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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

Review of 1947,   pp. [3]-[24] PDF (15.2 MB)

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were difficult to administer because
of poor location.
Because of the summerweatherand
the freer movement of the population,
minor crimes designed to obtain the
ordinary necessities of life showed an
upward trend in the US Zone during
June. The police emphasized pre-
cautionary measures against theft,
which continued to be the most pre-
valent crime committed in the zone.
RIAS, the US-controlled radio sta-
tion in Berlin, included among its
political broadcasts special commen-
taries to counteract war rumors and
to explain the food situation in the
light of world shortages. Radio Munich
initiated a special campaign to induce
Bavarian farmers to fulfill their deliv-
ery quotas. Radio Bremen in a polit-
ical commentary compared US food
imports with the Nazi treatment of
occupied countries.
Free schools were instituted in
Hesse with the issuance of an order
by the Education Ministry that school
officials would collect no  further
tuition fees for high school or uni-
versity instruction. This order would
be valid until a law covering the sub-
ject had been passed by the Landtag.
A study was made of the accuracy
of reports made by manufacturing
plants to higher level German agen-
cies. There was reason to suspect
that inventories and productions were
being understated so that the excess
over the amount reported could be
channeled to worker distribution and
compensation trading. MG Proclama-
tion No. 5 was expected to ensure
more accurate reporting.
Eighty-three German banks in the
US Zone, previously nominated by
the Land Central Banks, were approv-
ed as foreign trade banks and allowed
participation in the financial imple-
mentation of German exports.
An additional 10,650,000 yards of
fabrics, manufactured from cotton im-
ported under the self-liquidating pro-
gram financed by the US Commercial
Company, were sold to foreign buyers.
(See WIB Issue No. 101.)
Secretary of State Marshall's plan
for European  reconstruction,  and
developments in the German food
situation were the most outstanding
news, press reviews, and commentary
13 JANUARY 1948
C-47 in experimental mission spraying
DDT over air strip near Wiesbaden
(Signal Corps). (Below) Vaccine from
Hoechst plant leaving Rhine/Main air-
port for Cairo to fight cholera epi-
demic in Egypt.     (PIO OMG Hesse)
broadcasts over the five US-controlled
radio stations.
The first Quaker neighborhood
center in the US Zone was officially
opened in Frankfurt June 17. (See WIB
Issue No. 115.)
ACA Law No. 55, Repeal of Cer-
tain Provisions of German Criminal
Legislation, was signed June 20 by
the Control Council. The repealed
provisions reflected Nazi ideology.
Nearly 100 cases of records and
plans of fortifications of Alsace and
Lorraine, dating from the end of the
16th century to 1870, were found
among the Wuerttemberg army ar-
chives at Neuenstein Castle... The
library and archives of the Internation-
al Federation for Housing and Town
Planning were restored to Belgium.
This was the largest restitution of
cultural material made from Wuert-
An increase was noted in city-dwel-
lers wandering through the country-
silde carrying with them articles which
they were willing to trade to the
farmers for food. Rural police promptly
apprehended these persons and re-
turned them to their homes by rail-
The American Friends Service Com-
mittee headquarters in Philadelphia,
Pa., made $5,000 available for the
purchase of food for summer camps
in Hesse.
The American Section of the Luther-
an World Federation allotted 300 tons
of paper for the establishment of a
German Evangelical weekly paper,
Die Stimme.
Ninety percent of the persons who
registered under the German Law for
liberation from National Socialism
and Militarism had had their status
legally determined as of June 30.
Most of these persons were found in
the "not chargeable" or "amnestied"
The number of gainfully occupied
persons in the US Zone reached a re-
cord high of 7,486,000 on June 30. Of
this number 4,719,000 were wage and
salary earners of all ages and 2,767,000
were self-employed including an
estimated 600,000 males over 65 and
females over 50 not registered at the
labor offices. The number of un-

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