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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 99 (June 1947)

Press and radio comments,   pp. 13-18 PDF (3.9 MB)

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conference, in which Britain and the
United States will sit as interested
parties, will be invited to send re-
prelsentatives. We may have little
faith in Russia's desire to cooperate.
Nevertheless, the overt act of divid-
ing Europe into two economic spheres
should come from her, not from the
free nations. If she will not cooperate,
the free nations must do what they
can with what they have.
"Out of such a conference should
come an agreement as'to currencies,
trade policies, production policies,
credit policies and relief necessities.
The aim should be to mnake of all
Europe-or, if only this can be attain-
ed, of western Europe-a productive
area, able to support its people and
pay its bills. To such an area we
could lend, as we would to promising
industries in our own country, with
the expectation of ultimate repayment.
The alternative is not merely con-
tinued chaos in Europe, which could
only be succeeded by low-production
totalitarian systems, but a collapse
and permanent limitation of our own
economy. We are not safe from uni-
versal ruin any more than from uni-
versal war."
Baltimore Sun observed that Mar-
shall's speach "definitely doos not
rule Russia out, in so far as an Eu-
ropean organization is concerned; and
it does not rule Russia out in so
far as aid from the United States is
concerned. Thus we do not abandon
our hope that ultimately the Russians,
the western Europeans, and ourselves
may find some way in which we can
all live together to our mutual ad-
Radcio commentator Eric Sevareid
said, "It's now realized that American
help to Europe without a master plan
is simply not going to get Europe
over the hump."
Commentator Elmer Davis: "Noth-
ing in Secretary Marshall's language
can reasonably be constructed as
implying that we would force clu
any European country the system
(private capitalism) which its people
might find either politically objection-
able or economically unworkable.
We want to restore Europe, not to
dominate it."
Commentator David Willis: "Ob-
viously Congress will be still more
insistent  than  the  administration
that no vast peacetime lend-lease
funds shall be appropriated until the
European countries -do produce re-
construction plans which have reason-
able promise of being successful."
C! EVERAL papers, while listing the
I  various difficifties and obstacles,-
were hopeful that such a program-if
carried through would solve Europe's
basic economic problems.
New York Herald Tribune stated:
"The United States must be prepar-
ed to assume heavier burdens for
longer than ilt had hoped or ex-
pected, as an investment in restoring
the world to sanity and good economic
health. To carry through this com-
plicated operation will require the
best efforts of the best brains, here
and abroad, as well as a broad public
acceptance within the United States
of the necessity of the program and
confidence in the efficiency with
which it is to be carried out. Marshall
has evidently embarked upon the
organization of such a program which
will fulfill these requirements and he
has made a most encouraging be-
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US Proposal for Europe
A NY government that is willing to
assist in the task of recoverywill
find full cooperation, I am sure, on the
part of the United States Government.
Any government which maneuvers
to block the recovery of other coun-
tries cannot expect help from us.
Furthermore, governments, political
parties or groups which seek to per-
petuate human misery in order to
profit therefrom politically or other-
wise will encounter the opposition of
the United States.
It is already evident, that, before
the United States Government can pro-
ceed much further in its efforts to
alleviate the situation and help start
the European world on its way to
recovery, there must be some agree-
ment among the countries of Europe
as to the requirements of the situation
and the part these countries them-
selves will take in order to give proper
effect to whatever action might be
undertaken by this government. It
would be neither fitting  nor  effi-
cacious for this government to un-
dertake to draw up unilaterally a pro-
pram designed to place Europe on
its feet economically. This is the busli-
ness of the Europeans. The initiative,
I think, must come from Europe. The
role of this country should consist of
friendly aid in drafting of a European
program and of later support of such
a program so far as it may be prac-
tical for us to do so. The program
should be a joint one, agreed to by
a number, if not all European nations.
An essential part of any successful
action on the part of the United States
is an understanding on the part of the
people of America of the character of
the problem and the remedies to be
applied. Political passion and pre-
judice should have no part. With
foresight, and a willingness on the
part of our people to face up to the
vast responsibility which history has'
clearly placed upon our country, the
difficulties I have outlined can and
will be overcome.
Local Mail Exchange
Since 1 May the Reichspost has
been  in  position  to  make local
exchange of mail with the Army post
offices rather than through the pre-
vious procedure of fo warding all such
mail to exchange offices at Munich,
Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Berlin. This
should expedite -the exchange of offi-
cial and personal mail of the civil
population to agencies and members
of the occupational forces.
Arrangements were also completed
for all German civil international
mail originating in the US Zone and
destined for the Western Hemisphere
to be routed via Bremen, thereby
expediting the delivery of this mail
and  also  eliminating  transit fees
through France.
"Persecutee" Ring Uncovered
An Illegal organization of "profes-.
sional" criminals pretending to be
political and racial persecuteps for
the purpose of obtaining additional
ration cards was uncovered by Frank-
furt police investigators. It is believed
that organization is at least zone-
wide and may extend into all parts
of Germany.
30 JUNE 1947

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