. M. Schafer,
Chief, SS Section: Mrs. B. Bitter, 42396.
Military Tribunals
(Nuremberg, APO 696-A)
Military Tribunal I (Race and Settlement
Office "RuSHa")
Presiding: Mr. Lee B. Wyatt, 61075.
Mr. Johnson T. Crawfo1d, 61076.
Mr. Donald O'Connell, 61076.
Military Tribunal II (Special Passport "Einsal-
Presiding: Mr. Michael A. Musmanno, 61585.
Mr. John J. Speight, 61584.
Mr. Richard D. Dixon, 61586.
Military Tribunal III (Krupp Case)
Presiding: Mr. H. C. Anderson, 61202.
Mr. Edward J. D'aly, 61201.
Mr. William J. Wilkins, 61200.
Military Tribunal IV (Ministries Case)
Presiding: Mr. William C. Christianson, 61587.
Mr. Leon Powers, 61300.
Mr. Robert Francis Maguire, 61324.
Military Tribunal V (Hostage Case)
Presiding: Mr. Charles F. Wennerstrum, 61325.
Mr. Edward F. Carter, 61326.
Mr. George J. Burke, 61327.
Military Tribunal V-A (High Command Case)
Presiding: Mr. John C. Young, 61302.
Mr. Justin W. Harding, 61303.
Mr. Winfield B. Hale, 61301.
Military Tribunal VI (I. G. Farben)
Presiding: Mr. Curtis G. Shake, 61611.
Mr. Paul M. Herbert, 61608.
Mr. James Morris, 61610.
Mr. Clarence K. Merrill, 61609.
Bipartite Board
(Berlin, APO 742)
US Member: General Lucius D. Clay, 42481.
Bipartite Secretariat
US Secretary: Major W. E. Mather, 42078.
US Deputy Secretary: Major G. L. C. Scott,
Bipartite Control Office
(US Element)
(Frankfurt, APO 757)
US Chairman: Mr. Clarence L. Adcock, 22706.
Deputy Chairman: Mr. Robert K. Phelps, 21385.
Executive Officer: Mr. William M. Kane, 21063.
Governmental Affairs Adviser: Mr. Kenneth
Dayton, 21652.
Chief, US Secretariat: Mr. Ernest Linde, 22792.
Deputy Chief: Mr. Robert Wallach, 21077.
Public Information Officer: Mr. Stephen L.
Freeland, 21077.
Control & Fiscal Officer: Mr. Edward L. Mac-
Donald, 21122.
Adjutant General: Lt. Col. George M. Weir,
Assistant Adjutant General: Major Frank B.
Golembeski, 21874.
Commerce and Industry Group
US Member: Mr. Leland E. Spencer.
Joint Export-Import Agency
Acting US Member: Mr. G. J. Santry.
Finance Group
US Member: Lt. Col. Emery D. Stoker.
Food and Agriculture Group
US Member: Mr. J. C. Lynn.
Transport Group
US Member: Col. A. H. Schroeder.
Communications Group
US Member: Col. F. B. Volkel.
Civil Service Group
US Member: Mr. Richard C. Simonson.
Regional Government
Coordinating Office
Director: Col. Charles D. Winning, 93551
Executive Officer: Mr. Waldmar Dietz, 93002
Senior Adviser: Mr. Anton Pabsch, 93071
Adviser, Economic    Branch:   Mr. Carl R.
Mahder, 93013.
Adviser, Labor and Welfare Branch: Mr. Heinz
Guradze, 93001
Adviser, Legislative Review: Dewilda Nara.
more, 93008
Chief, Reports and Information Branch: Miss
Mary Louise Acton, 93016
Deputy: Miss Myrtle Todd Moseley, 93810
Chief, Administrative Branch: Mr. George
Nebgen, 93003
Chief, Public Information Branch: Mr. James
G. Lyons, 93805
OMG for Bavaria
Land Director: Mr. Murray D. Van Wagoner,
Special Assistant: Mr. Edward F. Kennedy,
Deputy Land Director: Mr. Clarence M. Bolds,
Executive Officer: Lt. Col. Robert M. Connolly,
Commanding Officer, 3rd MG Regt.: Col.
Ernest F. Bo-ruski, 4-376
Chief, Inspections Section: Col. Thomas H.
Young, 4-212
Personnel & Administration Division
Director: Col. Fred A. Meyer, 4-567
Chief, Administration Branch: Lt. Col. V. J.
Blondell, 4-568
Chief, Civilian Personnel Branch: Mr. Schu-
bert E. Smith, 4-605
Chief, Military Personnel Branch: Capt. Johs
J. Kinsella, 4-601
Chief, Plan & Operations Branch: Lt. Col.
John A. McEvoy, 4-610
Chief, Intelligence Branch: Mr. Harold I.
Stearns, 4-407
Acting Chief, Public Information Branch: Mr.
H. R. Mahoney, 4-615/6
Chief, Transportation Branch: Col. John R.
Knittel, 4-640
Civil Administration Division
Director: Mr. Albert C. Schweizer, 4-223
Chief, Executive Branch: Major James H
McCord, 4-234
Chief, Governmental Structures Branch: M
Jack P. Bradford, 4-224/4-225
Chief, Political Activities Branch: Lt. Cot
Paul Burns, 4-226
Chief, Administrative Agencies Brands: M
Charles P. Carroll, 4-227.
Acting Chief, Legislation Branch: Mr. Jack P
Bradford, 4-224/4-225
Chief, Field Operations and Policy Enforce
ment Brands: Lt. Col. James H. Cavins, 4.229
Economics Division
Director: Col. Stephen Y. McGiffert, 4-235
Chief, Food & Agriculture Braach: Mr. GeorV
R. Quarles, 4-250
Chief, Industry Branch: Mr. Harold A. raylor
13 JANUARY 194

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