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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 98 (June 1947)

Press and radio comment,   pp. 21-22 PDF (1.2 MB)

Official instructions,   pp. 22-[24] PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 22

and press for it strongly through uni-
fied British-American action
"Simultaneously, Hoover also urges,
let us stop spending our gigantic
billions upon billions of relief . . .
through five or six different agencies,
whose activities are frequently not
coordinated, and let us centralize this
responsibility in a manner which will
insure a single clear aim and a larger
measure of efficiency.
"These are the essentials of a work-
able foreign policy. Experience has
been piling up evidence in their behalf
for many months."
The plan, advanced by Harold Stas-
sen, for earmaking 10 percent of
American production for world distri-
bution had a mixed reaction:
The Indianapolis News: "Mr. Stas-
sen's bold plan for devoting for the
next 10 years 10 percent of our total
national production of goods and food
to building 'for world-wide peace and
plenty and freedom' is not to be
lightly dismissed either in its concep-
tion or in its practical implications.
And, in its linking, not with actual
payment but with American rights to
raw materials and guarantees of in-
dividual economic freedom in the
regions where it would be received,
it commands solid appeal as- a basis
for discussion."
The Minneapolis Morning Tribune:
"Stassen's proposal... is sound in
its basic conception. What figure
should be agreed upon will be argued
vigorously, and Stassen's proposed 10
percent may be high. But the prin-
ciple of systematic and prolonged
assistance is what matters
The Dallas Morning News: "The
great dangers in any plan of this sort
are: (1) Under-estimation of unfore-
seen contingencies that may arise to
nullify the intended effect; (2) The
complexity that such a seemingly
simple plan can develop even without
the arising of unforeseen adverse
contingencies. Stassen is right in
assuming that America should go all-
out to help restore world- stability, but
he is naive in thinking that we can
chart a ten-year course. If Stassen
will look back over the newspaper
headlines for a period of a quarter of
a century, he will fail to find many
charted courses involving foreign
affairs that have lasted as long as
a year."
Change 2 to Title 17, Property
Control, AG 014.12, OMGUS, 14 March
1947,  Supersedes  Title  17   and
Change 1. Text of new title issued
same date.
Change 1 to Title 12, Food and
Agriculture, AG 014.12, OMGUS,
21 March 1947. Supersedes Title 12.
Text of new title issued same date.
Change 1 to Title 5, Legal and
Penal - Administration, AG 014.12,
OMGUS, 27 March 1947. Supersedes
Title 5. Text of new title issued same
Change 1 to Title 3, Political Activ-
ities, AG 014.12, OMGUS, 1 April
1947. Supersedes Title 3. Text of new
title issued same date.
Change 3 to Title 24, Important
German Legislation, AG 014.12,
OMGUS, 8 April 1947. Adds new
instructions, decrees, regulations and
registrations. Text of additions issued
same date.
Change 3 to Title 21, Information
Control, AG 014.12, OMGUS, 16 April
1947. Supersedes Title 21 and Changes
1 and 2. Text of new title issued
same date.
Plan for Reorganization of U. S.
Forces in the European Command,
5 May 1947. Gives Appendix G-
Signal Plan to Annex No. 2.
Final Salary Payments of US Civilian
Employees Returning to Zone of
Interior, AG   230  GAP-AGE, Hq
EUCOM, 9 May 1947. Concerns
proper data needed by New York
POE Payroll Section to insure ex-
peditious payments of employees.
Automotive Preventive Maintenance
Services, AG   451  GDS-AGO, Hq
EUCOM, 12 May      1947. Refers to
drivers weekly inspection and servic-
ing work sheet.
Procurement of German Wines and
Liquors for US Forces, AG 435 GAP-
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 12 May 1947.
Report on High Pressure Steam
Boilers,  AG  412  ENG-AGO, Hq
EUCOM, 12 May 1947.
Refresher Course, -Military Police
School, European Command, AG 352
PMG-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 12 May 1947.
Concerns tentative outline of the
subjects to be covered in the refresher
Port Call System, AG. 370.5 GAP-
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 12 May 1947.
Concerns shipping priority numbers
and alert notices for personnel re-
turning to the United States.
Better Utilization of Stenographers
and Typists, AG 230 GAP-AGE, Hq
EUCOM, 12 May 1947. Lists eight
point utilization program.
Small Arms Competitions. AG 353
GCT-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 12 May 1947.
Concerns rifle and pistol matches to
be held at the Grafenwohr Training
Center, Grafenwohr, Germany, dur-
ing the period 25 August-7 Septem-
ber 1947.
Changes No. 7, USFET-SOP     78,
"Sales Commissary Operation", Hq
EUCOM, 13 May 1947. Concerns col-
lection procedure.
Logistical Support to the US and
Soviet Military Liaison Missions and
the US Commander in Chief of the
Zones of Occupation, AG 322 GDS-
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 13 May 1947. Lists
facilities afforded through agreement
to both the Soviet and US Com-
manders in Chief.
Emergency Return of Military Per-
sonnel to Zone of Interior, AG 210.711
1947. Pertains to requests originating
in the United States by other than
subject concerned, such as subject's
Downgrading of OPDIB, AG 380.01
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 13 May 1047.
Status Report on Chemical Corps
Materiel, Reports Control Symbol
ECCML-3, AG: 400 CML-AGO, Hq
EUCOM, 14 May 1947. Gives outline
for submitting monthly report.
Procedure for Standardizing Type-
writers and Disposing  of Surplus
Stocks, AG   400.7 RMJ-AGO, Hq
EUCOM, 14 May 1947.
Improvement of Personel Appear-
ance and the Hand Salute, AG 250
GCT-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 14 May 1947.
Payment In Military Payment Cer"
tificates for Telecommunication Ser-
vices, AG 248 SIG-AGO, Hq EUCOM,
14 May 1947.
23 JUNE 1947

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