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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

MG Key personnel,   pp. 27-[32] PDF (3.9 MB)

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DeputY Chief: Mr. Fred E. Hartzsch, 43936.
Chief, Accout s and Audits SectiLon. Mr. Joseph
S. Korfanty, 43759.
Chief, Claims Section: Mr. William J. Dick-
man, 42934.
Chief, German Property Section: Mr. W. G.
Daniels, 43i61.
chief United Nations and Neutral Property
Section: Major Stanley Johnson, 42328.
Chief, External Assets & Intelligence Branch:
Mr. S. M. Rose, 43686/42343.
Deputy Chief: Mr. F. J. Miller, 43750.
Chief, Investigations Section: Mr. Richard
Sdhifter, 42693.
ActintK Chief, US Census Section: Mr. Jules
Wangler, 42420.
Chief, Financial Intelligence Section: Mr. Saul
Kagan, 42192.
Chief, Censorship and Travel Clearance Section:
Mr. Henry K. Dreman, 44408.
Chief, Foreign Exchange and Blocking Control
Branch: Mr. Judson Jones, 43731.
Deputy Chief: Mr. Henry C. Conrad, 42462.
Chief, US Representative Joint Foreign Exchange
Agency: Mr. Oscar Banzer, 45243.
Chief, Foreign Exchange Control Section: Mr.
Richard G. Leenard, 43797.
Acting Chief, Licensing Section: Mr. D. C.
Mulloney, 42297.
Chief, Enforcement and Field Liaison Section:
Mr. Richard H. Stern, 43094.
Chief, Financial Institutions Branch: Mr. R. P.
Aikin, 43730.
Deputy Chief: Mr. William C. Rhyne, 42342.
Chief, Central and Commerciall Banking Section:
Mr. H. A. Adler, 43111.
Chief, Monetary Section: Mr. K. V. Hagen,
Acting Chief, Insurance Section: Mr. William
B. Newbold, 42116.
Chief, Foreign Exchange Depository (Frank-
furt): Col. W. G. Brey, Frankfurt 21191.
Deputy Chief: Mr. Frank C. Gabell, Frankfurt
Chief, Currency Section: Mr. Joseph A. An-
gotti, Frankfurt 33750.
Chief, Depository Section: Mr. Edwin P. Keller,
Frankfurt 33225.
Chief, Accounts and Reports Section: Mr. R. R.
Bliss, Frankfurt 33108.
Chief, Claims Section: Mr. Frank J. Roberts,
Frankfurt 33779.
Information Control Division
Director: Col. Gordon E. Textor, 42258.
Deputy Director: Mr. Thomas P. Headen, 43102.
Deputy Director for Policy: Mn, Alfred V.
Boerner, 44179.
Executive Officer: Lt. Col. Donald T. Jones,
Administrative Officer: Major Sam G. Adler,
Personnel Officer: Mr. Norman A. Barnes,
Deputy Chief, Plans & Directives Brands (for
Laender Affairs): Mr. Harry   L. Franklin,
Deputy Quadripartite Affairs: Mr. Herbert C.
Mayer, 42268.
Chief, Quadripartite Secretariat: Mr. Alex V.
Chukayeff 43103.
Reports, Public Relations & Historical Officer:
Mr. Elmer Cox, 43429.
Chief, Business Management Branch: Mr. John
Kidder, 43452.
Fiscal Director: Mr. John M. Bartels, 42644.
Paper Coordinator: Mr. Thomas J. Crowell,
Munich 2320 Ext. 278.
Chief, Press Control Branch: Mr. Arthur D.
Eggleston. 43104
Deputy: Milton F. Pratt.
Pres Scrutiny Officer: Mr. Peter H. Olden,
Chief Control Officer DENA: Mr. John M.
Stuart Badl Nauheim, 2271.
puny Chie2f: Mr. Robert E. Glynn, Bad Nau-
Editor, News of Germany: Mr. Harold W. Fell-
n Bad Nauheim 2271.ENA: Mr. Alfred
Jac'ob cut n  Officer.  EA       r.Afe
Fis0al   , Bad Nauheim 2271.
cacll & Business Management Officer: Mr.
Willfllap Rieser, Bad Nauheim 2271.
Cewf radio Control Branch: Mr. Charles S.
Le3is, 43430.
13 JANUARY 1948
Deputy Technical Control Officer: Mr. William
R. Busch, 43569.
Chief, Radio Central Controd: Mr. Hans B.
Meyer, 44454.
Deputy, Radio Central Control: Mr. Otto J.
Brandes, 44454.
Technical Control Officer, Radio Central Con-
trol: Mr. Harold 0. Wright, Frankfurt 23851,
Ext. 377.
Radio Control Officer: Mrs. Elizabeth V. Foss,
Chief. Film Theater & Music Control Branch:
Mr. Eric T. Clarke, 43410.
Deputy Chief & Theater Control Officer: Mr.
Benno D. Frank, 42642.
Film Production Officer: Mr. Eric Poumer,
uilm Exhibition Board Executive Officeir:
1st Lt. Nils C. Nilpon, 42569.
Documentary Film Producer: Mr. Stuart H.
Schulberg, 5760.
Chief Documentary Film Editor: Mr. Joseph
Zigman, 5760.
Music Officer: Mr. John Euarts, 43431.
Chief, Publications Control Branch: Dr. Douglas
Waples, 43478.
Publications Control Officer: Mr. Laurence
Dalcher, 43428.
Publication Control Officer: Mrs. Dorothy
Waples, 43478.
Chief, Exhibitions &   Information  Centers
Branch: Dr. William C. Headrick, 42215.
Exhibitions Officer: Mr. Peter G. Harnden,
Chief, Research Branch: Mr. Robert C. Schmid,
Chief, Media Studies Section: (Vacancy), 43042.
Chief, Reports & Analysis Section: Mr. Alex
L. George, 42993.
Deputy for Field Operations: Mr. Konrad
Kellen, 42944.
Chief. Public Opinion Surveys: Mr. Friederick
W. Williams, 45487.
Deputy: Mrs. Hedwiq Ylvisaker, 45457.
Chief, Field Survey Staff: Mr. Frederick Trem-
bour, 45487.
Chief Research Analyst: Mr. Frederick W.
Swift, 45468.
Internal Affairs & Communications
Director: George McKibbin, 42150.
Deputy Director: Col. Emil Lenzner, 42134.
Chief, Secretariat: Mr. James L. Sexton, 42034.
Administrative  Officer:  Jules  Chaussabel,
Personnel Officer: Miss Elisabeth A. Moseley,
Chief, Communications Branch: Mr. Eugene H.
Merrill, 42469.
Technical Advisor: Mr. John W. Latham, 42529.
Chief, Secretariat: Mr. Erwin Kabzenell, 42110.
Chief, Office of Finance, Accounting Reports &
Statistics: Mr. Thomas E. Nelson, 43425.
Chief, Reichspost Organization & Personnel
Section: Mr. Frank H. Ellis, 42606.
Chief, Telecommunications Engineering Section:
Lt. Col. Archie S. Hoke 42510.
Chief, Postal Section: Mr. Bernard J. Humes,
Chief, Building, Construction, Housing & Pro-
curement Section: Mr. Robert B. McCurdy,
Chief, Education & Religious Affairs Branch:
Dr. Richard T. Alexander, 43151.
Deputy Chief: Dr. Mildred E. English, 43760.
Chief, Office of Religious Affairs: Mr. C. Arild
Olsen, 43125.
Chief, Office of General Education: Dr. Levi
D. Gresh, 43514.
Chief, Youth Education: Mr. Lawrence E.
Norrie, 43687.
Chief, Office of Persennel Interchange: Dr.
Norman E. Himes, 43598.
Chief, Public Health Branch: Col. Milford T.
Kubin, 42581.
Deputy Chief: Col. Hubert T. Marshall, 42506.
Acting Chief, Nutrition Section: Major Robert
Ryer, III, 43369.
Chief, Veterinary Section: Lt. Col. Frank A.
Todd, 43350.
Chief, Preventive Medicine: Lt. Col. Walter R.
DeForrest, 42426.
Chief, Nursing Affairs: Miss Lonena J. Murray,
Chief, Medical Research and Training: Mr.
Theodore R. Meyer, 42426.
Chief, Narcotics Control: Mr. Charles B. Dyar,
Chief, Public Safety Branch: Mr. Theo E. Hall,
Deputy Chief: Mr. James L. McCraw, 43192.
Chief, Denazification Section: Major Minor K.
Wilson, 43677.
Deputy Chief: Major William J. Garlock, 44204.
Civilian Internment Liaison Officer: Mr. Daniel
A. Schaeffer, 42577.
Acting Chief, Police & Fire Section: Mr. Ulrich
C. Urton, 42584.
Chief, Statistics Section: Mr. Simon Krixtein,
Chief, Reports Section: Mrs. Marguerite Patton,
Chief, Public Welfare Branch: Mrs. Mildred
B. Smith, 43383.
Chief, Public Assistance Section: Mr. Theodore
M. Willcox, 45080.
Senior Relief Supply Officer: Mr. Herman E.
Auerbach, 43588.
Child Welfare Officer: Mrs. Lorena B. Hahn,
Legal Division
Director: Mr. A. J. Rockwell, 42456.
Associate Director: Col. John M. Raymond,
Consultant: Mr. Samuel Kramer, 43461.
Administrative Officer: Mr. Robert B. Mautz,
Chief, Secretariat: Mr. E. I. Wiener, 42357.
Reports Officer: Mr. M. A. Weightman, 42425.
Librarian: Miss M. N. Robbins, 42404.
Publications: Mr. W. M. Linden, 42026.
Chief, Administration of Justice Branch: Mr.
H. Parker, 42109.
Deputy Chief: Major Charles H. Kraus, 42179.
Chief, German Courts Section: Mr. Hans W.
Weigert, 43520.
Chief, MG Courts Section: Mr. Clark C.
Denney, 44620.
Chief, Patent Section: Mr. Emile F. Vander
Stucken, 43705.
Chief, Justice Ministry Section:: Mr. Mortimer
Kollender, 45159.
President, Board of Clemency: Mr. Fred J.
Casey, 44041.
Chief, Legal Advice Branch: Mr. W. E.
McCurdy, 42352.
Deputy Chief: Mr. Whitney R. Harris, 42361.
Chief, Commercial Law Section: Mr. R. D.
Kearney, 42184.
Chief, General Law Section: Angus R. Shannon,
Jr., 42395.
Chief, German Law Section: Mr. A. T. von
Mehren, 44614.
Chief, Legislation Branch: Mr. E. H. Schopler,
Chief, German Law Revision Section: (vacancy),
Chief, Legislative Drafting Section: Milss Mar-
garet Cunningham, 42184.
Chief, Review & Liaison Section: Mr. J. von
Elbe, 42157.
Chief, Prisons Branch: Mr. T. W. Markley,
Chief, War Crimes Branch: Mr. Ben Smith,
Manpower Division
Director: Mr. Leo Werts, 42454.
Executive Officer: Col. V. C. Stevens, 42410.
Administrative Officer: Mr. Graham N. McKel-
vey, 42503.
Chief, Labor Relations Branch: Major H. P.
Mullaney, 42307.
Chief, Wages, Labor Standards, & Housing
Branch: Mr. E. Beckner, 42430.
Chief, Social Insurance Brandh: Mr. M. G. Mur-
ray, 43825.
Chief, Manpower Allocation Branch: Mr. D.
L. Snyder, 43226.
Chief, Reports and Statistics Branch: Mr. E.
L. Deuss, 42507.
Prisoners of War and Displaced Per-
sons Division
Director: Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Harrold (Direc-
tor, CAD, EUCOM), Frankfurt 8000.
Deputy Director: Lt. Col. Harry S. Messec,

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