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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

Review of 1947,   pp. [3]-[24] PDF (15.2 MB)

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secuted under existing law; that the
German economic ministers should be
directed that such discretionary pow-
ers as they then exercised under
existing law should not be used to
authorize compensation transactions
in goods which were subject to ra-
tioning or allocation, or which in-
volved diversion of rationed products
from the normal distribution channels;
and that the MG policy was to pro-
hibit such transactions and not to
acquiesce in or approve them.
The industrial situation in the US
Zone in July remained basically
unchanged from the preceding month.
Although the index of industrial pro-
duction rose to 53 percent of the
1936 level in July as against 49 in
June, the increase was accounted for
principally by the longer working
T HE CHANNELING of labor into
priority occupations like lumber-
ing was difficult because of the in-
ability of workers to obtain footwear
even after official requests for priority
supplies. Likewise the clamor for
transfers  to  industries  offering
efficiency inducements in kind in
GUEST-Bob Hope, comedian of stage,
screen and radio, eats his Thanks-
giving dinner in the enlisted men's
mess in Bremerhaven.   (Signal Corps)
addition to money wages had to be
stemmed by the labor offices to avert
shortages  of labor in industries
adequately staffed.
Poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis)
appeared in epidemic form in Berlin
during August. Beginning in the
Soviet Sector of the city in late July,
the disease was first reported in the
US Sector in the first week of August.
By the end of the month there were
46 cases and six deaths recorded in
the US Sector.
The American Red Cross turned
over to the Red Cross societies of
the German Laender more than 1,500
short tons of supplies originally
destined for use in its military welfare
P. Hays, deputy military governor,
and Dr. Karl Speiker, chairman of the
Bizonal Executive Committee, Frank-
furt, participate in the Berlin-New
York "Town Hall of the Air" in
November.              (Signal Corps)
The Wuerttemberg-Baden Education
Ministry forbade auto and motorcyle
racing because of the critical shortage
of tires and gasoline, and requested
all schools to limit strenuous sports
activities to a minimum because of
the weakened physical conditions
among the students.
All 31 defendents in the Buchen-
wald concentration camp case were
found guilty by a Military Tribunal at
Dachau of chargers of commission of
systematic torture, murder, and in-
humane medical experiments result-
ing in the deaths of 50,000 inmates
of the camp. On Aug. 14, the court
sentenced 22 to hang, and the
remainder to prison sentences rang-
ilog from 10 years to life.
The French Government began
interviewing and processing an un-
limited number of male displaced
persons between 18 and 38 years of
age in the US Zone for resettlement
in France and for employment in the
French mines... Representatives of
the Netherlands Government also
began selecting single volunteer DP's
for employment in Holland.
The case involving 23 medical
officers of the Third Reich on charges
of responsibility for illegal medical
experiments on Jews, concentration
camp inmates, and Gypsies, was com-
pleted Aug. 19 before the Military
13 JANUARy 1948

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