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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 100 (July 1947)

MGR title I (second installment),   pp. 7-8 PDF (1.1 MB)

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IN this second installment, Part 3,
"Objectives and Principles of Mili-
tary Government," Section A pertains
to the objectives of Military Govern-
ment. Although Germany is a defeated
nation, it is not intended to destroy
or enslave the German people but to
occupy Germany for the purpose of
realizing certain important Allied ob-
The principal objective of the
United States is to assure that Ger-
many never again will threaten her
neighbors or the peace of the world.
To this end it is necessary to de-
militarize and democratize Germany,
to accomplish which Military Govern-
ment is pursuing concurrently certain
short-range and long-range programs.
The initial program of demilitarization
is substantially complete in the US
Zone and the program for the re-
orientation of Germany's economy is
underway. In the attainment of the
principal objective, it is now the
policy of the United States to place
special emphasis upon the more con-
structive program of democratization,
because militarism and other totali-
tarian threats will finally be eliminated
only if the German people learn to
think, believe, and act in terms of
democracy, peace, and the rights of
The program of Military Govern-
ment for a democratic Germany is
Second Installment
to democratize the German govern-
ment and the German people for
eventual peaceful cooperation in in-
ternational life. Democracy cannot be
imposed by a foreign power but must
be rooted in the conviction of the
people themselves and must be learned
by experience and practice. The Ger-
man people and government may be
aided in this, however, by informed
and tactful advice and guidance. It is
the view of the US Government that the
German people throughout Germany,
under proper safeguards, should now
be given the primary responsibility
for running their own affairs in order
that they may learn and practice
Essential steps in the accomplish-
ment of this principal objective are
the elimination of German militarism,
Nazism, and all other anti-democratic
forces in Germany; complete dis-
armament and demilitarization, and
the elimination or control of all Ger-
man industry that could be used
primarily for military production.
W    AR criminals, including those who
V      have participated in planning or
carrying  out Nazi' enterprises in-
volving or resulting in atrocities or
war crimes, have been and will con-
tinue to be arrested and brought to
justice. Nazi leaders, influential sup-
porters, high officials of Nazi organi-
zations and institutions, and any other
persons dangerous to the occupation
or its objectives will be arrested and
interned having due regard for the
principle that no person shall be
deprived of life, liberty, or property
without due process of law.
Other essential objectives are to
implement reparations and restitutions
programs for countries devasted by
Nazi aggression  as  required  by
quadripartite or unilateral action, and
to insure that United Nations Prisoners
of War and Displaced Persons are
cared for and repatriated.
Another objective is to convince the
German people that they    cannot
escape responsibility for what they
have brought upon themselves and
that their own ruthless warfare and
fanatical resistance  destroyed the
7 JULY 1947

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