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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 100 (July 1947)

Official instructions,   p. 16 PDF (651.3 KB)

Page 16

Renewal of German Real Estate
Requisitions, 602 (BCSDS) HQ Berlin
Command, OMGUS, 12 May 1947.
Concerns new requisition forms for
all German properties used by US
individuals and agencies and rescinds
former letter from this Headquarters
dated 6 May 1947.
Change 2 to Title 12, Food and
Agriculture, AG 010.6(CO), OMGUS
19 May 1947.- This Change 2 adds
MGR 12-205, "Unlawful Use of Ra-
tionfed Foodstuffs and Rationing Docu-
ments." Text of new title issued
same date.
Change 1 to Title 4, Civil Admin-
istration,  AG   014.12,  OMGUS
12 May 1947. Supersedes Title 4. Text
of new title issued same date.
Changes in Name, Frequency, Nun-
bering, and Title Page of Weekly
Detachment Report (MG/CG/1 /D), AG
319.1, (CO) OMGUS, 22 May 1947.
Personal Use of US Army Vehicles,
15 May 1947. Concerns provisions
covering requests for transportation
for other than official business.
Payment of Indigenous Personnel
Employed in Army Theaters Operat-
ing on a Paid Admission Basis, AG
230 SSP-AGE, Hq EUCOM, 3 June
Funding Special Services Program,
Fiscal Year 1948, AG 121.2 SSP-AGO,
Hq EUCOM, 5 June 1947. Pertains to
the payment of US and Allied ad-
ministrative personnel employed in
Special Services.
Operational Status Report of Tech-
nical Service Units, AG 319.1 GSP
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 6 June 1947. Gives
outline- for submitting monthly re-
Organization, Command and Admin-
istration of Military Posts in Ger-
many, AG 322 GSP-AGO, Hq EUCOM,
10 June 1947. Concerns maintenance
and evacuation of equipment.
Use of Fresh Milk for Feeding In-
fants and Small Children, AG 435
MCH-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 12 June 1947.
Disposition of Arms and Ammu-
nition turned into Military Posts, AG
471 ORD-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 12 June
Heads of Executive Offices, Direc-
tors of Functional Offices and Divi-
sions, AG 313.6 (AG), OMGUS,
16 June 1947. Concerns disposition of
Provision of Messenger Service to
Military Posts, AG 311.4 SIG-AGO,
Hq EUCOM, 17 June 1947. Concerns
the sole authorized means for the
transmission of official mail and com-
munications between military posts in
the European Command.
EUCOM Publication, Depot Bulletin
13, Hq EUCOM, 17 June 1947. Section I
- Operating Information. Section II
- Distribution. Concerns publications
distributed between 9 June and
13 June 1947.
Assignment and Movements of Units
in European   Command, AG    370.5
GOT-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 18 June 1947.
Revises certain paragraph of EUCOM
letter, file AG 370.5 GCT-AGO,
27 March 1947.
Discontinuance of the Liquidation
and Manpower Board, General Orders,
No. 64, Hq EUCOM, 12 June 1947.
Circular No. 44, Hq EUCOM,
18 June 1947. Section I, Duty Travel
Orders and Clearance; Section II,
Occupation Expense Fiscal Policy;
Section III, Shipment of Pets and
Mascots to US; Section IV, Rations
and Messing. Concerns amendments
in previous circulars with reference to
I, II, und IV. Section III concerns a
new policy effective 1 July 1947.
Recent Changes in Location of Cer-
tain Staff Divisions and Agencies,
Staff  Memorandum    No. 48, Hq
EUCOM, 18 June 1947.
Amendment 1 to Directive AG OIO. 6
(FD), dtd 21 Feb 1947, "Official In-
structions Supplementary to Title 16,
Military  Government Regulations,"
AG 010.6 (FD) OMGUS, 19 June 1,947.
Gives instructions for filling out forms
on "Annual Financial Report of Local
Government Bodies."
Advance Copy of Change 4 to Title
6, Public Health, AG 010.6 JIA),
OMGUS1 20 June 1947. Concerns prie-
ventive medicine and control of com-
municable diseases.
Statistical Forms No. MG/PS/5/F
and No. MG/PS/6/F, Revised June
1947, AG 010.6 (IA) OMGUS, 21 June
1947. Pertains to revised instructions
for semi-annual report of Germair
police personnel data.
Employment of Indigenous Minors,
Manpower Memorandum No. 83, OM-
GUS, 21 June 1947. Lists certain
exceptions to EUCOM Civilian Per-
sonnel Circular No. 12, 6 May 19417,
whereby indigenous minors under the
age of 18 may be employed by z3er-
man contractors.
Correction  of   German   Trans-
lation of Military Government Proc-
lamation No. 5, "Economic Council",
AG 010.6 (LD), OMGUS 23 June 1947.
Discontinuance of the 7748 Field In-
formation Agency, Technical, General
Orders No. 54, OMGUS, 23 June 1947.
This order is effective 1 July 1947.
Activation, Inactivation and Re-
designation of Certain Units in Euro-
pean Command, General Orders
No. 65, Hq EUCOM, 23 June 1947.
Concerns redesignation of 1278 En-
gineer Supply Detachment to new
designation  501  Engineer  Supply
Implementation of Control Council
Law No. 54, Amendment to Control
Council Law No. 27 - Tax on Alco-
hol, AG 010.6 (FD), OMGUS, 24 June
1947. Gives the English text of Law
No 54 with the German translation.
OMGUS Action on Laenderrat Re-
quests D 29-1, D 29-2, L 19-5, AG
014.1 (SG), OMGUS, 24 June 1947.
Cites MG replies to the Laenderrat
regarding new version of affidavit in
lieu of oath required for entry into
register of cooperatives; amendment
to Section 5, item (c) (2) of Regu-
lation No. 1 under Military Govern-
ment Law No. 2; draft law concern-
ing administration of assocations of
Administration of Justice, AG 314.1
(LD), OMGUS, 25 June 1947, Rescinds
USFET letter AG 014.1 (GEC-AGO),
4 October 1945.
Channels of Communication, Staff
Memorandum No. 31, OMGUS, 26
June 1947. Refers to command chan-
nels as indicated in Military Govern-
ment Regulations and in Part IV of
OMGUS Organization Manual 9 March
Copiels of Official Instructions
listed in the Weekly Information
Bulletin may be obtained by
writing directly to the originating
7 JULY 1947

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